25+ FREE Birth Certificate Templates & Format

A birth certificate is a document that shows the name of the newborn, his/her parent’s name, gender, date of birth, and birth location. A birth certificate is an essential legal document that a person requires for many years to come in his life. Here we have collected some blank birth certificate templates for your needs.

If you’re going to have a baby, you should prepare well for these beautiful moments. When you start your planning with other little sweet things to welcome him/her, here is one of the most beautiful things is to have a baby’s birth certificate, which shows the baby’s birth location, the date of birth, and the name of the baby and parent.

Here we have collected some printable/fillable birth certificate templates in Word, Google Docs, and PDF format to download.

Download Free Birth Certificate Templates

What Is a Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is usually issued by the state in which the baby’s birth occurred. The official birth certificate provided by the state or province is different from the birth certificate that is provided by the hospital, which may have a baby’s footprint, but this is not valid for legal purposes. There are a few online tools (birth certificate creators) that serve as fake birth certificate makers. But it’s better to look at some templates than make a phony birth certificate sample.

If you are looking for a pet birth certificate sample, you can use these templates with a little bit of modification.

Importance of Birth Certificate

  • It helps to provide legal identity.
  • Sometimes it works as proof of the relationship between children and parents, especially in the case of inheritance.
  • It is required for employment, domestic or international adoption, and also for marriage.
  • The portion about the parent’s education and other statistics about parents and children helps the health officials to identify the health issue.
  • It is also helpful to identify public health issues.
  • It is proof of age in certain rights.
  • Helpful in proving citizenship.
  • It helps to protect a child from abuse.
  • A birth certificate is required for registration in school.
  • It is required for qualifying for a driving license and also for youth sports programs.
  • The birth certificate enables a child to receive medical treatment from the state.

What Should Include In Birth Certificate?

The birth certificate includes all the information about the baby. Please remember there might be different formats or legal requirements for a birth certificate for different countries. So birth certificates in the UK might be different than in the US or EU. But the outline of a birth certificate is always the same in each country.

  • Full name of the baby (first name, last name, middle name)
  • Registration date(within one year of your birth)
  • Age of child
  • Place of birth
  • Gender of child
  • Parent’s name, address, place of birth
  • Name and address of the attending midwife
  • Issued date(anytime)

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