Best Wedding Budget Spreadsheets

When you are planning a huge event, it is crucial to plan a budget for it. It is essential to plan how much you spend comfortably for an event. A wedding budget spreadsheet is used to keep track of your expenses and plan your wedding within a specific budget. A wedding ceremony is a massive event in any person’s life. If you want, nothing to go wrong because of weak planning; then, you should use the wedding budget Excel template.

This article is all about the detailed wedding budget spreadsheet. Now wedding budget apps are available on different sites, which helps to make your work easier. We will focus on how you can easily plan your wedding budget. You can freely download the wedding budget template from this site in a few easy steps.

Here we have some lovely wedding budget templates for you.

Download Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheets Templates

Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

A wedding budget spreadsheet is used to track your wedding expenses and payments. This spreadsheet helps you plan your wedding in a more efficient way to make your wedding day more special and memorable. It is used to allocate budgets to different categories like flowers, wedding gowns, food, venue, and other related things to the wedding. Decoration is the most crucial element to making a perfect celebration. You should allocate a budget for decoration, decoration budget planner is the best tool to create your wedding decoration budget.

It is the easiest way to estimate how much you spend on different categories. With this spreadsheet, you’ll find all the details about expenses and payments in one spot. A wedding budget spreadsheet is used for creating your wedding budget, whereas the wedding budget estimator spreadsheet is used to estimate how much you spend on different categories. If you want everything organized, download free wedding budget spreadsheets in Word, Excel, and PDF formats. 

Tips For Creating a Wedding Budget 

Weddings are a huge event in any person’s life. Here are some tips that you can use if you want to plan your wedding budget perfectly. Some suggestions are as follows

  1. Decide what you want: it’s time to plan what you want for your wedding. If you don’t, then think about it. Decide the wedding gown, which kinds of flowers you want to have, what will be the theme of the wedding, the venue, and menu, etc. Before deciding anything, make a list of things that you want on your wedding day. This makes things easier and helps to determine what you want. 
  2. Discuss budget: After deciding what you want for your wedding, let’s discuss your budget. Sometimes, it is difficult to discuss with your partner how much you’ll contribute; wedding budget spreadsheets make these things more manageable. Important things are how much money you have, how much you spend comfortably, the cost of wedding vendors, and what to include in your wedding list. Listing all things with expenses helps to discuss it with your family and partner in detail
  3. Pick up things that you think are important: Discuss the things that you think are most important in your wedding. These may be a three-tier cake, designer wedding dresses, great photography, and other related stuff to the wedding, which makes your day memorable.
  4. Keep things in order: Now you have an idea of how much you’ll spend on different categories. Keep things to ensure that you are spending within your budget. Sometimes people do not follow their budget plan and get trapped.
  5. Find ways to save money: For a big celebration, you need a big budget to organize it as you need. You have a big amount to organize a big event like a wedding. You should find every way to save money, don’t spend too much money on everything. You can save money to change your venue, a shortlist of guests, hold the wedding ceremony at home, and make your invitation.
  6. Select wedding style: After discussing your budget with your partner, the next step is to select the style of your wedding. If you have two wedding plans on the same budget, then make a comparison with a comparison chart template to choose a better idea. Now the wedding menu, venue, decoration, and all other things depend on the style you select for your wedding. You should choose a style for your wedding on your budget.

Purpose Of Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

Everyone wants to have a lovely and pretty wedding. Weddings are mega events for couples. People want to make their wedding day very elaborate by doing all things perfectly. If you want, nothing to go wrong; then, you should use a wedding budget spreadsheet. It helps to create a benchmark for your expenses, which allows you to make some financial decisions more efficiently. It’s always good practice to make a list of things you’ll do, creating a wedding checklist is essential to make a perfect celebration, and download free wedding budget templates to make your work easier.

The basic purpose is to track the actual payment against your expected payments to control your spending. It is the best way to organize your dream wedding. It is not easy for anyone to hold such a big event without any planning. Printable wedding budget spreadsheets are just one click away to make your work easier. You need a document for that purpose to track how much you’ll spend on each category of your wedding. To avoid any difficulty, you must decide the type of payment for all your expenses. 

Some purposes of the wedding budget spreadsheet are as follows:

  1. Help to keep everything tracked.
  2. Way to know the difference between an actual payment against an expected payment 
  3. Organize a perfect wedding 
  4. Makes things less stressful
  5. A convenient way to do all things

That’s why These spreadsheets are essential for planning your wedding. To make your day with lots of love and beautiful memories without any problem, we share a vast collection of wedding budget spreadsheets, planners, and calculators in different formats that you prefer.

Wedding Planning Checklist 

Make your day memorable with a comprehensive wedding planning checklist. Download the free wedding planning checklist template for your whole wedding planning journey. These templates are also available in Google documents. You must check all these to make it a perfect wedding:

Wedding Venue

The venue of the wedding is one of the difficult decisions in the process of the wedding. You need to select the best place for your wedding. The thing you need to keep in mind and include in your venue checklist;

  • Venue Style: The style of your venue expresses the style of your whole wedding.
  • Menu of wedding: Check the meal for your event, it should be according to the theme of your wedding.
  • Backup plan: In case of any problem, there must be a backup plan.
  • Trained staff: When you find the trained, and active staff at a wedding, everything looks organized and classy. Ask for trained and experienced staff for your wedding. 

Things of brides

It would be best if you had a lot of things for your bride and bridesmaids. Make sure to check all the things about the bride.  

  • Dresses: The wedding dress of the bride and groom is the essential thing that you must check before the wedding celebration. Check the style, design, and fitting of the bride and their maids’ dresses. 
  • Shoes and makeup: Check the size of the shoes of every bridesmaid especially the bride. Check the makeup professional and the appointment you have for hairstyle and makeup.
  • Jewelry: Check the jewelry of the bride and bridesmaid.

Things of Groom and Groomsmen

As for the bride’s things, it is also important to check all the things of the groom and groomsmen.

  • Dresses: Remember to check the dresses of the groom and groomsmen.
  • Shoes: Check the shoes of the groom and every groomsman.


Decoration of the wedding is one of the important elements to make your celebration perfect.

  • Flowers: Check that flowers are used for the decoration of the wedding hall and wedding place where couple weds should be fresh. 
  • Decoration of chairs: Decoration of chairs should be in the manner that you have selected.


There must be a budget allocated for the transport of your wedding ceremony — a large amount of money you can spend on your wedding’s transport. Track your wedding expenses with “travel expenses templates. “ 

  • Bride’s car: A bridal car for transporting her to the wedding ceremony.
  • Groom’s car: Groom’s car for transporting him to the wedding ceremony.
  • Guest transport: Remember to check the transport of guests from the hotel to the wedding place.

Other important wedding things

Some essential things to remember to check:

  • Wedding ring: A wedding ring is one of the favorite parts of a wedding ceremony. It is a symbol of the wedding with lots of love. Remember to check the wedding ring.
  • Wedding cake: It is a tradition to cut a cake by couples to celebrate the wedding ceremony. 
  • Return gift: Remember to check the return gift.
  • Flower bouquets: make sure about the flower bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids.

Mistakes To Avoid At Your Wedding 

A wedding day is the most important event of your life. Mistakes you should avoid on your wedding day are:

Makes plans beyond your budget

At this mega event, you should be tension-free and mentally relaxed. When you make a great budget plan, it may create some problems and spoil your whole day. Make sure to plan your wedding on your budget.

Size of dresses, shoes, and wedding rings

It would be best if you doubled sure with your dress fitting, shoe size, and wedding ring size. Double sure with all these things one week before your wedding.

No Backup

You may face difficulty when you have no backup in case of rain and snow falling.

Location of your wedding

Pick the location of your wedding that is best for you in any situation, don’t pick a weird location for your wedding.


Inviting more people is one of the biggest mistakes that couples make. Make sure to only those people whom you know very well.

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