45+ Business Cover Page Templates (Reports, Proposals)

A business cover page template is used in the corporate world to describe the essential information about your business. It is the first and most important page in a business plan to give an overview of your business. If you want to grab the attention of the reader, then it is vital to design it efficiently by downloading free business plan cover page templates available in a variety of designs that you find nowhere else. In this article, you can find everything about the cover page and well-designed templates to create a fantastic cover page for your business.

What is a Business Cover Page?

Cover pages describe some important things related to a specific object. A cover letter is commonly used with resumes, reports, and business plans. A resume cover letter provides additional information about your skills, experiments, and other information that shows you are perfect for this job. It is also called a letter of introduction or a motivational letter.

In this way, the first page of a business plan, the cover page, gives the reader an overview of your business. It should contain the business company’s name, logo, contact details, and other key information that helps the reader know about your business. A well-formatted and well-designed cover page engages the reader with a business plan document.

Download Free Business Cover Page Templates

The business plan cover page is usually designed to present the purpose of this document to the investor. It should be written in a clear, concise, and professional way. You can get free business cover page template designs in different formats. If you are writing a business plan or proposal, make sure it should be written according to a standard format like MLA formatting. The cover page is important in many documents; for example, if you are applying for an accountant job, you should download an accounting cover letter template to place additional information about your skills and expertise.

Key components of the business cover page

If you want to take advantage of a business cover page, ensure it has all the key information about your business. The cover page is usually placed after the table of contents before starting the document. The document’s purpose depends on what should be included on the cover page. The things that should be included on the cover page:

  1. Title of the document
  2. The subtitle of the document
  3. Name of your business company
  4. It should include the logo of your business company.
  5. Address and contact details of your company, such as phone number, email address, and web address.
  6. The date when this document is complete.
  7. A statement that describes the purpose of this document.

The cover page is a way to give an overview of your business and state what’s inside this document. Including all the above components on your cover page is standard, but you can add more things to make it more detailed while creating a business report cover page. You can find a business report cover page template to make it more effective.

Benefits of the business cover page

A cover page in business matters a lot for a report or plan. It is one of the most important and critical components of a document. There are different types of business cover page templates for various purposes, which we discuss in the next section. There are significant benefits to it. Some of these are as follows:

  • Give an overview: When you present a business plan to the investor or bankers for investment, then it is necessary to give a brief description of your business. Sometimes the overview of your business is enough. The business cover page provides critical information about your business to the reader. The reader must know about the presentation of the business plan; the cover page is the best way to do that.
  • Gain attention: A cover letter written clearly, concisely, professionally, and appropriately grabs the reader’s attention and engages him to read the whole document.
  • Shows professionalism: A well-formatted and well-designed business cover page shows professionalism. The best way to do this is to brand your business with a few description lines.
  • Help to stand out: The competition is so high in the corporate world. But your company can stand out with a well-designed cover page to grab the investor’s attention and help you achieve your desired goals.
  • Positive impact on the reader: The primary purpose of the cover page is to provide information about your business in a professional manner. A slight introduction to your company has a good impact on the reader.

How to format business cover page in Word

Sometimes it is tedious to format a business cover page, but ready-made templates simplify and simplify your work. Writing a formal cover page for business proposals and presentations is necessary. Get a business proposal cover page template in your favorite format. Below we share some points that help you to format it efficiently in Word.

  • Open Microsoft Word. Click on the “Blank Document,” and a document will open on your screen.
  • Go to the “Insert” tab and click on the “Cover page.” A list of well-designed cover pages will appear on your screen. Select any of these that are perfect for you.
  • The first step in branding your business is adding your company logo. Go to the Insert tab, click “Picture, ” and add your company logo to the cover page.
  • Write the title of your document by selecting different colors and font styles.
  • Write your company’s name, which must be smaller than the document’s title.
  • Please provide contact details such as the company’s office address, phone number, Email address, and web address if you have them.
  •  Enter the date when this cover page is completed with months and years.
  • After that, write a line that describes the purpose of this document.

Things to focus on while writing a business cover page

If you write a useful cover page, you’ll receive all its advantages that help you make something better for your business. The things that you must consider while writing it are as follows:

  • Keep it short and simple: The cover page’s design should be simple, and the content should be easy to read and understand. The company name, contact details, and logo are enough to give an overview of your business.
  • Be professional: It should be formatted appropriately. Try to include essential information about your business that engages the reader.
  • Keep it focused. Make sure it includes related information about your business. A few lines provide an excellent overview of your company.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes: Edit and edit again to eliminate the spelling and grammar mistakes from your document.
  • Clearly defined: Everything on the cover page must be clearly and concisely written so that everyone can easily understand it. Try to write things clearly to grab the attention of the investors.

Different types of cover page templates

As we discussed above, various types of cover pages exist for different purposes. You can see the cover page for business proposals, business plans, and resumes, which have different types of content. Commonly used cover page templates are as follows:

  • Essay cover page: The essay cover page is the first page of the essay and includes essential information about the content and author. You can find the best essay cover page templates to make the title of your essay incredible. The reader usually gets quick ideas from this title page.
  • Report cover page: This is the first page of the report, which defines the name of the person who drafted it and states its purpose with a date. A report cover page template is used to quickly design an impressive cover page for the report. It is commonly used in academic and professional areas.
  • Portfolio cover page: A portfolio cover page describes the abilities, expertise, and skills of your documents and gives the reader an idea of what he/she will find inside. You can download the cover page for the portfolio template to easily make it.
  • Cover page for resume: If you want to get hired for a job, use the resume cover page to get the employer’s attention in the recruitment process. It includes your skills, abilities, expertise, and other information that engages the employer to see your CV.

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