45+ Free Graduation Invitation Templates

Graduation is the most memorable and exciting day of a young person’s life. If you want to make your day extra special, you should invite all of your friends and family members by throwing a party to celebrate your graduation.

If you’re going to make your day more special, then you should use the graduation invitation templates to invite your friends, family, and other guests to the graduation celebration. Here you’ll find a unique and elegant collection of designed free graduation invitation templates that you can get in just one click. Below you’ll see a complete guide to making your graduation party special.

Download Free Graduation Invitation Templates

What Is a Graduation Invitation

Completion of your graduation is a day of your life that you make exciting and memorable. For some people, it is the end of their academic period and the beginning of their professional life. It is a point where you make some crucial decisions about your life. It is a day of starting a new chapter of our life when we are leaving our high/middle school or college.

People want to celebrate this great point in their lives with their family, friends, and other outstanding personalities of their life. Graduation from high school, middle school, or college is an unforgettable time for any person. From the invitation card to the party venue, decoration to the party menu, and party theme to party timing, people need everything unique, calm, and fresh.

If you want to make your graduation celebration stand out; then, the first step is to select and download a free printable graduation invitation card from this unique and beautiful collection, which helps to accomplish your memorable. See our fabulous collection of free graduation invitations template in Word to make your day more exciting.

It is best to send out the graduation party invitation by hand, but sometimes, it may not be possible due to a busy schedule. You can send an email by downloading graduation invitation email templates to make a formal invitation. The design of these templates is straightforward to use, which saves most of your time and also makes your invitations more attractive. 

Graduation Announcement Etiquettes

If you don’t know how to make a graduation announcement then we share a complete guide to graduation announcement etiquette which helps you to do all the things in a formal but friendly way:

Who’ll send the graduation announcement

For the announcement of graduation, the first thing is who will send this letter. Graduation announcement letters may be from the person who graduates from their parents and school or colleges. A collection of great college or school graduation invitation cards is just one click away from your download gallery. You can send this letter to your close friends and family members, school or college inviting you and your parents to the graduation ceremony, and maybe your parents ask close relatives of yours.


Make a list of people whom you wish to invite to the graduation ceremony. Usually, friends and family members are invited to the ceremony whose heart is in love with you. Try to invite only a few people who are unique to you. 

What appears on the graduation announcement letter

A graduation announcement is a way to inform the recipient of your graduation. Graduation announcement cards contain only the details about your graduation; it is not an invitation to the graduation ceremony. Things that should appear on the graduation announcement letter:

  1. Student’s name 
  2. Full name of school or college
  3. Year of the graduation 
  4. A small picture of the student
  5. Picture of school or college
  6. Ceremony date 
  7. Degree title in detail

When to announce

Completion of your graduation is like a dream come true. Every person wants to inform their close relatives about this great achievement. It is not an invitation to the graduation ceremony. It’s just a way to educate others about your graduation.

Now the next thing is when you should send this letter? Graduation announcement letters should be sent out before the graduation ceremony; they must be sent out at least 15 days ago. If you want to throw a party to celebrate this event, send an invitation letter along with an announcement letter. Here we share a list of the best free printable graduation card templates.

Graduation announcement wording

In graduation announcement letters, keep simple with your words, and use active voice instead of passive voice. Sometimes, it is hard to find proper words for your graduation announcement letter. Sample graduation announcement templates help you to find appropriate wording for your message.

Graduation gift etiquette

A graduate and their family feel blessed and happier when they hear about the completion of graduation. It is not possible to invite all of their family members and friends to the graduation ceremony. Graduates and their families inform other people about this fantastic news with a graduation announcement letter. The recipient of this letter should give some appropriate response in the form of some gift and blessing.

What Should Be On Graduation Invitation Card

The celebration of the completion of graduation is one of the most important events of any person’s life. Now it’s time to make some critical decisions regarding your personal and professional life. Everyone wants to celebrate this event, and it’s every single thing unique.

The first thing on your mind regarding the graduation celebration is its invitation card. Invitation cards are an essential factor for any party celebration. It describes the actual theme of this party, its location, timing, and other related info about the party’s timing. Things that should appear on the graduation invitation card are:

  1. Your name 
  2. Reason for conducting this celebration 
  3. Name of your institute
  4. You degree detail
  5. Time, date, and location of your party
  6. RSVP request.

You can make your celebration classy with these graduation party invitation templates, which are available in different formats.

Tips For Graduation Party

The graduation party is the celebration of one step forward toward a better professional future. It is an incredible moment for the graduates and their families and a time to celebrate the graduate’s achievements. Celebrate this event by throwing an open-house party or formal party, follow these essential tips for a grand celebration:

List of the guest

The celebration of any party needs to invite those people who have a great love for you. First of all, make a list of those people you would like to ask. It would be best if you invited your friends, family, graduate fellows, teachers, neighbors, and others who are unique to you. It’s good to welcome all those people who will be happy on this occasion. 

Select party venue

The venue of the party decides your whole party theme and menu decoration. Select the platform of the party that you can easily afford. 

Formal Invitation

Invitation to your party sets the tone of your party. Your invitation card reflects the theme and style of your party. Browse our collection for the best graduation party invitation template.


Make a checklist of all the things to do. It is a helpful way to check everything in your party to ensure everything is going according to plan.

Music system

Music is one of the essential factors to make an enjoyable party. Create a list of some awesome music tracks that suit everyone’s taste. 


Decoration of your party is one of the essential elements to make your celebration perfect. Select the decoration style, which is ideal for your party theme and under your budget.


Select the menu in which there is something favorite for every person. A party is nothing without a fantastic meal.

The writing style of your invitation card

The writing style used in your invitation card represents the theme of your event, whether your graduation party will be an informal get-together party, a dinner party, or a BBQ party. The writing style of your party depends on the party you arranged. You can see graduation invitation quotes on different sites to make your invitation more beautiful.

Graduation Announcement Vs. Graduation Invitation

Some people think the graduation announcement and graduation invitation are used for the same purpose. Graduation invitations and graduation announcements are two different terms used for different purposes. People get confused with these two terms. A graduation announcement is a way to inform you about your graduation completion news to only close family members and best friends.

It is not an invitation to the graduation ceremony; it’s just an announcement letter. Announcement letters are usually sent out before the graduation ceremony at least two weeks before. People who receive this letter may send some gifts in return for this good news. It contains all the necessary information about your degree.

Whereas the graduation invitation card is used for the invitation, for the celebration of the graduate’s achievements and hard work. The graduation invitation contains information about the event, timing, date, and location.

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