55+ Employee Evaluation Form Templates [PDF+DOC]

In a business organization, performance reviews or evaluations of employees are critical. Performance reviews are often done annually or bi-annual way, but it is an excellent approach to do monthly performance reviews to set the direction for annual reviews. We have collected some templates for you that you can easily modify according to your business needs.

Each association has some employee evaluation strategies and techniques that are critical to gauge profitability all the time, and employee self-evaluation models help you do them all the time. You can utilize the Employee Evaluation Form which is loaded up with inquiries, situations, and circumstances that employees test and assess. And you can without much of a stretch discover them as though they were at that point arranged as formats.

Download Free Employee Evaluation Form Templates

Utilize your Employee performance review template to keep a nearby record of your group, to recognize individuals who should be improved, and to salute the individuals who have improved. If you utilize this evaluation form template accurately, you can without much of a stretch settle on meaningful choices, such as the end of an employee or the expansion of additions.

By making a paper way, you can indicate explicit explanations behind your choices that have been perceived by the employee. If you cannot present a company evaluation form, there should arise an occurrence of contradiction over the explanations behind the employee’s end.

You can alter and utilize our free employee evaluation form as a layout. Coming up next is the fundamental information that you need to use in a custom employee survey layout. Most organizations direct employee surveys each year. It would help if you consistently utilized the employee rating layout. If an occurrence requires a quick evaluation, use the company evaluation form to report it.

Type of Information On Evaluation Forms

  • Name, position, and ID number of the employee.
  • Region of ​​the employee.
  • Clean management.
  • Free space for good remarks.
  • Space for employees and administrators to sign.

The Employee performance review template isn’t proper for each circumstance. If the episode includes disciplinary activity, you might need to utilize the employee’s evaluation forms.

What Is The Reason For Employee Evaluation Form?

Employee Evaluation Form always exists so that there is transparent correspondence among bosses and employees about the degree of performance. Employee evaluations recognize shortcomings or performance issues and help characterize objectives for development and proficiency.

Administrative Employee Performance Evaluation Form

This is a performance evaluation model for regulatory employees. It contains a depiction of the arrangement techniques, an outline of the procedure, the assets to utilize, and afterward, the total form that must be finished by the staff to assess all given parameters.

New Employee Performance Evaluation Form

This is a performance evaluation model for new employees. Assess an employee depending on their work aptitudes, relational abilities, hardworking attitude, mission, vision, objectives accomplished, qualities, shortcomings, and future desires.

Temporary Employee Evaluation Form

This is the standard form for the performance evaluation of transitory specialists. Assess employees depending on their participation record, reliability, nature of work and administration, level of capability, collaboration and explanation, and frame of mind and conduct.

Probationary Employee Performance Evaluation Form

This is the fitting evaluation model for the performance of the executives for trial employees. Notice the zone to be surveyed, nature of work, achievement and disappointment rate, information and aptitudes, relationship and association, nearness and promptness, and capacity to create and be inventive.

Employee Work Evaluation Form

This is a general activity evaluation form for every employee. They esteem the employee depending on the abilities, energy, activity, unwavering quality, cooperation, preparation, and input of the considerable number of divisions recorded up until now. This company evaluation form has great importance in any leading company.

Medical Assistant Evaluation

As the name suggests, this form can be utilized by a clinic or social insurance supplier to evaluate the performance of a medicinal right hand or student. The model comprises every critical part that must be viewed when assessing an employee.

Evaluation Form For Restaurants

These restaurants utilize this model to quantify the performance of their staff in the nourishment and drink organization. If all the significant parameters are available, using this model improves the whole evaluation process.

Warehouse Staff Performance Form

You can likewise make printouts of the rating formats, disperse them to employees, and after that, gather and spare them for later use. This is helpful if you make separate duplicates for every employee. You can alter the structures, styles, questions, or circumstances depicted in the forms, and furnish employees with a remarkable and thorough evaluation form by basically utilizing explicit changing instruments.


The employee evaluation form is utilized to formally audit and archive employee performance and to get an acknowledgment of the evaluation. This is significant for making a paper set to help meaningful staff choices. The employee rating model is described by a broad scope of content format changes relying upon the sort of industry, work, and level of information required.

You can pick the models that best suit your needs. The evaluation form template contains questions and plans that you can coordinate straightforwardly into the last structure and appropriate among employees. Just download the templates above.

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