35+ Printable Address Book Templates

Address book templates are used to store the contact information of your friends, family, and colleagues in an organized way. Download free printable and editable address book templates in Word, Excel, or PDF. A document containing all the contact information of your employees, project members, colleagues, a business partners, is considered an asset to your organization. Browse our collection of address book templates and download free personal or business address book templates. Below we share a complete guide to managing your address book.

Here we share a list of address book templates that help you to store all the details about a person. You can select any templates you like and download these templates too.

Download Free Address Book Templates

Address Book 

The address book template is the most convenient way to store the contact information of your friends, family, colleagues, and so on. It is the best way to keep your contact list backed up in case of any technical failure because nowadays, people use smartphones to save the contact details of their acquaintances.

Address books are the cheapest and simplest way to save contact details and other information about your family, friends, and professional contacts. Using a contact list template is the best way to secure and easily access your personal and professional contact information. It is easy to access all of your contacts with a phone and email contact list template. These templates are available in different formats, like Word or Excel, which you prefer. 

Types Of Address Book

It’s awesome to find a free ready-made template that helps to make your work easier. We share a list of the best address book templates and themes available in Word, Excel, and Google documents. Some basic types of address book templates are as follows:

  1. Business/ professional address book
  2. Personal address book
  3. Project contact list 
  4. Emergency contact list
  5. Employee address book

Business address book

The business address book is used to store your professional contacts and other related information about your business contacts. It is the best way to save the contact information of your client. You can organize all the information about your clients with the “Client information sheet template.” You can use this information in the future. Through a business address book, you can easily find your business contacts, and it is a secure way to store your business contacts. If you lost your smartphone, then the address book is the cheaper and simpler way to keep your professional contact list backup. From a vast collection of business contact lists, you can select your favorite contact list logo that gives a professional look to your business address book. 

Personal address book

The personal address book is used to track your contacts and address. It is easy to use and provides easy access to your most frequently used addresses and contacts. It is the best way to keep a record of the personal information of individuals. In case of any unexpected technology failure, you can easily access this personal address book in which the contact information of every person you love is saved. It may contain the phone number, address, email address, home address, Name, and other related information. You can create your address book with some easy steps. Also, download free editable personal address book templates to organize your contact list.

Project contact list

A project contact list template is an essential tool when many persons are involved in a project like stakeholders, project managers, project team members, Executive stakeholders, business analysts, and others. A project contact list is used to save the contact information of all these members. With the help of the project contact list template, you can easily find the contact information of any person who is involved in the project. You can store additional information with each of your contacts like phone number, email address, home address, and other details.

To save your time and effort, download project contact list templates in Word or Excel. You can also find address book project reports in Word and PDF.

Emergency contact list

The emergency contact list is the most valuable in case of any emergency. It includes the contact information of essential persons your friends, and family members. With an organized contact list, it is easy to find any contact number in an emergency. Templates always help you to make your work easier and simpler. Make a list of all your emergency contacts by downloading the emergency contact list template in the format that you prefer. 

Employee address book 

It is good practice to organize the information of every employee of your office — download a free employee address book template, which helps manage your employee contact information. Employee information sheets are beneficial for getting the contact information of your employees to make employee address books.

Benefits of address book 

It is excellent if you have a habit of being organized, organized stuff gives you lots of benefits. Organize your contact list with address book templates. Some benefits of the address book are as follows:

Get all the contacts in one place

It is great to find all of your contacts in one place. In case of any emergency, it is easy to find a contact number that is helpful in any emergency. You can add new numbers or delete some previous contact numbers easily. Excel templates are very helpful in accomplishing these tasks. 

Provide other contact information

Browse our collection to download helpful address books to save all your contacts and their related information. This information may be an email address, phone number, home address, workplace number, and address. It is easy to find a person’s contact information with an organized address book.

Backup of your phone’s contact list

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone with a digital contact list to easily access their contacts. Download the free contact list template in Word or Excel to make an excellent backup of your phone’s contact list in case of any technical failure. 

To save important information.

Address book templates give you lots of benefits. You can save important information regarding a specific person in front of his contact number and name. It may happen to forget some important information or miss an event of your special one. With this organized address book, it is easy to remember and save important information.

How to build an address book?

It is easy to download your favorite phone book templates in one click and available in all the formats that you prefer. We share a vast collection of editable address book templates, but if you want to build your template in Excel, then follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open Microsoft Excel.
  • Step 2: Create the header of your address book. Go to the insert tab> Click the header button, and type the header of your address book.
  • Step 3: Now, make the column header of your address, which describes what information your address book contains.
  • Step 4: Click on the A1 cell and type the name of your first column head as “Name.” 
  • Step 5: To make the 2nd column heading, click on the B1 cell, and type “Phone number.” 
  • Step 6: Click on the C1 cell and type the heading of this column as an “email address.”
  • Step 7: To save the address of a person, type the 4th column heading in the D1 column as “Address.” 
  • Step 8: if you want to save the workplace of a person, create the 5th column heading as “Workplace.”
  • Step 9: Click on cell F1 and type the heading as “other.” This column is used to save some other information regarding this contact number.
  • Step 10: Go to the “File” tab, and click on “Save as.” Type the name of your file and click ok.

If you want to create detailed address book templates, you can increase the number of columns in your address book and save more information about your contacts.

Digital Vs. Paper Address Book

Nowadays, every person upgrades from paper documents to digital, but there are various reasons why paper documents are still better than digital ones. 

  1. Easily accessible: People quickly access digital documents from anywhere in the world. When employees work remotely, people can share their documents quickly. We can say that in terms of access, digital materials can be more easily accessible than paper.
  2. Ample storage: for digital paper, there is vast storage on the system and cloud storage to save your work. You must allocate some physical space to store all of your paper documents.
  3. Best backup: Definitely, the paper document is your best backup in case of any technical failure in which you lose all of your data.
  4. Access control: Digital documents can only be accessible by those people who have the authorization to access them. No unauthorized person can access or edit your document, whereas paper documents can be easily accessible by any unauthorized person.

How To Download Address Book Organizer Templates

In this article, we give you a complete guide on how you can manage your address book. You can understand more about it with sample address book templates. You can download free address book templates in one click.

Follow these simple steps to get your favorite address book template. 

  1. Move to that address book template you want to download
  2. Below that template, the “Download” button is given.
  3. Click on the button to download the address book template.
  4. The template should be available in your download folder.

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