50+ Beautiful Name Tag and Badge Templates [Doc]

A name Tag or Badge is used to identify someone by their name and workplace. It is a good way for people to recognize or identify each other. For your staff, it is important to create a name tag that helps to identify your team members in conferences seminars, and other special events. It is helpful when you forget the name of a person when you don’t know anyone at a conference or meet new people at the conference.

Below is a collection of name tag templates.

Download Free Beautiful Name Tag and Badge Templates

The name tag and badge templates are used to show the identity of someone with the help of information placed on it. It is one of the effective ways to recognize an individual in a group of people. The design of the name tag and badges should be simple but attractive, download the free name tag and badges from our collection to make an effective one. In our collection, you can find different types of name tags and badges which you can use for a variety of events.

These printable templates are customizable and available in Word and other formats that you prefer. Wearing a name tag or badge in seminars and conferences looks professional, which also makes your formal introduction easier with others. In this article, you’ll know how to design the best name tags and badges and know which type is best for you. Check out the name badge templates for schools, colleges, offices, seminars, and other events.

Name Tag and Badge Templates 

Name badges on the right side of your shirt show that you’re professional. It provides a way to start a good conversation with a person in a group of four or five people where you don’t know every person. You don’t need to introduce yourself to everyone; the name badge on your pocket is enough to give an introduction to others.

When employees wear the name badges in a seminar or conference, they brand the company where they are from. It is also essential for schools, colleges, and universities to uniquely identify each student in it. It contains information like name, class, institute name, issue date, and a photo to identify. The identity of the employees in conferences and seminars is vital for the success of any business. If you are responsible for the management of an event, the name badge is one of the critical tasks for you to perform.

It would be best if you designed the name badge in the simplest form to understand the information on it connects you with other people and makes you approachable. It feels embracing when you meet someone many times in seminars and conferences, but you forgot his/her name, then the name appears on his/her name badge helps you in this situation. It is helpful from a security point of view; you can enhance the security of your office, seminar, and events with these badges. You should identify each person with their badge before entering the building or event. Download beautiful name tag templates from our site and personalize them according to your needs.

When we need name tag templates

In some places, it is necessary to wear a name tag to enter. It is widely used in seminars, conferences, and other events for the identification of every person. The template of name tags allows you to create dozens of name tags in a few minutes. Nowadays, it is used in every professional place. The places where it is widely used are as follows:

  1. The organizations: The companies or organizations issue name badges for the employees for identification. It helps to establish great communication between employees. Usually, people don’t remember the name and position of the employees of other departments, so information placed on the name badge helps them to know who they are. The role of each employee is cleared by using the name tag. 
  2. Academic institutes: When need the name badges in educational institutes to identify the teachers and students. You can quickly identify the students with their name, class, and ID placed on the name badge. A person without a name badge should not be allowed to enter the institutes; it is essential from a security point of view. 
  3. Business events: Wearing the name badge, which contains the name, position, company name and logo helps other people to know who you are. It shows how professional you are. It is the best way to represent your company in a group of people to establish a business relationship with others. 
  4. Seminars: When you participate in a seminar, the management issues a name badge that is used to confirm your identification. The attendees can communicate with each other easily when they see the name badge that reflects who they are and where they are from. 
  5. Customer meetings: Customers are the most important stakeholders of an organization or company. The information on the name badge helps the customer to know the person for better communication who appears to be conducting this meeting.

How to create a name tag template in Word

Preparing a name tag is not a tricky task, but sometimes it isn’t easy to design from scratch. You can select your favorite name badge image from our site to create an attractive one. People can interact with your company or with you in a better way with the use of a name tag.

With its help it, the company gains more popularity and will stand at the top position in the market which may give you lots of benefits. Below we share a few steps that give comfort to designing a perfect name tag template that you can use across every industry. 

  1. Open Microsoft Word. A blank document will appear on your screen. 
  2. To create an excellent name tag in Word, go to the “Mailings” tab. 
  3. In the “Mailings” tab, you can see the “Label” option in the “Create” group. Select the “label” option from it. 
  4. When you click the “label” option a pop-up box “Envelopes and Labels” will appear on your screen. 
  5. Click the “option” button from the pop-up box, and a new pop-up “label option” will appear on your screen, select the label vendor and product information from the appeared box then click “ok”. 
  6. Click the “New Document” from the “Envelopes and Labels” tab, and a new file will open on your window screen. 
  7. Enter the information that you like to enter on your name badges such as name and contact information by selecting an appropriate font size and style. 
  8. Go to the “Insert” tab and click on “picture” to enter the photo of the name badge holder.
  9. To get the print of this document, go to the “file tab”, and select the Print option for printing. 
  10. If you want to save this document, then select the “save as” option from the “File” menu then enter the name of your document to save it.

Different types of name tag

We have seen many people at different places wear the name tag on the chest. Different name tags are used at different places; the information placed on them is according to the type of it. If you are an employee of a company, a student in school or college, a visitor of a place, and invited to a restaurant, a name tag is necessary to show your identity. Below we share some common types of name tags that give you more information about that. The different types of name badges are as follows: 

  • Student name badges: Nowadays, security does really matter for the academic and any other organization. Name badges on the chest of students are used to identify each student. It is issued by the academic institutes that contain the name, address, class, and ID of the students with the signature and stamp of the institutes to make it authentic. The student’s name tag grants them access to enter the institutes and to get all the benefits. You can download the ID template to create the student ID card. 
  • Employee name badges: Employees are a great asset to an organization. If you want to build excellent communication between the employees, then the name badges on their chests, make this work easier. Employees within a department know each other, but with the use of a name tag, it is also easy to communicate with the employees of other departments. The information on the employee profile like name, address, photo, job title, and contact information can be used to make an authentic employee name badge. 
  • Event name badges: The primary purpose of event name badges is networking. In business events, people are invited from different forms then the name tag helps the attendees to know each other. You can get simple event name badge templates that help you to design perfect name tags. 
  • Teachers’ name badges: Teachers should wear name tags to inspire their students so that they can use them too. It is vital for the security of students and teachers. It helps students to communicate with the teachers easily. Download teacher name badge templates to create useful name badges.

Benefits of name tags and badges

There are significant benefits to using names and badges. It is a useful tool that is widely used in different fields of life. It gives you the identification of the name badge holder, which is essential for security concerns. From lots of benefits, some basic ones are as follows: 

  1. Better communication: Great communication is established between people when they know their names. In academic institutes, there are hundreds or thousands of students. It is not possible to remember the names of everyone in the school; the information on the name badge helps you to avoid this embracement. 
  2. Improve security: Organizations and institutes need to give access to certain areas only to the authorized person. The identification of each person in the organization is necessary for the safety of other people. It helps increase the security of your organization by identification of each employee. 
  3. Shows professionalism: The name tag on your shirt shows the professionalism that makes you approachable. It is vital for the position of your company that everything should be done under the boundaries of professionalism. 
  4. Better customer relation: The customer can communicate more effectively when he/she knows the name and job title from the name badge. Customers are the most important stakeholders of an organization or program. A name badge helps to interact with your company easily and improve your business relationship with the customers. 
  5. Improve productivity: Branding is the most important factor in the development of a company. All the employees should wear name badges; it is one of the effective ways to improve the branding of your company which may result in increased productivity. 

10 Tips for Creating an Effective Name Tag

The name badge is the best way the identify someone in an event, institute, or organization. Below we share some tips that help to create an engaging name badge easily. 

  1. Name badges should be designed in a way that is easily readable by everyone. 
  2. The lanyard should be reliable to hold the name badge. 
  3. Select an appropriate font style to make things of name tags readable. 
  4. The design of the name badge should be simple but attractive. 
  5. Make sure the information on the name tag is accurate. 
  6. Make the name tag durable by using high-quality plastic. 
  7. Don’t forget to add a photo of the name tag holder with other details. 
  8. Use colors that show the text of the name tag prominently. 
  9. The size of the name tag should be 4 by 3, it is such a perfect size for a perfect name tag. 
  10. The printing of the name badge should be clear, and there should be no misprinted words or letters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the components of a business name badge?

The things that should appear on a business name badge are employee’s name, contact information, employee’s photo, job title, company’s name and logo.

What are the purposes of name badge?

The primary purpose of wearing it is to show your identity to others. It shows professionalism and vital from a security point of view.

What should be put on the student name badge?

It should include the student’s name, contact information, class, institute name and signature of the head of the institute to make it authentic.

Where to put your name tag?

It is standard to put it on the right side of a shirt.

What is a good size of name badge?

The 4 by 3 is a standard size for the name badge.

Why is it important to wear a name badge at an event?

At an event or group of people, name badges help to connect the people you don’t know. People come from different forms at events; the name badge helps them to know each other. Identification of the attendees is important to prevent any danger or threat.

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