50+ Informative Speech Outline Templates [PDF, Word]

To deliver an informative speech, you need a solid outline to make it perfect. If you are a student or a professional who needs to give a presentation, getting the attention of the audience is an essential factor.

There can be different informative speech outline topics where you need speech outline templates, such as healthy eating informative speech outline, informative speech outline on music, and persuasive speech outline on social media.

There are many ways to enhance your informative speeches.

What is informative speech?

An informative speech is a way to share your knowledge with an audience. It gives useful information about some specific topics to your audience. Visual representation in informative speech helps to make things more clear and easy to understand for your audience. It may demonstrate new technologies about some new products in the market and also about a person that the audience about to know. A speech should be clear and concise that helps the audience to understand quickly.

The following are some free sample Informative Speech Outline Templates to improve your informative speech outline.

Purpose Of Informative Speech?

  • Share your information with your audience.
  • Present the complex topic easily and straightforwardly.
  • Increasing knowledge, abilities of other people.
  • To provide facts of some specific topic.
  • Help the audience to remember the knowledge later.

Types Of Informative Speech

There are four types of informative speech:

  • Definition speech
  • Description speech
  • Demonstration speech
  • Explanatory speech

A definition speech explains the meaning of some specified topic that the audience does not know much about that. The issues are sports global warming or some particular person. The main purpose is to inform/educate people. 

A descriptive speech creates a picture in a person’s mind about the object. For example, if you provide an address on a tower bridge, then you should tell the audience, all about that. You should know about its historical background, the reason for building it and all the information about that.

A demonstration speech explains the process of something. The main purpose is to tell the audience how to do something.

An explanatory speech describes the state of a specific topic. It is focused on “how and why” instead of just telling about particular issues.

Content Of The Informative Speech Outline

Basic things that must be included in the informative speech outline are:

Topic: Define your point of the speech.

General-purpose: The purpose of this speech. 

Thesis: Central idea of your speech.

The essential parts of an informative speech outline are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction generally needs to include:
  • Attention getter: Something that grabs the attention of the audience.
  • Credibility statement: Why are you personally connect to this topic?
  • Thesis statement:
    • First, I discuss
    • Second, I describe
  1. Body
  • Main points of your speech
  • The transition between these points
  1. Conclusion
  • Review of your main points
  • Restate your thesis
  • Closure

Useful Tips For Speakers

There are some tips for the speaker to make the speech more useful and unique.

  • Keep your speech short and simple
  • Be confident
  • Modulation invoice
  • Grab the attention of the audience

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