55+ Employee Vacation Request Form Templates

It is professional to submit a vacation request form by an employee who wants to go for time off. Everyone wants to take a break from time to time to get rid of a stressful work environment. It is essential to request a vacation before taking off. Sometimes, people don’t know how to write a vacation request form, which should be included in it. Below we share a complete guide to time-off requests with a vast collection of employee vacation request templates used to request for a vacation. These templates are available in Word and PDF.

Below is a list of the best printable Employee Vacation Request Forms for you to download and use for your personal and business purposes.

Download Free Employee Vacation Request Form Templates

Employee Vacation Request Form

An employee vacation request form is a document used by the employee to submit vacation requests to employers. It may be for some personal issues, picnic trips, or medical problems. Employers have full power to approve or deny this request. If an employee goes on vacation, it isn’t straightforward for the employers to manage all the tasks that are performed by this employee. They need a person with the same professional skills to fill the space of this employee.

Employers may reject the request in case of a heavy workload or due to some essential professional issues such as conducting a meeting that is not successful without you, the short deadline of some project, and not having a person to fill your space. It’s essential to ask for a vacation leave before any planning. Employers ask for doctor’s notes when their employees request vacations due to medical issues. The vacation request form is considered an essential document in business to track all the holiday requests when multiple employees ask for it.

Every organization or company has a different vacation policy. Employees should read and understand it properly before requesting holidays. The request should be clear, concise, and written professionally. It is beneficial to see vacation request samples or examples that help you write an effective vacation letter. You can find here a collection of professionally designed employee vacation request form templates available in different formats.

Key Elements Of Vacation Request Form 

Every organization has its vacation request form to manage all the time off requests effectively. It is vital to submit a time off request at least two weeks before because there is a chance for employers to change the schedule and find a person who can accomplish these tasks. Vacation request forms should be designed in a way that provides all the information regarding your vacation with return to work details.

Some key elements that should appear in any vacation request form are as follows:

  1. Employee’s name
  2. Employee designation with department
  3. Employee contact details 
  4. Date: when the application submitted
  5. Number of vacation days with start and end date
  6. Reason for vacation 
  7. Space for approval or denial phrase
  8. A section in case of request denial 
  9. Section for employee signature
  10. Place the signature of the employer
  11. Description in case of late arrival

The primary purpose of this time off request letter is to collect information regarding an employee’s vacation or to make their standard professional. Employers asked to complete all the work before the holiday; hence it is vital to submit a time off request letter at least two weeks before the holidays. There are different vacation forms for different purposes, but the components which are mentioned above must be included in all types of forms. Download these printable vacation request forms to ask for the time-off period to your employer professionally.

How To Draft A Vacation Request Letter

Sometimes people don’t know how to write an effective vacation request letter. Before writing time off letters, it is necessary to read all the vacation policies of your organization. You should write a vacation request letter according to the vacation terms of your organization or company. Formally ask your employer, to demonstrate the professionalism of the employee. Follow these simple steps to draft a vacation request letter:

Employee’s details

First of all, write the name of the employee with the designation and department name.

Subject line

The subject line of a letter defines the general purpose of your message. Write a short and descriptive line to state the objective of this letter. 

Purpose of your letter

After the subject line, it’s time to state the reason for writing this message. You should write in detail about your vacation and ask your employer or supervisor about your time off request. It is not necessary but a good practice to include the reason for your vacation. It may be for illness, jury duty, maternity, and other personal issues.

Number of days for vacation

Clearly state the duration of your vacation with leaving and arrival dates. This line of your letter decides to approve or deny the request. Your employer may deny your request due to some professional reasons. Remind your employer from time to time about your vacation.

State how you’ll cover all the work

Usually, employers find another person with the same professional skill when an employee goes on leave. But, sometimes the employees complete and cover all their work before going to leave. After the vacation description, you should describe how you will cover all your work or understand your colleague to complete your tasks in your absence. It will show dedication to your work.

End with positive words

It shows mannerisms to end your letter with some positive words. It would be best if you thanked your supervisor or employer at the end of this request letter.

Tips For Holidays Request 

Here are some tips for writing an effective vacation request:

Complete your work before leaving date

There is more chance to approve your vacation request when you complete all of your work before leaving. Make a list of all your tasks and describe how you’ll complete all these tasks. This will help your supervisor or employer to improve or deny your vacation request. You can understand your team briefly about your responsibilities to accomplish these efficiently. Vacation letter samples to employers help you to write a vacation request letter professionally. 

Understand the vacation policy of your company

Before requesting time off, you should understand the vacation policy of your company or organization. If your company does not have any written policy to ask for vacation, then make a vacation request to your employer or supervisor verbally. Usually, companies have paid or unpaid vacation request policies, keep this in mind while asking for time off.

Select the appropriate date for vacation

Asking for time off during a busy, high season, or while your company handles a critical project, then there is no chance to approve your vacation until you have any medical issues. The project charter is a helpful tool to manage any project efficiently. Plan your vacation on an appropriate date, when your employer does not have any excuses to deny your request.

Send the request form as soon as possible.

It is an excellent practice to ask for a vacation at least two weeks before the leaving date. There is more possibility to approve your vacation request because employers have enough time to find a person who will easily accomplish these tasks. Some organizations or companies mentioned the time to ask for a vacation before leaving time in their vacation policies. It would be best if you spoke to your manager or supervisor to inform them about your absence.

Remind your employer

When you ask for time off from your employer or supervisor two months before, it is possible to forget your employer. You must remind the employer about your vacation either to accept or deny it.

Purposes Of Vacation Request Form 

As we discussed above, a vacation request form is written by the employee to request time off from work for a specific period to the employer. Employees send this letter to the manager, supervisor, or employer who has the authority to approve their vacation. You can find here well-formatted simple vacation request form templates available in different formats like Word and PDF. The primary purposes of the employee vacation request form are as follows:

  • It demonstrates professionalism to ask for time off from work by the employees. Professionalism is key to any successful business. 
  • Vacation requests from help to track all the time off requests from multiple employees. 
  • Employers use it to schedule their calendars.
  • It may be approved or rejected based on company circumstances.
  • When an employer receives the vacation request letter, he finds another person with the same professional capabilities.
  • The time off request form helps to keep all things organized without any interruption by someone’s absence.

All these things show how the vacation request form is essential in any organization’s workflow or output. It is vital to do all things in an organized and professional way. Vacation leave request letter templates in Word or PDF are just one click away from you.

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