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A book report template is a form used to ensure that the students have read the assigned books. It is a way to teach the children how to pick the main ideas or themes of the book. Teachers give book-reading assignments to the students to develop the habit of book-reading. To reduce teachers’ workload, we share a collection of free book report templates for college, middle, and high schools in PDF and other formats that you prefer.

Book reports also show the students’ interest, whether they like the book or not, which characters they like and dislike, moments of the story they like, and so on. See below to learn everything about book reports.

Download Free Book Report Templates

What is a book report?

Book reports are used to know the students’ ideas about a book assigned to them for reading purposes. In a book report, they read a book assigned by their teacher and then write all the things about the book that they like or not. It is the best way to develop writing and reading skills in children. These kinds of activities usually start from the 4th grade because, at this age, children adopt things as a habit easily, and reading habits are one of the best qualities in any person. The things that should be included in it are the book name, author name, publication date, character name, your thoughts, and summary of the books. In a simple book report, the teacher asks to write about the books in a paragraph format; it may be a form just like a questionnaire.

Teachers can create it according to their choice with editable book report templates, which enable them to change it according to the grade. Students can use a reading log to remember which book they read with the author’s name, favorite character, moments they like or dislike, details about the plot, and other things they want to save about this book. Analytical, communication, and writing skills are developed in students when they write the summary or theme of the assigned book. You can download free printable book report worksheet templates and forms for fiction and nonfiction books that help you do your job easily. 

Elements of book report

When a book has been read with full focus and concentration, you can write about that book easily. Different elements of it show the reader’s thoughts about that book. A standard book report must include the following factors, in our collection, you can find the templates with all the essential elements. Below we share the important elements of the book that should be included in every form of it.

  1. The name of the reader. 
  2. Title of the book with the name of the author.
  3. Other information like publisher name, date, edition, and details if the book is translated.
  4. The type of book you read, fiction or nonfiction, should be mentioned. 
  5. Reasons for reading this book like the author is your favorite, listening from your friend about it, or something else. 
  6. The number of pages the book has.
  7. Few lines about the main character and other characters of the book.
  8. Few lines that you like the most. 
  9. Setting and plot summary of this book in a few lines. 
  10. The conclusion at the end of the form shows your thoughts about this book, whether you like it or not. 

The above are essential and must be included in different levels of a book report. For different levels, you can find different book report templates. You can see book reports for 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade templates in PDF format with a collection of college and school-level book report templates that are editable, printable, and available free in just one click.

Format of Book Report

Making a book report according to the standard format is essential to make it readable. Some people don’t know about the standard format; you can see our collection templates, which are accordion to format and perfect for school and college-level students. The reader’s thoughts are easily understood and clearly described in a few steps. See below to learn how to format it in a few easy steps. 

  • First paragraph: In the first paragraph, write the name of the book title, book author, publishing details, and type of the book, and define the basic idea of the book. State all these things in a few lines; don’t be lengthy in your words. 
  • The second paragraph: Write about the book’s main character in the second paragraph. State your thoughts, whether you like the main character or not, write what you like the most about him/her, and discuss what you dislike. 
  • 3rd paragraph: State your thoughts about each book character in one line following their name. Write about the book’s essential character. Writing a biography book report can be challenging, but we make it easier by designing simple templates. It shows your interest in the book and improves your ability to explore and analyze. 
  • Summary paragraph: Now, the time is to plot the summary paragraph of the assigned book. You should provide an overview of the whole book, it’s subject of it. The main idea is given by the author in a few lines. Describe each chapter and the book’s story briefly, and make sure these things should be covered in 5,6 sentences instead of writing in detail. 
  • Setting: In this section of the book report, discuss where the story takes place, what you like most, and the places you dislike. 
  • Conclusion: The last thing that you should describe in your book report is the conclusion; wrap up all the things by summarizing your thoughts, like the strengths and weaknesses of this book, things you like or dislike about this book, what you learned from this book, and close it. Write your opinion about the book you have in 1,2 paragraph covering your overall expression. 

Above, we discuss the proper and standard way to write the book report; you can skip some elements when you use it at the school level for 4th- and 5th-grade students. You can use the simple reading worksheet and ask the children of early grades to fill it out. Ensure the worksheet contains only simple questions like the book’s name, the author’s name, etc.

Purposes of Book Report

A book report is used to know the thoughts about a book that a report writer has read. There are various purposes of the book report; some essential objects are as follows:

  • The primary purpose of this report is to provide information about that book to the report reader to decide whether he/she read it or not.
  • Another essential goal is for schoolchildren to develop reading habits in them. 
  • It also ensures that the students have read the assigned book. 
  • Improving their ability to explore and analyze each section of the book may help them better understand things in the future. 
  • All we know is that reading gives you incredible benefits, and communication skills are improved when you provide your ideas about the assigned books and understand the message of the author that he/she wants to deliver. 
  • Writers of the report can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of their work when they analyze it and compare it to the work of other authors. 

Things to Focus on While Writing the Book Report

A book report provides enough information about the book if it is written briefly, clearly, and concisely. Before writing it, please read the book with full concentration, understand the main idea of it, and after making some rough notes about it, then write the book report. Below, we mention some essential points you should remember while writing the book report. 

  1. While reading the book, you should make rough notes about what you want to include in the book report. Write the quotes you like the most, the place, or the event where the story takes place with the page number to discuss in the report. These notes help you to understand the concept of this book easily, the role of each character, and state your opinion easily. Take these notes while writing the book report to write the story more efficiently. 
  2. Don’t take the thing lengthy; write down everything in the report briefly. 
  3. Ensure each paragraph is written according to the standard format, like MLA format.
  4. Make sure to discuss only the main character that writes a line about their role in the play.
  5. In the summarizing section, write a few lines to explain the story of the book instead of providing a detailed description. 
  6. Write your opinion in positive and friendly words even if you dislike the book. In case you do not like the book, you must give a solid reason in your argument. 
  7. Make sure it should be error-free, and edit it again and again before handing it to others.

Types of Book Report

If you want to find someone’s opinion about a book from a person which he/she has already read then the book report is the best option for that. A book report is not just written for the whole book, you can write it for a chapter of a book by downloading the chapter book report template used to provide information about a chapter of a book.  There are different ways to take the book report, some of these are as follows:

  1. Plot summary: Summarizing the story of the book in a few lines doesn’t mean retelling the whole story. It is a form of book report in which the report writer gives enough information to the reader to decide whether he/she read it or not. Use positive words in your writing, and state your opinion or feelings by discussing the most important points in a few lines with some evidence from the book.
  2. Themes: Themes are one of the easiest ways to write a book report. Before writing the theme of the book you should read the book report with full concentration and explore the theme of it. Write your opinion after discussing the theme of it. Explore the theme of the book and explain it in your own words, you can also use some quotes from the book and establish a connection between the theme you explore and quotes from the book to support your argument.
  3. Character analysis: When you write the book report by discussing the various character of the book in detail. Explain each character with their role and state how their role affects the play. This form of a book report is best for the 5th, 6th, and above grades of students. You can write each character their way of talking, dressing style, and other things provided by the book writer. State which characters you like the most or not with strong evidence from the book. Make sure to write a valid argument by analyzing each and every character then state all of your observations about them in a few lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between book report and book review?

Sometimes, people get confused with book reports and book reviews; the matter of fact is that a book report is used to summarize the book while other book reviews contain a deep analysis of the book.

How long should a book report?

The book report is usually between 600 to 800 words in length. Don’t be lengthy in your words; try to describe all the things in a few lines briefly.

What should be included in the book report?

It should include the author’s name, book title, description of the characters, summary plot, setting, and at the end, state your opinion about this book in the conclusion section.

How do you write a second-grade book report?

The book report is a way to teach the students how to explore, analyze, and write about a book. Explain to the students which things include in the introduction section, why they choose this book, and ask them to plot other details about this book and their opinion on that.

How to end the book report?

When you discuss the summary, character, and necessary information of the book, now the time is to end the report with a clear conclusion in which you can state your thoughts about this book.

What are the benefits of book reports

  • Improve the ability to explore, analyzing, and thinking. 
  • Helpful to develop the habit of reading in children.
  • Give enough information to the report reader about a book.
  • Improve communication skills when you are trying to explore or understand the message of the author.

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