40+ FREE Wanted Poster Templates (Download or Print)

Download the free Most Wanted poster Templates in this post. These customized FBI and Old West wanted posters are available in PDF and Word format. Law enforcement agencies issued posters to alert the public about a criminal or the person they desired. It usually contains the picture of the person they want, contact details, and a description of the crime with a reward amount.

What is a wanted poster?

Wanted posters are used to let the public know about a criminal who has escaped. It is the best way to inform society about a person the law enforcement agencies want. Wanted posters are issued by the police department, security agencies, and other authorities who wish to arrest that person. It contains the image of the criminal, a description of the crime committed by that person, a alive or dead phrase, the reward amount who helps to arrest that person, and contact details of the agency.

Sometimes it also contains the characteristics of that person like age, gender, hair color, eye color, height, and other special things from which he recognizes examples of wanted posters helpful to understand more about it. The primary purpose of this poster is to let the community know how this person is harmful to their lives.

Download Free Wanted Poster Templates

The wanted poster should be printed or designed in an understandable and readable way. Ensure that the image or sketch of that person should be clear; the font is readable with the elegant color and simple design of the poster. These posters are used all over the world for the same purposes. Wanted posters are placed at every public place, railway station, hospital, bus stop, and all other crowded areas. Security agencies issue several wanted posters yearly to warn citizens of dangerous people. Download free printable wanted poster templates in one click. Media electronics also use these posters for the most wanted person.

Wanted posters are not just used for criminals. People use it to make fun of their friends or family members. For that purpose, you can download blank wanted poster templates to customize them.

In the 1800s, Western security agencies prepared sketches of criminals with the help of eyewitnesses because photo technology was not better than it is these days; they used a single format for a wanted poster. After that, it became the standard format of the wanted poster. In the modern age, security agencies use modern wanted poster templates to make it clearer for better results, but some still use old western wanted posters. Sometimes it isn’t very easy to find these templates. We share a collection of best standards formats of templates, download free old western or modern F.B.I.

You wanted poster templates in the form that you prefer. You can easily add the image of the criminal and all other details you want into the template with these editable wanted posters.
F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation) issues the wanted poster in a unique format. They have a standard format for these wanted posters, but in 2007, the F.B.I. used electronic billboards to post a wanted poster in a few seconds. It is the best way to instantly inform the public about dangerous people in the community within a few seconds.

Security agencies issue the most wanted poster for the person who committed some crime with a dead or alive phrase. Wanted posters are used for various purposes, such as for jobs, school projects, and for help. You can see here different unique wanted posters for school projects which are easily downloadable. Sometimes, people ask for help with these wanted templates and are also used to make fun of cartoon wanted poster templates. It is an efficient way to search for escaped criminals with the public’s help and give them a sufficient amount as the reward for this help.

Importance Of Wanted Poster

Searching for an escaped criminal isn’t easy for any security agencies, but when you ask the public for help, they make it a bit easier. Wanted posters are the best way to ask the public for help to find an escaped person. Nowadays, with the world embracing new technology, a sheet used for wanted posters has become old. With the advancement of technology, security departments use electronic billboards to inform the public about dangerous people. It is the most efficient way to alert the community about criminals escaping from the police.

Government organizations pinned these posters at every crowded place to track down any criminals. It is best to attain attention toward this poster with simple but unique designs of wanted templates. Nowadays, electronic media is faster than print; it provides faster communication with the world than print media. In a few seconds, you can break any news worldwide. With the help of electronic media, it is easy to catch any escaped criminal with an electronic wanted poster. A wanted poster image is sent to the different media channels to broadcast to people aware of this person whom authorities wish to arrest.

What Is On A Wanted Poster?

Law enforcement agencies mostly use wanted posters to track down the escaped person. Posters should be bright and contain only specific information. Things that must be appeared on the wanted poster are:

  • Image of the person whom security agencies wish to catch.
  • Name of person whose image is pinned on the poster.
  • Characteristics such as height, hair color, eye color, and the gender of the poster man.
  • Description Of the crime committed by that person.
  • Dead or alive phrase: indicate that there is permission from government authorities to kill him. They want that person in any state, either dead or alive.
  • Price amount: This amount will be given to the person who will help to find him.
  • Contact details of the law enforcement agencies if anybody finds him.

It is necessary to place all these things on a poster to find anyone.

10 Easy Steps To Create Wanted Poster In Word

We share all kinds of wanted posters in different formats that you prefer. These templates are printable and editable, which means you can customize these according to your needs:

But if you want to design your wanted poster, then follow these few simple steps:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Excel.

Step 2: Click on the “blank document.” 

Step 3: Adjust the page size as needed. Click on the size button> More paper sizes. Select the page size that you like.

Step 4: Type the header of your document as “WANTED” or something else that you like. Adjust the size of the text, choose a font style, and some elegant colors for the text. 

Step 5: Press the “ENTER” key, Go to Insert tab> picture. Add the image that you want to pin on the poster.

Step 6: Adjust the size of the picture with corner nodes.

Step 7: Type the information related to this poster image.

Step 8: State the price amount.

Step 9: Contact information if anybody finds him.

Step 10: Go to the File tab; click “save as.” Write the name of your file and click on the Save button.

Different Wanted Posters

We’ve seen many posters daily, different wanted posters used for various purposes. Browse our collection; you’ll find every wanted poster template in Word and various image formats. Some wanted posters are as follows:

Blank wanted poster

A blank poster is perfect for you when you come to a customizable wanted poster. It is excellent for every person to find something free of the best quality. You’ll find all the templates in different formats according to your needs. You can add images of the criminal, name, related info, reward information, and contact information of the law enforcement agencies if anybody sees this poster person. 

Best Western wanted a poster.

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to find the best western wanted poster. Browse our collection to find these templates in Word, PSD, PowerPoint, and others, which you prefer. It considers the traditional wanted poster with Cowboy or Cowgirl hats with guns and bull images.

Modern wanted poster

Some people feel great with traditional old Western posters, but some always need something new. Modern wanted poster templates are just one click away from your download gallery. Templates still save you time and effort, nothing needs to do download, or place photos, and related info in these ready-made templates. With these templates, your modern wanted poster is ready in just a few minutes.

Cartoon wanted poster

Wanted posters are not just used to track criminals; people use these templates for fun with their friends. It contains funny cartoons, memes, and funny pictures. Download these funny wanted posters for great joy.

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