45+ Free Stock Certificate Templates [Word, PDF]

A stock certificate is a small legal paper that represents your shares or stocks in an organization or company. It proves your ownership in an organization. It is also referred to as a “share certificate.” It contains information about No. of stocks you have, Issue date, Identification number, and other related information.

You can find here a collection of stock certificate templates in which blank stock certificates, a stock certificate for sale, back-of-stock certificate templates,s, and stock ledger template words are included. You can use a sample stock certificate to understand more about the stock certificate process and how it works.

Download Free Stock Certificate Templates

What Is a Stock Certificate?

A stock certificate proves that your ownership in an organization is certified. Each stock certificate must contain the signature of the organization’s president. This thing proves that the certificate is legal and original. The owner of the stockholder receives this certificate from the company’s president.

Here is a collection of attractive stock certificate templates that may establish all the details of stock ownership.

Things should be included in the stock certificate.

Things that should be included in the stock certificate are as follows:

  1. Name of the person who has ownership in the organization.
  2. Contact information of the stakeholder.
  3. Name of the company issuing the stocks
  4. The no.of shares you have.
  5. Identification number.
  6. A section in which the owner of the share can transfer their shares to another person.
  7. The value of these.
  8. The type of share you purchase.
  9. Issue date.
  10. List of terms and conditions.

Types of market

The stock market is divided into two parts/sections:

  • Primary market: The primary market is also referred to as the “new issue market.” In this section of the market, organizations sell their share to increase the level of their capital. Organizations directly sell their shares to investors.
  • Secondary market: In the secondary market, organizations are not involved in selling and purchasing shares, investors do this work among themselves.

Things that should be kept in mind while creating a stock certificate

Some important things to keep in mind while creating a stock certificate:

  1. The certificate should contain information only about those shares that are purchased. 
  2. Must use a unique paper for a stock certificate that proves the authentication of it
  3. Must contain the number of shares a stakeholder has.
  4. The certificate should not be issued whenever investors buy shares. When investors buy shares for the first time, they should only be issued at that time.
  5. If the stock certificate is lost, a new certificate should be issued after the fine is paid actions.
  6. The signature on the stock certificate should not be electronic.

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