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A brief overview of a document is known as an executive summary, which highlights the key points and purpose of that specific document. For research reports, project proposals, and business plans, you can customize any of the executive summary templates below to explain the main context of your writing. You can choose what is crucial, and I encourage you to include points to convince capitalists and investors. You can get an idea of what to cut or discord, and help you to grow your business in the long term. 

It’s a summary of a lengthy document so that everyone can get the main context of the document. Before your long business meeting, make an executive summary highlighting the main points. An executive summary includes key points of your investment proposal, business meeting, or research plan, which helps you to get an idea of the whole content.

Download Free Sample Executive Summary Templates

What is an executive summary?

The non-technical summarised version of a document that highlights its main points is known as an executive summary. At the beginning of the business plan, business owners and at the beginning of a report, students provide it. Through such summaries, readers can understand what long content entails.

Although writers write such things at the last moment, people read them first to get an idea; most of the time, people don’t read all the details. What do you already have? And what your business is all about? Your business owners want to know about it; you can use our 100% free-to-use executive summary templates in Word or PDF to elaborate such business plans.

How to write an executive summary?

The executive summary should be well-written to grab readers’ attention; it gives an idea of the main context of your business. It is tricky to write an effective executive summary for a business to hit the pain points of investors. You need to win the trust of your investors by showing them that you have a great idea for them to invest their money in and that they will be happy with it in the future.

You need to convince the what is the unique selling point of your business/company which sets you apart from the rest of the market. Include all the main points, like background information and a complete business overview, for readers to understand everything at one glance. Your summary should be focused, persuasive, and concise to win investors’ trust and persuade them to invest in your business. Consider these points while writing an effective executive summary:

  • Focus on Your Pitch: Don’t just tell your investors, sell! Focus on presenting your idea clearly to convince them to take action. You can use a sales-oriented pitch to elaborate on the value of investing in your business. 
  • Be Concise: Keep the executive summary short and effective using the least number of words. Cover all the information by highlighting the main points and try to avoid unnecessary jargon.
  • Avoid Exaggeration: Don’t use inappropriate vocabulary or superlatives like “the best” or “world-class.” Such words lose meaning and can make investors skeptical. Be persuasive with your vocabulary and tone.
  • Focus on Positive Outlook: Write the executive summary last to gain a better understanding. Focus on the main aspects and provide a positive outlook without exaggerating. Show potential positive outcomes of their investment.
  • Follow Structure Guidelines: While there’s no set structure for an executive summary, follow expert guidelines to grab attention. Use concise language and bullet points instead of paragraphs. Include important elements such as the company description, the problem, the solution, the relevance, and a brief financial aspect.

Components of Executive Summary Templates

Your Administrator Summary template for business should provide information about your financial projections, buyer persona, long and short-term goals, market standing, company mission, and a plan on how you will stand out from your competitors. For CEOs and investors, your executive summary should provide a preview of what to expect from the rest of the report; the summary should include your company’s location, name, and mission, including management, a brief history of your service or product, and advisors, including a description of your business and where your service or product fits in the market. Include the purpose behind your business plan startup funding need; elaborate on how your company helps readers achieve their goals. While the specifics vary, the executive summary templates include the following parts:

  • Description of Product or Service: This section highlights what your business offers. It provides a brief yet informative product or service summary and helps readers understand your offering.
  • Define Your Target Audience: This part of the summary should identify your target demographic and explain why your product or service is relevant to them.
  • Identify Your Competition: This section should give an overview of your main competitors and how your business differentiates itself.
  • Outline the Financials: A snapshot of the financial aspects of your business is essential in an executive summary. It provides a glimpse of the current financial status and future financial projections.
  • Future Goals: Every business needs a future direction or vision. This section outlines your business’s goals and how you plan to achieve them.

Types of Executive Summary Templates

The types of executive summary templates can vary based on the target audience and specific purpose. Some of the most used are:

  1. Business Plan Executive Summary: This template gives an overview of the business plan, financial condition, key objectives, and market analysis. It can also include the company mission.
  2. Project Executive Summary: You can use this template to highlight the project’s main point. It includes the budget, timeline, goals, and expected outcomes of the specific project.
  3. Marketing Plan Executive Summary: You can give a brief overview of your marketing plan using this template. It includes marketing strategies, target markets, and outcomes.
  4. Research Report Executive Summary: Summarize the key points of your research report using this template. It includes key findings, objectives, research methods, and implications for the industry.
  5. Investment Proposal Executive Summary: Give a brief overview of your investment proposal using this template. This entails return on investment (ROI) and risk involved.

Why Use Business Executive Summary Template?

Such templates make large content scannable for your business plan. Short sentences and bullet points make the idea easy to digest. Without a summary, you may forget to mention the main aspects of your business; it helps you have basic ideas of your company on a single paper to show your potential investors. 

The time to grab the attention of the target investor is very important; you should offer a solid pitch to your investors using a concise and effective executive summary. This smart approach results better than using long, detailed content with generic details. Because they don’t have time to read the details, they are interested in “what’s for them,” you have only a few minutes to express your idea.

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