32+ Bowling Score Sheet Templates (PDF, Excel, Word)

Bowling is a popular game, and if you have a bowling score sheet template, then it can help you much with the game. Download the free printable Bowling score sheet in the Excel sample in this post.

Sports and games are essential for us. Sports and competition are the easiest way for mental and physical growth. Bowling is one of the most popular sports in the world. If you want to record your score in bowling, then you need a bowling score sheet. A sheet of paper used to register your score is called the score sheet. In case you want to know what is bowling and how bowling is played? Then keep reading this post.

Download Free Bowling Score Sheet Templates

How To Bowl?

Bowling is one of the most popular games that can be played by many players at once. In this game, there is no age limit. Every person of any age can play. There are many styles in which this game can be played. Bowling consists of ‘10’ rounds in one game, which is called a frame. Its minimum score is ‘0,’ and the maximum score is ‘300’.

A bowling game is called a pin bowling game if it consists of 10 pins. The Player has a ‘2’ chance per frame to knock down ‘10’ pins. If the bowler knocks down all ten pins in the first roll of a ball, it is called “Strike,” which is denoted by ”X” on the score sheet. If the Player rolls down the ball for 2nd time and knocks down all the pins in a second chance, it is called “Spare” and denoted by ”/” on the score sheet.

Scoring In Bowling OR Bowling Scoring

It is a ubiquitous question how does scoring in bowling work? Bowling can be played in many styles. In bowling, there are two chances per frame and the combined score of both the uncertainties in the final score of that round/frame. If the bowler fails to knock down all the pins also in 2nd attempt, then it is called an open structure. A bonus is awarded to the bowler if all the pins are knocked down in the first roll ball.

  • If a bowler scores a strike, he gets 10 points for knocking down all the pins. The score of the next two frames of the strike is counted twice.
  • If the player is achieving a strike, he gets two extra balls.
  • If the player is achieving a spare, he gets only one extra ball as a bonus.
  • For example, if the player achieves a strike in the first frame, in a second frame’s first attempt if he scores 4, and 2nd chance of the same structure he scores 3 then, 
  • First frame total= 10+4+3= 17
  • Second frame total= 4+3= 7
  • Total score=17+7= 24
  • In the case of two consecutive strikes in two continuous frames, in bowling, it is called a player scores a “double.”

For example, if the player scores double means in frame1= ‘10’,frame2= ‘10’ then in the 3rd frame player hits ‘5’ pins in the first chance and ‘3’ pins in the 2nd chance.

the total score will be calculated as:

  • Frame 1 total = 10+10+5 = 25
  • Frame 2 total = 10+3+5 = 18
  • Frame 3 total = 5+3 = 8
  • Total score = 25+18+8 = 51
  • In the case of three a day strike in a three-frame, a player scores a “triple in bowling.” It is also referred to as “turkey.”
  • 4 consecutive strikes are referred to as “Llama.”
  • 6 consecutive strikes are called “pack” and also called “wild turkeys.”
  • Nine consecutive strikes are called “golden turkey” in the bowling game.
  • 12 consecutive is referred to as a” perfect game” in bowling.

How To Create a Bowling Score Sheet?

Some points help you to create a bowling score sheet. The following are the steps:

  1. To create a “10”’ pins bowling score sheet, you should have “Microsoft Excel.”
  2. Assign the proper heading for this sheet/paper as “Bowling score sheet or Bowling scorecard”.
  3. Create a column named “Bowler name” that may have many rows in it for many participants.
  4. Create “10” another column for “10” rounds/frames.
  5. Create a box in each cell allocated to record points. Make another column to record the total score on each round.
  6. Save this document.
  7. Edit it as you need.

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