55+ Free Rent Roll Templates (DOC, PDF, EXCEL)

Rent Roll templates are used to record the income that rental units generate. It is the best way for landlords or real estate agents to manage rental property records. You can download free rent roll templates and forms in Word, PDF, Excel, and other formats. These templates are used for any rental property to monitor the details of leases, tenants, and rental agreements.  It serves as a complete portfolio of rental units.

You can design it for single apartments, multifamily apartments, shopping centers, and other commercial properties with the help of sample rent roll forms in PDF format. Simple rent roll templates allow landlords or real estate investors to include all necessary information about the rental and lease properties. You can get information about tenants, rent payments, rental agreements, the contact information of the tenant, and other essential information about the rental property. See below to know everything about the rent roll.

Download Free Printable Rent Roll Templates

What is Rent Roll?

 If you want to capture all the details about your rental properties, then the rent roll template or rent register is the best way. The landlord or real estate investor needs to track the information about the rental unit that generates income. It contains information about the rent payment, details of the rental agreement, the agreement’s expiry date, a description of the property, tenants’ names, tenant contact information, the due date of rent, and other essential information. You can see a ready-made Excel template for rent roll to design a useful rent register. The critical information about the agreement is included in the rent roll based on the rental agreement. For example, a room rental agreement includes all the details about the agreement.

In contrast, the rent roll includes necessary information from an agreement like the agreement’s expiry date, rent payment, and due date for rent payment. It is also required by the buyer when the property’s landlord decides to sell it. The rent roll provides snapshots to the buyer about the rental income of the property the owner has earned. The rent roll analysis provides an accurate figure about your income in a specific year or month that helps you make important decisions to grow your rent roll. You can effectively manage and track your monthly income and adopt different ways to increase it. You can download a free certified rent roll template from our collection to effectively manage the rental income.

What should you place on Rent Roll? 

Rent Roll is an essential document for a landlord or real estate agent to record the information of rental properties. These rental properties can be commercial or residential buildings. Managing and monitoring the details of the rental property is not a difficult task with well-designed templates. Rental property rental roll templates allow you to manage it effectively. These templates include all the essential components that make it a perfect rent roll document. The key components of the rent roll that should be included are as follows. 

  • The name of the landlord or real estate investor. 
  • Tenant’s name and contact information. 
  • Unit number and unit type
  • Address of the rental property
  • Area size in square footage
  • Monthly rent payment
  • Rent payment due date 
  • Lease start and end date
  • Details of the security deposit
  • The annual increase in rent
  • Lease type 

The above information is essential and must be included in a commercial or residential rent roll template to make it useful. To add more information, you can download a free example rent roll form to get an idea for making an efficient rent roll document.

Who uses Rent Roll? 

Recording or managing clients’ information is vital when you have many clients. The tenants are the clients of the landlord or real estate investor. For that purpose, you can use the client information sheet to manage every client’s information effectively. The rent register contains all the information about the tenants for better communication. When the landlord does not receive rent payment on the due date, the landlord contacts the tenants for rent payments with late charge fees. The following people use the rent roll: 

  1. Real estate investor: Rent Roll is widely used in real estate. Real estate agents use the rent register to satisfy the clients when selling or buying the rental property. They analyze the rental income of the property to estimate the property’s future income and market value. The rental information on the rent roll about a unit helps the investor know about future cash flow problems and the current rental income of a property. 
  2. Landlord: Landlords use a rent roll document to record the rental property that they own. It includes essential information about the tenant and lease agreement. Landlords can use it to track rental income and adopt different ways to increase it. A well-designed rent roll template helps you to manage your rental income effectively. You can get printable rent roll templates from our collection for a better income analysis from a rental property. 
  3. Buyers and sellers: When a property owner decides to sell a property, the buyer needs a rent roll document to estimate the future rental income. It is also required to estimate the value of the property. The buyer needs to know the rental record of the property for a better deal. If the buyer wants to buy a commercial or residential property for earning purposes, it is vital to the property’s rental value.

Advantages of Rent Roll

Rent roll allows you to manage the finances of the rental property effectively. The rent roll is a valuable document for the landlord and in the real estate business that provides you with all the information about rental property and tenants in one place. It provides you with lots of benefits, some of which are as follows: 

  • Manage rental property record: When you receive monthly rental income from your rental property, it is necessary to manage it. The rent roll allows you to place information about the tenant, a description of the rental agreement, and rent payment. It is easy to make changes whenever a tenant moves, a lease starts, or the rent increases. The timely changes in the rent roll give you an updated document. 
  • Increase profit: The rent roll document gives an accurate figure about your monthly rental income year over year, which helps you increase the rent if the rate is less than the market pay rate. 
  • Find information easily: You can easily find information about the rental property and tenants for contact. 
  • Track the lease information: The lease end and start date are mentioned on the rent register. This information helps you determine when a lease agreement will expire. 
  • Source of information for the buyer: The buyer wants to know the retinal income information while buying a property. This document helps the buyer estimate this property’s future rental income and market value. 
  • Provide rental history: Landlords and real estate agents use the rental roll document to record the property’s rental information. It provides details about the lease agreement, who rented this property, the duration of the lease, monthly rent, and other information you need. The landlord uses this rent roll to record rented properties in the buying process for better deals. 
  • Helpful for plans: The rent roll provides easy information about the lease agreement to decide whether to renew it. With the updated document, you can negotiate a better deal on renting or selling.

How To Create Rent Roll

A well-designed rent roll helps you manage your rental property record effectively. You can get a rent roll template for apartments, commercial, and residential areas from our collection. It is easy to create it from scratch; you should follow the steps to get a valid document to record your property’s information.

  • Step 1: Open a new document in Microsoft Word. 
  • Step 2: Make a header by selecting an appropriate font size and style. 
  • Step 3: After creating the document’s header, write the name of the landlord or real estate agent. 
  • Step 4: Create a table in your document from the ” Insert ” tab. The size of the table depends on the information you want to add. 
  • Step 5: Add column header as “property address,” “Tenant name,” “Tenant phone number,” “Lease start date,” “Lease end date,” “Rent payment,” “Rent payment due date,” “Unit number,” “Unit type,” “area in square footage” “tenant deposit amount” and “Comment” to add any additional information about you tenant and property. 
  • Step 6: At the end of the document, write “signature” by following some space to make this document valid. 
  • Step 7: Go to the “File” tab, click “save as, ” write the name of your file, select the destination where this file will be saved, and click OK. You can also print this document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a rent roll?

The rent roll is used to record the income from a rental property. It is used to manage and record the rental property information effectively that may be required for buying or selling purposes.

What is rent roll analysis?

Rent roll analysis is a way to review the current rental income and get the information that creates problems in achieving the desired goals.

What to do for rent roll growth?

You should research the market pay rate to get accurate information about the market rental price of your property, active on social media to advertise your business, and satisfy the client.

Why do buyers need a rent roll?

To estimate the future rental earnings and market value of the property, rent roll is required by the buyer.

What is a tenancy ledger?

Tenancy ledger is a document that contains information about rent payments that tenants made every month.

What is a certified rent roll?

A rent roll that is issued by the landlord or real estate agent is certified.

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