45+ Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate Templates (PDF)

Download free printable tooth fairy certificates and letter templates in PDF and Word formats. Tooth fairy certificates are received by the children when they lose their first teeth and put them under the pillow: download free tooth fairy certificates and templates that give your child the feel of real fairy magic.

There are various ways to make your child’s experience enjoyable. It is a tradition to receive a certificate from a fairy with some gift that makes your child happy. Below we share a complete guide about the tooth fairy actions that every parent should know. These magical fairy templates are available with one click.

Download Free Tooth Fairy Certificate Templates

Tooth fairy certificate 

Most children listen to their friends or age fellows about the tooth fairy. They believe there is a tooth fairy who gives a gift in return when they lose their teeth. Children place their teeth under the pillow and are excited to receive some contribution from the fairy. It may be money or something else that makes your children happy. It is just fun to make this tooth fairy tradition enjoyable. It’s just a myth that there is a tooth fairy. The primary purpose of this myth or culture is to prevent children from fear of losing teeth. Parents tell their kids that fairies visit when they are sleeping and exchange gifts with their teeth.

The certificate or templates should be designed to look like fairy magic. Here, you can find a list of free magical tooth fairy certificate templates available in every image and document format like Word and PDF. If you want to share this tradition with your kids, starting this celebration with its first tooth is excellent. Below we share a list of fantastic ideas to celebrate it. Deliver an excellent morning to your child with a tooth fairy receipt. We all know about the receipt paper as an acknowledgment of receiving something. You can see a list of receipt certificates that follow the tradition of the tooth fairy myth. This certificate shows your children that the fairy receives the tooth. It should be well-designed with some glitter and fairy images. You’ll find free fairy certificates for boys or girls in the image, Word, and PDF format.

Tooth fairy story 

Earlier, parents tell their kids that a mouse removes the baby’s tooth when they lose it. After that, it converts into a fairy myth. Americans celebrate the national day of the tooth fairy on 22 August and make every step of their children fantastic. They don’t tell the actual story of this myth because some children are afraid to lose their teeth. Children believe a fairy needs the power to fly and do magic; with these teeth, she attains more power. Some parents tell their children that the fairy needs teeth to give to newborn babies. Every state has its traditions when children lose their teeth. In Europe, parents celebrate this tooth fairy event to wish them good luck with some gifts and fairy certificates. Different cultures celebrate the loss of baby teeth in different ways. Some of these are:

  1. Thrown into the sun.
  2. Thrown into the fire
  3. Thrown between the legs
  4. Thrown on the roof of the house
  5. It is thrown where animals can’t reach to get it.
  6. Planted near a tree or in a garden 
  7. Buried 

In different cultures worldwide, parents save and throw the first tooth away. Nowadays, most people keep it for future use because the stem cells in the milk teeth help cure different diseases. A tooth fairy certificate for the first tooth is just one click to make an awesome celebration and make your kids happy. These certificates are printable and editable and available in any format you prefer.

Tooth Fairy Guidelines

To help you, we share a complete guide to make fun of your child’s broken tooth. These guidelines help you to make this tradition enjoyable for your children. It’ll help you to discover the best ideas to make fun with your kid’s teeth. These guidelines are as follows:

  • Tell your kids about a tooth fairy story: At the age of losing teeth, children listen to their friends tell the story of the tooth fairy. Suppose they don’t tell them the complete story of this tradition, how the fairy will come, what she wants, and about the returned gift. Tell them how these milk teeth benefit the fairy; it is a way to build a giving habit in your kids and do something for others. Use your own words that are easily understandable by your children about the concept of this tradition. Preparing your child for losing teeth with the fairy and magic is best because some children fear losing them.
  • Decide what to do with this tooth: Different traditions are associated with child tooth loss. Some people preserve, throw, and swallow. In swallowed culture, the tooth is swallowed by the child, mother, or animals. Parents who follow the throw tradition throw the tooth in the fire, on the roof of the house, or in the fire. Decide what you will do with your child’s tooth when he/she loses it. 
  • Do the things that look like magic: Everything that looks like magic is most satisfying and exciting for the children. Try to do something that looks like some magic fairy does it. If you follow the tooth fairy tradition, try to use the return gift and certificate or letter from the fairy that must look like a fairy design.
  • Think about the return gift: To make your kids happy, giving them some reward for the lost tooth is great. Don’t set the bar too high to place lots of money under the pillow. Kids feel fantastic when they see lots of notes under their pillow or see their favorite dream gift. Try to do things more simply according to your financial status. If you are running low on money, write a note from the fairy, which includes the gift that will be received soon with some good luck wishes in the tooth fairy letter. You can find free first tooth fairy letter templates in every format you like. 
  • Save the teeth: For parents, it is essential to preserve the baby’s milk teeth that will be used to save their lives and keep the memory of their childhood. They place these teeth in the childhood memory album where all the other things are labeled, like birth certificates, first prints, etc.

Tooth Fairy Ideas To Give A Better Gift Than Money 

Below we share a list of effective ideas to give a better gift to your kids better than money.

  • Use a tiny tooth fairy door

It’s better to give small gifts than a lot of money notes. These gifts are more effective and make your kids happier. It’s vital to give a gift that is related to the tooth fairy. Children believe that the gift is from a fairy; hence it should be a fairy-type gift. Use a tiny tooth fairy door, which indicates that the tooth is removed from this door, and makes a memory of this tradition.

  • Tooth fairy letter

A letter from a fairy is another good idea to make your child happier. They feel excited to think about the return gift or response from the fairy. Use a well-designed letter with glitter and flowers to create a fairy-type letter. Use some positive and warm words in the message to encourage them.

  • Tooth fairy pillow

You can give them a pillow, which is available in styles according to this tradition. They can hang it on the wall, place it on the side table, or put it in the cupboard. You can craft it at home if you are running low on cash. This pillow can be an excellent gift for your child. 

  • Tooth fairy books

To build the habit of reading and learning, a tooth fairy book is perfect for your kids as a return gift when they lose their first tooth and place it under the pillow. You can give them more knowledge about tooth fairy tradition with this book. You can find different tooth fairy books in the market. You can understand the concept of this tradition with different stories associated with the tooth fairy.

  • Tooth fairy pockets

If you don’t want to celebrate this event at a high level, make something small, inexpensive, and straightforward, just like the pocket. It is the most effective and simple idea to make a tooth fairy pocket and give it as a return gift from a fairy. If your child wants a pocket to save money or keep things organized, this is one of his best gifts.

Things Every Parent Should Know About The Tooth Fairy Tradition

Things should be done by every parent when their child loses teeth. We share a guide for parents that will help them improve this tradition for their children. These are as follows:

  • Plan in advance

It is always best to plan something. If you plan to be fair when your child loses the first tooth, plan what to do and how to do it in advance. 

  • Place the tooth under the pillow

Tell your kids about this tradition, don’t tell them a real story. Ask them to place this tooth under their pillow for a fairy. 

  • Compose a tooth fairy letter

Make a tooth fairy letter with positive wishes for your boy or girl when they lose their tooth. Try to use fairy letter templates that look like fairy magic. To simplify your work, we share a collection of well-designed and well-formatted free tooth fairy letter templates in PDF. 

  • Please give them a gift

According to tradition, the fairy gives a gift in return for this tooth, which they place under the pillow for newborn babies or for those who don’t have it. If you want to be a fairy, decide what you will be given.  

  • Save the tooth

Most parents save the milk tooth for future use to cure some diseases, and some keep it as a memory of their kids’ childhood.

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