40+ Jury Duty Excuse Letters & Templates

Following are some perfect jury duty excuse sample templates you can use if you want to skip your jury duty. Please keep in mind; that each state has its own rules to accept reasons to excuse from jury duty.

When a person receives a summons from a federal or state court for jury duty, it means that he/she is selected as a jury member. A jury is a panel of people who are chosen to provide an opinion in a court case. If you find a way out of it, then the only way to be excused from jury duty is to write a jury duty excuse letter.

Download Free Jury Duty Excuse Letters Templates

What Is Jury Duty?

The duty of a person who is selected as a juror in a court case to provide an opinion on whether the accused is guilty or innocent is called jury duty. You get a notification from the court that you are selected as a juror, and you must respond to the court if you can not attend. It is the job of all jury members to observe all trials to decide whether the accused is guilty or not.

An individual selected as a jury member if he/she is at least 18 years old, resides in the judicial district for one year, and understands English.

What Is a Jury Duty Excuse Letter?

If you find difficulty in serving jury duty at the time of the request, you can write an excuse letter from jury duty according to the rules stated by the federal or state court. Before writing your jury duty excuse letter, you should read the notice properly, which may include a list of reasons why you could be excused.

Every country has its own rules. You will have to follow these rules. Summon might include the template for the jury duty excuse letter, which you can use if you want to excuse. If there is no template by the court, then you will use a generic jury duty excuse letter template.

Reason For Writing Jury Duty Excuse Letter

Rules of federal and local courts are different for getting out of jury duty. According to the US Course Govt. website,

There are certain categories of persons who may be excused from service as a juror. If you are a person in one of the categories listed below and wish to be forgiven, please complete the questionnaires and check the appropriate box under Grounds for Requesting an Excuse. Or, if you want to serve, click that you are not requesting an excuse.

In federal court, your excuse might be accepted if:

  • your age is more than 70 years
  • If you are selected as a jury member and served federal jury within the last two years
  • When an individual served as an emergency staff member.
  • When you are in a state of “undue hardship” or “extreme inconvenience.”

If you are in any of these situations, you write an excuse letter for jury duty to the court of the clerk. Every court has its own rules, local or state court rules of excuse letters from jury duty are different from federal.

In local or state court, your excuses might be accepted if it is a work-related, family-related, or financial issue.

Jury Duty Excuse Letter From An Employer

When an individual receives a summons from the court and does not have any valid reason for getting out of this responsibility, then the employer can write a letter if it is necessary. Before writing the letter, read the summon properly, which may include a list of reasons why you could be excused.

Employers can write a letter on behalf of their employees to get out of jury duty because of some business reasons, business scheduling conflicts, or financial hardship.

Most of the time, the employer would have to do this when summon comes at a time when the season of the business is just starting like your business does taxes and its tax season.

There are many types of jury duty excuse letters and terms used to describe the kind of message. We will describe most of them in this post.

  • jury duty excuse letter work-related
  • jury duty excuse letter sample vacation
  • jury duty excuse letter for the primary caregiver
  • jury duty excuse letter from a doctor
  • jury duty excuse letter sample self-employed
  • jury duty excuse letter for primary caregiver sample
  • employer letter for jury excused
  • jury duty excuse letter employer pdf

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