40+ Printable Punch / Reward Card Templates [Word,PDF]

A punch card is a piece of paper that is used in businesses to get more sales and also to give benefits to the customers as well. You can say it is a Loyalty Program in which business starts to increase their sale by offering reward points to the customers and encouraging them to come back.

When the card is completed, the customer will get some reward from the business or company. Punch tab cards are a great way to market the business and increase the number of returning customers. We have collected these free-to-download and editable punch card templates and loyalty punch card templates for you.

Download Free Printable Punch and Reward Card Templates

The reality all customers will be increasingly energetic to purchase different products when they realize they will be dodged. This makes punch cards a profitable showcasing procedure. Various sorts of remunerations can be acquired by finishing the ideal cards for your business, which we will examine in more detail.

Out of all decent templates, the business punch card template’s free version will work best for you if you have a proper running business. When you give punch cards to customers and urge them to return and fill them in, guarantee the reward is given, regardless of all the inconvenience, and that is your customer’s demand. At whatever point a customer buys something, the punch card is punched following the free editable punch card template until all spaces or pictures are done.

How To Make Punch Cards On Microsoft Word?

If you know how to use MS Word, then you can design customer loyalty punch cards or promotional punch cards by yourself. With the help of these sample designs, you can get an idea of how these cards will look in the end and make your punch cards.

Here we have collected some free punch tab templates and loyalty card templates for you in Excel and Word document format. Although there are some online punch card generators where you can generate templates everyone loves to use free templates.

Advantages Of Punch Card Template For Your Business

Making a free editable punch card template for your business will be extremely valuable if you need to expand your deals and spread the news ‘about the items you offer. Huge organizations routinely utilize this kind of impetus to urge customers to return until they complete the card and get a reward. There are a few punch card templates for Microsoft Word, and you can choose the best one that suits your business.

New and running businesses can profit a lot by utilizing these straightforward, simple-to-utilize templates that you can begin using whenever you need them.

Here are the advantages of utilizing a punch card template for your business:

Urge customers to contact you.

The presentation of a free printable punch card template builds the danger of client dependability. A demonstrated technique of giving steadfastness cards to your customers will get them back to work, and your faithful customers have the right to be compensated.

Indeed that improves the probability that customers will keep on supporting your business. Yet, it might likewise be a route for you to begin elevating your business to pull in new customers.

Offer thankfulness to your customers.

When you use punch cards for your business programs, you likewise offer thanks and appreciation to them by returning something to the customers. Their utilization will support your customers not exclusively to return, but additionally to promote your great work.

Superiority over Your Rivals

If you are a little or colossal businessman, you can dispatch a dependability program to make the following stride over your rivals. This is a beneficial and straightforward plan advertising technique.

Offering prizes to your customers will, without a doubt, give you an edge over the challenge and ensure your customers are fulfilled and remain faithful to your business.

Informative and simple

Structuring and printing something as basic as a punch card isn’t just simple, but it doesn’t cost much. These straightforward and compelling templates can be granted for nothing to whatever number of customers would be prudent and will bring you extraordinary advantages for your business.

With online life, it will presently be simpler to get the message out, particularly if the ideal individuals begin publicizing your program and posting patterns via web-based networking media stages.

Suitable for everyone

We, as a whole, realize how punch cards, brands, and businesses are, as of now, utilizing them to build client maintenance. In any case, regardless of whether you have quite recently expanded your business, you can give well-considered cards to win a lot of customers and keep them. This showcasing, and publicizing will profit your business and help you expertly.

You can offer limits on products and enterprises from your association or help different organizations get limits. Figure out which of these prizes will most speak to your customers. You have to realize your market to figure out which reward is best for your business.


In short, Punch cards are made of paper or cardboard that businesses use to control what number of customers shopping at a store or business. At whatever point a client purchases something, the punch card is punched following the punch card template until all spaces or images are finished.

Recall that when you give punch cards to customers and urge them to return and fill them in, ensure the reward is justified, despite all the trouble, and that is the thing that your customers merit.

In the end, never forget to check out the punch card template designs available in this post, and if you like this post, don’t forget to share this free template collection website with your friends.

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