30+ Printable Police Report Template [Fake Examples]

A police report template is used to make the process easier. This document is made when you file a report at a police station about an incident.

A police report sample contains the names of the people involved, case numbers, some facts details about the incident, and other related information about this. Incidents like crime, accidents, and other such cases are reported every day in the police station.

Police make a report for all those cases. For this, you need police report templates. Here we share a list of police report templates for you to use. You can download these templates.

Download Free Police Report Templates

If you are finding a downloadable police report template in PDF and Word document format without any hard work, you are on the correct page. We have a massive list of templates covering the police report template that you can utilize with ease. The most amazing is that the templates we offer are editable and simple to utilize. You can likewise observe test report templates.

We as a whole realize that police reports are a significant and critical type of government documentation. They give the police significant insights regarding the occasion or wrongdoing. To spare additional time and exertion, you can begin looking through our police report templates and use them for your benefit.

This article is about police reports, significant data you have to know, the significance of getting it, and how to write a proper police case report. That’s just the beginning.

Types Of Police Report Templates

There are many types of police report templates, and here we have collected some sample police report templates that you may need.

  • Fake police report Template
  • Police Report Template for Robbery
  • Security Incident Report Template
  • Police mishap Report Template
  • Police Crime Report Template

Every one of these templates is intended for a particular reason. Now we will be proceeding onward to a portion of these templates, for example, the Missing Persons Police Report and the Security Incident Report.

  1. In the first place, we have the missing individual’s police report template. As the name implies, the report ought to have the option to accelerate and make increasingly compelling ventures and examinations by the police. 
  2. This police report example gives all the essential data about the missing individual and other data that can assist the specialists in locating that individual.
  3. Second, we have a security incident report. Specialists have distinguished the incident report as a formally composed portrayal of bizarre, deliberate, or accidental occasions that may affect an association, network, region, and so on. 
  4. When composing these reports, interestingly, you have the correct records for the actual details, which qualify the occasion for dialog and examination. Other police report examples like detective case file templates or criminal file templates are very rare to use.

These are a couple of police incident reports that you can use for your report and save time.

Inevitable components of the police report

Allows first to take a deep look at the significant things to incorporate into the police report writing scenarios. These components are important because all the data that will show up in the police report will be fundamental to the examination of the case or the wrongdoing submitted. These components are:

Incident data report

A police report contains all the data about the incident. The sort of wrongdoing that was submitted, where it happened, how the incident was reported and got, the date and time of the report, the incident, and any wounds.

Detailed Report

These reports have combined data, for example, name, race, physical appearance, date of birth, place of residence, conjugal status, government disability number, and the relationship of the individual to the creator of the record. You can easily find some police reports examples for theft or crime scene incidents.

Complete details of the person in question

A police report should not incorporate the person in question, for example, name, ethnicity, physical appearance, date of birth, place of residence, conjugal status, government disability number, and the connection between the individual and the guilty party.

The Usual Suspect

A realized suspect might be at least one individual, contingent upon the number of individuals blamed for the wrongdoing. A wide physical depiction of each suspect ought to be made with other pertinent data. That falls in the detective case file template where the suspect is missing.

History of the mishap

This crime scene report example incorporates every one of the actual details of the occasions that prompted the mishap. This will be an immediate story and account as displayed by the person in question and different observers.

These significant components of the police report template are essential for the data in the police report writing scenarios to be utilized successfully in resulting tasks. Presently we should find a way to get a police report and use it.


These were the sample templates for the police report template. We hope that you will like and understand them completely. You do not have to write a boring report, grab some fake police report templates from here.

All of these police report templates will save you time and can help you a lot in many circumstances without wasting your valuable time.

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