65+ Printable Reading Log – 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, Middle School

Reading logs can help you track your favorite books. Some people call it reading diaries and reading journals as well. In the reading log, you can add comments and other details about the book you are reading. Below is a collection of some free printable reading logs sample templates designed for 1st grade, 2nd grade, 4th grade, and adults as well.

Reading is a good habit. Spending time with books is much better than other activities. The study is the best source of knowledge. If you find that you have any trouble keeping a record of what you’re reading, then you may need a reading log.

Download Free Printable Reading Log Templates

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one” ( George R.R.Martin)

What is a reading log?

A reading log is a way of keeping a record of your reading progress. Reading a diary helps you to remember which books you read and how many pages you read. It is a great place to preserve your reaction to some books. In the reading log, you can add your favorite characters, favorite lines, favorite parts, the impact of the work on you, the main idea of the book, and many other exciting things about the book. Here we have a collection of some reading log examples. Some reading log templates are in question format.

A reading log is a way of keeping track of your reading activity. You can preserve your reading activity by keeping a reading log. Some people call it reading diaries and reading journals as well. In the reading log, you can add comments and other details about the book you are reading. 

At the school level, it is a great way to motivate your child to read. Nowadays, a reading log is a part of a school assignment. In this world of the internet, where you can download free printable or PDF books and short reading stories for yourself, it’s great to have these reading log templates. This is the best way for students to grow as a reader. Students enjoy it and love to share their experiences with others, which may increase their interest in reading. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics :

Reading regularly positively affects the brain’s cognitive abilities. Teachers encourage students to read, and reading logs are the best way to do that.

Source: aap.org

The list is a great way to stay organized they can also inspire us to do more. In this way, the reading log helps us to read more.

What Is The Purpose Of The Reading Log?

  • Help to trace your reading process.
  • It helps to remember which book you read and how many pages you read.
  • At the school level, it helps teachers to track students’ reading activity.
  • It helps to figure out which types of books you like.
  • To motivate your child to read.
  • To trace your reaction to some specific book.

Content Of The Reading Log

  • Your name is on the reading log.
  • Starting and ending date
  • Name of the book
  • Author name
  • Time spent reading

Template Of Reading Log

A log sheet is a student-kept record of books they’ve read during a specific period. It can be either a monthly or a weekly reading log. There are plenty of reading log sheets for middle school, kindergarten, 4th grade, and 5th-grade reading logs are available.

  • Template of reading log(Grade pre-k to 1):
  • Reading logs for this age of students should be simple. It is best for both teachers and parents to keep reading the diary easily and straightforwardly. 
  • The simple reading log includes:
    • Date
    • Title of Book
    • Parent /Guardian Initials
  • Template of reading log(Grade 2-5) or daily reading log
  • Reading logs for this age of the student should include a little bit more detail. The things that are included for grades 2-5 students in the reading diary are:
    • Book title
    • Author’s Name
    • Minutes read
    • Student initial
    • Parent initial
  • Template of reading log(Middle/intermediate level)
  • Things that are included for this age of the student and also for “young adults”:
    • Title of book
    • Author’s Name
    • Article
    • Number of pages
    • Starting page number
    • Ending page number
    • Other material

Other Things You May Include In Reading Log

To make your reading log more interesting, which may help you and other people who are also book lovers like you must be included some more detail about your experience of reading. These things are:

  • Your favorite lines
  • Impact of the book on you
  • Favorite character
  • Character, you don’t like
  • Summarize the book in one passage 
  • Your remarks about the book after reading it

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