45+ Free Room Rental Agreement Templates [Word+PDF]

When you want to get a room in a shared house, then sign a room rental agreement with the property owner. It is also known as a roommate agreement. Download the free Room rental agreement templates in this post.

A Room Rental Agreement is a contract which legally binds owner of the room and the person who want to rent it. With a legal contract, both parties feel secure from any future inconvenience situation which may happen.

We have also shared some key points about room rental agreement and room rental agreement templates that will help you to understand this agreement easily.

What is a Room rental agreement?

The room rental agreement template is a document that is used as a contract between the property owner and renter. It is a legally binding agreement, which means that it can be upheld in court, and it is helpful to protect the rights of both parties. It is written proof for both parties, that they agreed on all the terms and conditions discussed in the agreement.

The kitchen, bathroom, and even living room will be shared with other tenants, whereas every tenant has a separate room. It is also known as a roommate agreement. Here you find a huge collection of free printable room rental agreement templates. Room rental agreement samples are used as an example for new renters and also helpful to understand it easily.

Types of room rental agreement

  • Month to Month rental agreement : This type of agreement is suitable for short term room rental. The month to month room rental agreement is renewed automatically every month until either party ends the lease for any reason.
  • Commercial rental agreement: Commercial rental agreement is being entered into between landlord and a business party for rental property. Small business owners uses rental property because they do not have the resources to buy it. Commercial rental agreement is more complicated than residential agreement. This agreement is usually for a long period of time.
  • Room rental agreement in private home : if you have extra space and spare bedroom in you house and you want to earn extra money, you decide to rent a room in your house. For that purpose room rental agreement for private house is used as a contract between you and the renter in your house.
  • Event room agreement: This type of agreement is signed between landlord and the renter for rental of an event space. It is a short term agreement.

With the types mentioned above, there are shared housing room rental agreement, weekly room rental agreement and short term room rental agreement templates available as well.

Uses of room rental agreement

It is used for both owner and renter that they are agreed on all the terms and conditions which are mentioned in this agreement. Room rental agreement is used to clarify the legal rights of both renter and property owner. If the maintenance and repairing are required in the room or house then who will paid for this is clearly mentioned in agreement. It is legally binding, if there is any issue from renter of landlord side then this room rental agreement can be upheld in court.

What does room rental agreement template include?

Here are the list of elements that should be included in the agreement.

  1. Names of renter and landlord with contact information.
  2. Time period you renting a property.
  3. List all the utilities like gas, electricity, internet, and cable TV.
  4. Details about security deposit.
  5. Terms and condition if the agreement is breached.
  6. A list of responsibilities of renter like kitchen usage, cleaning duties and other household rules.
  7. Designated quiet time, policies for smoking, parties, noise and overnight guest.
  8. How much time before landlord send a notice of depart to renter.
  9. Account number of the landlord to deposit the rent in the landlord account.

How to create a room rental agreement?

  1. Select any room rental template that will according to your needs.
  2. Insert all the required information.
  3. Signed this agreement to make it legally binding.
  4. Renter and landlord both parties should keep a copy of this agreement.

Above we share a huge collection of  best room rental agreement templates. These room rental agreement template are downloadable, you can download these templates as your need.