49 Emergency Contact Form Templates

Emergency contact form templates are used to get emergency contact information from an individual. It is widely used in organizations and academic institutions to get the contact information of someone to call in case of an emergency happens with an individual. You can download free employee emergency contact form templates in Word, PDF, and other perfect formats.

When you go outside for work or study, you need to submit a form to that place that contains the contact information of the person who cares for you and helps you in an emergency. The sample of emergency contact form templates allows you to fill out and create your own template. Make sure the form should contain all the essential information that is helpful in handling the emergency. Below we share a complete guide about emergency contact form templates and a collection of the best templates that help you understand it efficiently.

Download Emergency Contact Form Templates

Emergencies are unexpected events that may happen in anyone’s life but effective help prevents you from serious issues. The organizations need emergency contact information from the employees that they used to call in case of any emergency that happens with that employee. Sometimes, companies or organizations need to access the employee’s medical record with a medical release form to know about the employee’s medical condition. Ensure the information placed on the emergency form should be about that person who has access to your medical record and helps you prevent any medical issue.

It is a useful way to get emergency contact information. The organization’s HR department usually issues it, and they place it in the employee profile to easily access it. The management of the college or school also issues it to the students to obtain emergency contact information. In school or college emergency contact forms, the information is usually about the parents or family members placed to call in case of any emergency. You can see the student emergency contact form template, which is customizable and easy to use. Nowadays, emergency contact forms are asked to be submitted at every place where you work or study. You can get the emergency contact form for employees, tenants, club members, and students in Word and PDF format.

Things to Include in the Emergency Contact Form

An emergency contact form is a useful tool that tells your organization or education institutes who to contact in case of any medical emergency. An effective medical emergency form with all the essential information helps prevent serious medical issues. In our collection, you can find well-designed emergency contact forms that you can use to get information from employees, tenants, and students to handle the emergency efficiently. The form should contain all the essential elements that help others contact the person who helps you. Below we share the key elements that should be included in the emergency contact form. 

  1. Name of the person who filled out the contact form. 
  2. The address, phone number, and other information state the form filler’s connection with the form requester. 
  3. The name of the person to contact in an emergency. 
  4. The contact information like address and phone number to contact when an emergency happens. 
  5. The name of the alternative person if the first one is not available. 
  6. The contact information of the alternative person. 
  7. Basic information about the medical condition with instructions on how to handle it. 
  8. Signature of the person who fills the form.
  9. The hospital or clinic address where you want treatment in case of any medical emergency.
  10. A statement to keep the information confidential. 

The above information is necessary and should be included in the form to make it useful. The editable templates of the emergency contact form allow the user to make changes to add other information and make it as needed.

Where do we need the emergency contact form?

In an emergency, we need someone who helps us to get out of it. The parents, family members, and trusty friends are the people whose contact information you can add to the emergency contact form. You may ask to submit this form in the office, school, college, clubs, and other places where you go. Nowadays, it is standard to request emergency contact. See below to learn the use of emergency contact forms at various places: 

  • In organizations or companies: When you are a new hire in a company or organization, the employer asks you to submit an emergency contact form that contains the information about the emergency contact. In any emergency, they can use this form to contact the person for further procedures. It should have at least two emergency contact numbers to contact if there is any medical or personal emergency. 
  • Academic institutes: Emergency contact forms are widely used in schools or colleges to obtain the contact details of the person who knows the student well. Usually, the student emergency contact form contains the parent’s contact details for emergency contact, but you can use your guardian or other family member’s contact. You can download the emergency contact form template for children in different formats. 
  • Clubs: Clubs are where you spend time learning, socializing, practicing, etc. When you get a club membership, they request an emergency contact form to get information about the people whom they contact in case of any medical emergency when you are in the club. Download the business emergency contact form from our site to handle any emergency efficiently. 

Renting an apartment: When you rent an apartment, you must have a tenant emergency contact form to submit to the landlord. The landlord keeps it in the tenant record and uses it in case any emergency happens with the tenant. Landlords can track all the information on the rented property with the help of rent roll templates.

Steps to fill out the emergency contact form 

The medical condition of any person can be worse at any time. It would be best to inform someone about your medical condition and provide the contact information of some people to contact in case of an emergency. You should submit it to the place where you study or work. In our collection, you can find different emergency contact forms used in different places. To make it useful, you should follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  1. Know the required information: Every place you spend your day, like the office, school, clubs, and organizations, asks you to submit emergency contact information. You should know which information they need to collect to make it useful. If you are an employee, you can ask your HR department or other departments responsible for getting the emergency contact form. 
  2. Select people who know you: One of the essential steps is selecting the person for emergency contact. You should choose someone who knows you well and is available easily. You can choose your parents, family members, friends, and others with whom you can share information easily. It may be possible that the contact you select is unavailable for a time; for that purpose, you need to choose 2 to 3 people for emergency contact. 
  3. Ask them to provide their contact information: When you select people for emergency contact, you should ask them for their information. It may be possible that someone doesn’t want to share their contacts or shift somewhere else.
  4. Gather information: Ask the person to provide the information to whom you select for emergency contact. Ensure the phone numbers they provide are always active, and the addresses are valid. 
  5. Get form: The emergency contact form is usually provided by the management you serve or study. Request the department for a contact form that is responsible for issuing it. 
  6. Fill out the form: Write down the information that they require in the form.

Tips to fill out the emergency contact form 

An emergency contact form is an essential document in your profile for contacting your family or friends in case of a medical emergency. Below are some useful tips for filling out the form effectively. 

  • All the required fields in the form should be written clearly and concisely. 
  • Include emergency contact, which is always available. 
  • Add 2 or 3 emergency contacts in the form if the first one is not available. 
  • Ensure the people you select for emergency contact are trustworthy and care for you. 
  • You should choose the person to emergency contact who lives near you. 
  • State the name of the clinic or hospital where you want to go in case of an emergency. 
  • Include some information about your medical condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an emergency contact form important?

The emergency contact form contains the contact information of the persons you want to contact in case of any emergency. It is usually asked by the organization and educational institutes.

Who should be put as an emergency contact?

You should include the persons who care for you. People put their parents’ contact, trusty friends, and family members who are available.

Which things emergency contact needs to know?

The person you choose for emergency contact should know about your medical condition like allergies, blood pressure, surgeries, and other medical things. You should provide information about your legal documents and medical insurance to the emergency contact.

What are the responsibilities of emergency contact?

The person should provide all the information about your medical history and make the right decision about your health.

How many emergency contacts to share?

You should share 2 or 3 emergency contacts.

Why do employers need emergency contact information from employees?

Employers want to know who they contact in case of any emergency happens with the employees.

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