50+ Free Business Reference Letter Templates (DOC, PDF)

A business reference letter is used to recommend a service or product to a company or individual on behalf of another company. You can get well-formatted business reference letter templates in Word and PDF format to verify the quality of a client or vendor and recommend it to another company. The business recommendation letter sample provides enough information to write an effective reference letter.

A reference letter is also used in the hiring process, where the author of the letter vouch for the candidate’s skills and character to the potential employer. Your previous employer usually refers to a job or employment reference letter, but you can ask it your colleagues, friends, and others whose reference matters. In this article, you will learn how to write it, how to ask for it, its importance, and everything about it that you want to know.

Download Free Business Reference Letter Templates

What is a Business Reference Letter? 

A business reference letter is widely used in business to refer a service or product of a company to another company. It contains information that verifies the recommended goods or services that are associated with a business. The reference in the letter recommended a business to a new client if you have a good experience with the recommended product or service. If you don’t have any experience, then don’t take the risk to write it on behalf of another company. The business reference letter is essential to survive in the corporate sector when you are new in business, and your company’s name is not enough to get new clients. An effective reference letter helps you to get new clients to make a good reputation in the market. It would be best if you had a strong business reference before knocking on a company’s door to provide your service or sell your product.

A professional business reference letter helps one company to get new clients to develop the business. To establish a better relationship with your client and manage the client’s information, you should use the client information sheet to track the client’s needs. The reference letter is a valuable document when you apply for a job; you need some strong references to provide verification of your skills and capabilities. The Job reference letter templates are designed with a standard format that helps you to get hired for a new job. In the hiring process, potential employers need background check authorization to know the candidate’s history of employment, education, financial, criminal, and other. It would be best if you asked your previous employer or manager for a reference letter.

Key Elements of Business Reference Letter

A business reference letter is essential for someone’s business to get a new client. A well-formatted business letter makes a good impression on the receipt and helps to convince the potential client to hire the company or individual for their service. It should contain the following things to make it effective. 

  • The name and contact information of the sender. 
  • The date when the sender wrote this letter to the receipt. 
  • The name and contact information of the receiver. 
  • Formal salutation
  • Purpose of writing this letter
  • Information about the recommended business
  • Reasons why you recommend the business 
  • Relationship of the sender with the recommended entity
  • A statement to show the sender’s wish to contact and hire the recommended entity
  • A statement to contact the sender for more information

All the above factors are important and must be included in a business reference letter. For additional information, you should see the example reference letter that helps you to write a perfect reference letter. The letter should be written in the standard format of a business letter, containing all the essential details, free from grammatical and spelling errors.

Importance of Business Reference Letter

A letter with a strong recommendation may give benefits to the recommended company or individual. The primary purpose of this letter is to endorse a company or individual’s product or service to potential clients. You can make a good reference letter for businesses to download free templates of it and samples to take the idea of writing it effectively. The points that show the importance of a reference letter in business are as follows: 

  • Verify the quality of the product or service: Sometimes, you need to hire a company or individual for a service or product. A recommendation letter helps you to get verification about a product or service’s quality of company and make hiring decisions. 
  • Helpful for the development of business: In the business sector, a recommendation letter from a strong source is important to provide your service to a company that you want. Many companies hire other companies based on recommendations. It is essential for the development of both small and big companies. You should have a reference letter before knocking on the door of a company to provide your service.  
  • Get new clients: A recommendation letter in a business vouch for your goods or services that gives you benefits over other competitors. Clients are an essential factor in the success of a business. You can get a new client with the help of a reference letter. You can retain the existence of the client by providing excellent service.

Types of Reference Letters 

Different types of reference letters are used for different purposes. In business, it is widely used for recommendation. A well-formatted letter helps you to make a better deal in your business. Types of business reference letters are as follows: 

  1. Employment reference letter: In the recruitment process, this letter serves as proof of the candidate’s skills and abilities. It is usually referred to by the previous employer or company’s manager. The letter should contain details about the candidate’s employment like duration, designation, capabilities, a reason to leave the previous job, and others. For that purpose, a proof of employment letter also works as proof of your previous employment. Make sure that the person who writes the reference letter is your well-wisher and writes good words about you. 
  2. Personal reference letter: A letter that is written by your family member, friends, and other people who know you very well is referred to as a personal reference letter. It contains information about you and the relationship of the sender with you. 
  3. Character reference letter: This type of reference letter is required in various places. It is used when someone wants to know you personally. It contains the details about your personality, not your skills, the relationship of the author with you, contact detail of the author, and recommendation. It is asked by the employer, landlords, and others who want to know your personal qualities. 
  4. Rental reference letter: Rental reference letter is written by the landlord, roommate, and property manager to the potential landlord that contains information about the tenants. It is asked by the potential landlord when you apply for a rental residence. The primary purpose of this letter is to know about the tenant’s financial situation, pay rent details, the behavior of the tenant, and other information to make a decision about the rental property. The template of the rental reference letter helps you to design it effectively. 
  5. School or college reference letter: When a student applies for admission to college or school, the management asks to submit a reference letter. It is also used to apply for a scholarship, internship, or grant to complete a project. It should contain a brief statement about the student that shows the positive qualities of the student. If you apply for a college, then this letter should be written by your high school authorities and teacher.

How to Write a Business Reference Letter 

A reference letter is an essential document in the business to establish a good relationship with others and get new clients for the business. The templates of this letter help you to create a well-formatted reference letter easily. If you want to compose an effective letter, then follow the below-mentioned steps to get what you want. 

  1. Write your name, address, phone number, and email address according to the standard format of the business letter. 
  2. The date when you wrote this letter. 
  3. Write the name of the person to whom you are writing this letter.
  4.  Right below the receiver’s name, write the business name and business address. 
  5. Address the receiver with a formal salutation like “Dear” by following the receiver’s name. 
  6. In the body of the letter, state the purpose of writing this letter in the first paragraph. 
  7. In the second paragraph, write about the recommended entity’s skills and abilities, including some facts that support your words, and state the connection you’ve had with the entity. It would be best if you mentioned the benefits that the receiver gets from this deal. 
  8. In the last paragraph, include a statement that shows your wish to interact with the business and contact information to contact you for more information. 
  9. End your letter with some positive words and the sender’s signature.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we need a reference letter?

A reference letter is needed at various places; it is used for business, employment, school or colleges, and rental purposes.

Who to ask for a business reference letter?

It should be asked from the previous employer, the company’s manager or employer and professional mentor.

What things to focus on in writing the business reference letter?

It should be specific, well-formatted, free from errors, and contains all the essential information.

How to ask for a reference letter?

The steps to asking for a reference letter are as follows: Submit a request letter for a business reference letter Provide all essential information about your business Give some background information State why you need the reference Thanks to the company or individual for reference

Are letters of business recommendation necessary?

A business recommendation letter is an essential document in business to verify a company or individual’s skills and abilities to another company.

What are the benefits of a business reference letter?

It helps you to get new clients, develop your business, give benefits over competitors and vouches for a company or individual’s products or services.

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