40+ FREE Packing Slip Templates [Doc, Excel]

The packing slip template is a document used for the description of the transaction of physical products. It contains all the descriptions about the packing goods. Below we discuss more it, which helps you to understand it easily and efficiently. Here we provide a list of free packing slip template which you can download in one click. Below you also find a packing list template in word or excel containing the list of items that are delivered to a client against an order.

What Is Packing Slip?

A packing slip template is a business document that is used to describe the content of the package. This slip is usually used in business when a seller delivers a package against an order. It works as a legal document for the international or within a state shipment of goods. Download free shipping packing list templates in word or excel that helps to make a list of all the items in a package. It is a helpful tool for both the movers and packers. 

A packing slip is used to inform the customer, transport agencies and authorities what is inside it. It is additionally said as “a bill of lading or packaging slip.” This document contains quantity ordered, quantity shipped, the weight of the items, shipment company, ship date, and other descriptions. Amount paid for this package is not included in this slip. When the supplier does not have all the goods that the customer ordered, then the status of missing items is also included in this slip. A sample packing slip is useful to understand it easily.

Terms used for packing slip:

  • waybill
  • Packaging slip
  • Shipping slip
  • Order slip

This is helpful in checking and balance of delivered products for both buyer and seller. This document is used to ensure that all the items are delivered safely. If any item is damaged and stolen at the delivery time, this slip is used for compensation of these items. This packing slip enables the seller to check everything that is packed must be according to the customer’s demand. A packing slip is essential in business for check and balance.

What Should Be Included In Packing Slip?

What should include in the packing slip will depend on your business and the type of your offer. The packing slip must contain all the related information about shipping products. The related information about shipping that must be included in packing slip are:

  • Recipient name and contact information
  • Delivery address.
  • Shipment company name and contact information
  • Order date.
  • Details of the delivered product
  • Quantity of the shipped item
  • Weight of the product
  • Order number/shipping slip number
  • Return address
  • Your company name
  • Your company contact information
  • List of item what was ordered

We share a list of best editable packing slips templates in Word, Excel, or Pdf and also available in a google doc. These templates are very easy to use and helpful in tracking the delivered products.

Purpose Of Packing Slip

Packing slip documents work as a record of shipped items. Its main purpose is to create a check and balance of the products of your delivery. Another basic reason for packing slip in business is that sellers ensure that all the goods are delivered safely and according to customer demand. This slip is used to inform the customer and other related authorities about the shipment. It is essential in any product transaction business to indicate the quantity of the items, the weight of items, and other related information about the delivery.

If any item is damaged when the buyer receives it, you can gain all the benefits of this slip by downloading these free templates in one click. This slip can be used for demanding compensation, in case of any damage or loss. This slip is essential for customs to apply the fees according to the value of shipping item, in case the shipment is international, within or outside the state. It is the best way to keep the record of the released item. Every organization or company needs a template of packing slip which they are used for every shipment, see custom packing slip templates according to the need of every shipment. 

What Is A Packing List?

A packing list is just like a packing slip, which is required to fill out before any shipment to make a list of all the items in a package. It is the best way to make a list of all the pieces available in each box. For that purpose, download free packing list templates in any format which you prefer that you find nowhere else. It helps to ensure that all the items are delivered safely, which are described in this list.

It works as a legal document to clear your package from custom. These templates are also helpful when you make a shipment. A list of all the items helps to count all the items in each package in case of any stolen products. It is required by the government authorities, transport agencies, recipients of the package, and customs. A packing list is a helpful document to give basic information about the content of the package.

Uses of packing slip

There are many packing slips from famous companies which are boring and do not provide the basic information about the content of the package, here we provide attractive but simple packing slip template used for any organization to deliver items. With lots of benefits, a packing slip is one of the essential documents to deliver the products. uses of packing slip are as follows:

Help to track all the items

A packing slip is one of the most important and legal documents for the delivery of any package against an order. It helps to track all the items ordered by the customer and list of items available in the box that all the items should be according to the customer demand. The packing slip provides information in case of any missing item for both sellers and buyers.

For the compensation of stolen or lost items

Another effective use of packing slip is that it is a helpful tool in case of any missing item or damage. Customers ask for compensation for this item to the supplier with the help of this slip. It is usually labeled outside of the package for the government authorities. To save your time or effort, we share a list of simple packing slip templates which you can download in one click.

Ensure that all the items are received safely

Packing slips is a useful document for both sellers and buyers to identify all the items. The list of all the packages with all the items in each package is placed. It indicates all the items of each package and helps to identify the missing item. To ensure that all the items are received safely, or not a return form is used with it to inform your supplier about any issue.

Estimate the value of the package

A packing slip is required by the traffic agencies, government authorities, and customs to know about the content of the package. It is important to clear all the government checks to deliver your package on time without any problem; there must be a packing slip attached to each package. Costumes authorities apply some fees according to the value of the package. They need a package slip to estimate the value of the package.

Provide information about the content of the package to authorities

It is a complete informative document about the content of the package. It contains all the basic information of the recipient with the company and shipment info. A packing slip is the best way to inform your customer of what he ordered and what is delivered. Government authorities need to know that what was inside it, a packing slip on each package, provides the information about it.

10 easy steps to make your own packing slip template

We share a vast collection of packing slip templates available in different formats. If you want to make your packing slip template then follow these steps:

Step1: Open Microsoft word.

Step2: Select a blank document

Step3: Make the header of your packing slip in which the necessary information about your company is included and make it bold with some elegant color combination.

Step4: Under the header of the packing slip, type the recipient name with address and contact details.

Step5: Pick a table from the “Insert” tab. 

Step6: Type the 1st column heading as “purchase order no” that is allocated to the buyer when he places an order. This order number gives all the descriptions about the customer demand.

Step7: Create another column with the heading of “quantity delivery.” It is the number of items that the supplier delivers against an order.

Step8: For the 3rd column, “quantity delivered” as a heading. It contains the quantity that has been delivered.

Step9: Make “Description” as the 4th column, which is used to include all the basic descriptions about the content of the package.

Step10: Create another column as the heading of the “No.of package.” It states that the order of the customer contains how many packages. 

You can increase the number of columns for the detailed description of the package.

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