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Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without a phone. Phone message template helps you to record all your communication details. To keep your communication more effective, it helps you to keep your record. It helps you to remember things that you forgot. For your business, phone messages or voicemail greetings are the easiest and most convenient way to communicate with your clients.

We have created a list of phone message templates that will help you to record your message differently. We are providing free downloads and we are sure that you are going to love them.

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Nowadays, a phone is not just a device that makes or receives calls. You can receive the call and record the caller’s message with the voicemail system when you aren’t there. The voicemail greeting is an audio-recorded message to inform your callers that you are not available on the phone and ask them to leave a message to engage the caller.

When your phone is away from you, then the phone message template is perfect for taking all the important messages. You can get the phone message templates in DOC, PDF, and Excel formats, which is useful to record all business or personal messages. You can enhance your business’s communication strategy with a professional voicemail greeting when you aren’t there to pick up the call. In this article, you can learn to craft a perfect business or personal voicemail greeting and get free printable phone message templates in different formats.

Phone Message Templates and Voicemail Greetings 

Phone message templates and voicemail greetings are used to take and record calls when the person is not available on the phone. The voicemail system is essential for any business to keep in touch with its customers and other essential people.

A professional voicemail lets your callers know that you are currently unable to pick up the call and informs them to leave a message. It is the best way to handle your missed call and engage the caller. Phone message templates are used to write down the details of important calls. It contains the caller’s name, time, where the caller is from, and the content of the message.

Your return call makes your business relationship strong with the customers and business partners and also shows professionalism. When no one picks up the call in the office or calls on hold for a long period, because of this unprofessional manner, you can lose your customer, which means that you miss the opportunity to develop your business. Voicemail greetings are essential to enhance the communication strategy of your company or organization.

Professional voicemail greetings should be brief, concise, and engaging. You can use the professionally designed telephone message templates in Word, Excel, PDF, and other formats that you prefer. It would be best for your business to answer every call, but sometimes when you are not able to pick up every call, then a voicemail greeting is the best way to handle every call in your absence. Greeting the caller with a business voicemail can improve your customer service. Your office doesn’t need to hire receptionists to answer phone calls when you record a voicemail message on your phone when you are not available. 

Importance of Phone Message Templates

Nowadays, phone calls are necessary for you in your business or personal life. Every person tries to pick up every important call, but you miss it when you are away from your phone. You can record every call received by others when you are not available by using the phone message templates. Below we share some points that elaborate on the importance of phone message templates. 

  • Record of phone calls: The phone message templates allow you to record the details of every phone call you receive on your phone at home or the office. The future needs to make critical decisions. It is a simple and smarter way to handle all incoming calls. It contains the contact information of the caller that helps you to make some important calls back easily. 
  • Easy to use: A well-designed template enables you to write down the details of all the calls efficiently. Sections are created to write the name, time, message content, and other important messages of the caller.
  • Better communication: It would be best for your business communication that every call should get a proper response from your company. It is the best way to establish better communication with your colleagues, business partners, and customers. Telephone calls are a vital way of communication between you and your clients. 

Improving customer service: In every business, customer trust and satisfaction are vital to achieving the desired goals. You can establish good communication with your customers when you understand their needs and tell them how your company will meet all your needs. Communication is an important component of customer service. You can organize the information of your client with a client information sheet available in different formats. Phone message templates help you to build effective communication between you and your customers.

What should be included in the good voicemail greetings?

Voicemail greeting is essential in your business or personal life to let the caller know that you are not available on the phone. We all know that a voicemail greeting is a recorded message that the caller listens to when you aren’t there. The voicemail greeting should be clear and concise and engage your caller. You can see the sample voicemail greetings for business, personal, and service phones to record a perfect message. It should not be more than 25 seconds. Below we share the important elements of voicemail greetings that make them useful. 

  • #1: Greet your caller with “hi” or “hello.”
  • #2: First of all, state your name clearly and loudly. 
  • #3: State the name of your company and department, if you are crafting a business voicemail greetings. 
  • #4: State that you are not available to receive the call.
  • #5: Ask the caller to leave a message. 
  • #6: Give details to the caller when your presence on the phone is expected. 
  • #7: State the contact information for immediate assistance.

The above things are basic elements of voicemail greetings; you can add more information if you want to. 

Essential elements of the phone message template

The phone message template is an essential document to record the details of all incoming calls. It is the best way to take important messages from the caller that can be used in the future. In our collection, you can find these professionally designed templates which are customizable and available in different formats that you prefer. You can use this template at home or office to record all incoming calls. The basic elements that should be included in every phone message template to use effectively are as follows: 

  1. The name and contact information of the caller. 
  2. It should include the caller’s address if it is a personal call. If the call is professional, then the name of the company and department. 
  3. Name of the person for which this call is made.
  4. The message content for which the caller needs to call. 
  5. The date and time when this call is made.

All the above elements must be included in the template if you want to create it effectively. The phone log sheet is essential to track the details of incoming phone calls of your business, whether it is big or small. The templates in our collection are customizable, you can edit these templates according to your needs.

Benefits of using voicemail messages 

Voicemail messages play an important role in business or personal communication. It increases the efficiency of your business’s customer service. The voicemail system allows the phone user to record a message to inform the caller that you are not available on the phone. It improves your business relationship with your customers, colleagues, and business partners when they listen to voice messages instead of the phone ringing. Below we share the significant benefits of voicemail messages. 

  • Voicemail improves customer service: Voicemail is an integral part of customer service. No one picks up the call or calls on hold for a long period in your office may prove a big loss for your business. Voicemail helps you to improve your communication skills with customers and others. 
  • Don’t need a receptionist to receive calls: It isn’t possible to pick up every call in the office or at home. With voicemail messages, you don’t need to hire a receptionist in your office to receive incoming calls. You can save lots of money and provide a better service of communication with voicemail. 
  • Get important messages: If you are using voicemails on your phone, then you don’t need to worry about important calls. You can ask to leave a message to the caller in your recorded message that you check when you are available on the phone. 
  • Improve business efficiency: The customers don’t need to wait on the phone to pick up the call; they leave a message, which is the route to the responsible department to solve this issue. It saves the time and effort of the customers and your company.
  • Help to prepare a better call back: Voicemails allow the caller to leave a message. You can prepare a better call back after listening to the message from the caller. 

How to create a phone message template in Word

A phone message log template is an essential tool for communication to record incoming calls. We provide a collection of the best phone message templates in Word, Excel, and PDF formats to make phone call sheets. It is also available in Google Sheets. In business, you need to keep a record of everything to make better decisions efficiently. Below we share a few easy steps to designing it from scratch. 

  1. Open Microsoft Word, go to the “File” tab, click “New,” then click on the “Blank document” to open a new document.
  2. Create the header of your document as “Phone Message Form” by selecting an appropriate font size and style. 
  3. Go to the “Insert” tab and click on the “table” to insert a table in your document. Select the no of rows and columns you want in your documents. 
  4. Make the header of your columns “caller name,” “caller’s phone number,” “Date and time,” “Message content,” “Call for,” and “address.” You can add other information by selecting more columns from the table. 
  5. Go to the “file” tab, and click “save as” to save this phone message template. A “save as” box will appear on your screen, select the file type, and destination and write the name of your document to save it. 

Tips for creating voicemail greetings

People use different tools and tricks to make their businesses successful. Professionalism is key to leading your company to the top position in the market. Voicemail is one of the important components to establish a better professional relationship. For that purpose, you need to create a perfect voicemail greeting for your business and personal life. The tips for creating a useful voicemail greeting are as follows:

  • It would be best if you smiled while recording your voicemail because it reflects your message tone which feels comfortable for the callers. 
  • Include your name in the voicemail, because maybe people can’t recognize your voice. 
  • There should be no background noise in your recording; it may disturb the caller to understand your message. 
  • A lengthy voicemail message may irritate the caller to reject the call without listening to your voicemail. It would be best if you delivered a brief and concise voicemail greeting that informs the caller about your absence. 
  • You should speak clearly, which is easily understandable by your caller. 
  • Engage your caller by telling him about your return and ask to leave a message.
  • It would be best if you provided an emergency number to contact for immediate assistance. 


  • What are the types of voicemail greetings?

Voicemail greeting types are professional, personal, business, and funny. 

  • Why do we need phone message templates? 

It is used to record the details of every incoming call such as name, address message content, and so on. 

  • What is a voicemail phone?

It is a voice message for the caller when you aren’t there to receive the call. The caller can leave a voicemail message for the person for which he/she has made this call.

  • What is the purpose of voicemail greetings?

The primary purpose of voicemail greeting is to inform your caller that you are not available and ask to leave a message. 

  • Example of a professional voicemail greeting?

An example of a professional voicemail greeting is “ Hi, this is [your name]. Sorry, I am not available to pick up your call. Please leave your name, number, and message, and I will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you.”

  • What should I say in my voicemail? 

Greet your caller then speak your name and state that you are not available to attend this call and ask to leave a name and a brief message.

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