50+ (Free) Background Check Authorization Forms (PDF)

A background check authorization form gives permission to those who want to check your credit or criminal background. Employers usually use it to know a person’s history before any recruitment process. Check our collection for Background check authorization form templates, which you can download in Word or PDF format. Employers require a background authorization consent form signed by the applicant to access the information related to that applicant. See our complete article to understand more about it.

Download Free Background Check Authorization Forms Templates

Background Check 

A background check is an action that a person or company performs to verify someone’s legal, criminal, education, employment, or credit history that the applicant supplies. The primary purpose of this activity is to check the information about which they claim to be. It is usually performed when someone goes for an interview to get hired for a job. Employers need to know everything about the applicant to avoid any issues. You can find background check samples to understand it clearly and download background check templates in doc and PDF formats. These printable templates are just one click from your download folder.

Background Check Authorization Form

Nowadays, every employer wants to know new hires’ employment, education, credit, and criminal history. They need to get an authorization form from the applicant for background checks. A consent form is like a permission letter signed by the applicant to the employer to access their information. It is a way to confirm the information by the employers or company about which someone claims.

It may be education, criminal and employment history, or any other activities they want to confirm. If someone is not allowed to check their criminal history, education, and employment, then they know all this information with some legal implications. Background check authorization forms include the name of the person about whom you want to confirm by verifying all the information they claim.

You can find background checks, consent, and authorization forms in PDF and doc formats. You can download a free employee background authorization form in different formats to check your employment history. It includes all this information, which the employer requires to access the applicant’s information. The name of the person about whom you want to know, address, date of birth, social security number, and other necessary details. A residency letter works as proof of your residency to the employee in case of any doubt related to your residency. It is not allowed to share your personal or professional history with anyone; you must state some valid and authentic reason for allowing someone to access your information. 

Types of background checks

There are various reasons to share your 5-7 years of history with someone. For multiple purposes, there are different types of background checks. Below we share a list of different kinds of background checks.

Criminal background checks

To check the criminal background of any person, you search the state, country, and federal criminal records to know the criminal history. You can check the criminal history of anyone online quickly. There is also a file system in every court from which you can quickly know about anyone’s criminal history after some legal implications or with a consent form that is signed by the person about whom you want to know.

It is a proper way to investigate a person before hiring, signing a project, or involving in other activities. You can find here a criminal background check authorization form template that you can use to get permission to access their information.

Employee background check

Every company or employer wants to hire a person who has no such criminal records, verified educational degree, or good employment history. Some people use a cover letter with their resume to increase the chances of getting hired for a job they’re applying for. It is essential to know everything before the new hiring. They want to know:

  1. Employment history
  2. Criminal history
  3. Credit history 
  4. Education screening 
  5. Character reference
  6. Social security number verification

Information that an employer wants to know may vary based on employment type. For that purpose, the employer required a permission letter from the employees. Employee You can use employee background check authorization form templates to get access to the history of the employee.

Tenant checks

Nowadays, asking someone to sign a consent form to access the information is common. It is necessary to know about a person’s background before establishing any personal or professional relationship. Some landlords want to verify the credit, criminal, SSN, and other related information for housing purposes.

What Should be Included In The Background Check Authorization Form 

It is essential to ask or get permission from a person about which you want to verify. No one knows whether the information a person provides is valid. For that purpose, you need to confirm the information with the consent form signed by the person about which you want to know. The background check release form should be well formatted to get the necessary information about what you want to confirm. Things that should appear in the background check form are as follows:

  1. First name, last name, and middle name
  2. Social security number 
  3. Driver license number 
  4. Date of Birth(DOB)
  5. Place of birth 
  6. Current address since
  7. Telephone number 
  8. Email address 

These things are required when you want to know the history of a person. We share a list of authorization templates with these things. You can see a background check sample to understand efficiently. 

Benefits Of Background Checks 

There are many benefits of background checks. Some of these are as follows:

Help to make the final decision on new hiring

It is essential to check every person’s record before hiring in the company or house. 

Employees are the company’s assets; hence, hiring the right person for your company is essential. Employers check the education and criminal record and confirm with the driver and social security number. It is vital to check the person’s employment history to know the applicant’s performance. It will help to increase the quality of new hires. 

Improve safety and security

You and your company are not secure with a drug addict or an alcoholic employee. You should hire a person with no such addiction by checking their criminal record or visiting where he lives. It is possible that you hired a person with no such habit, but after some time, it may develop. For that purpose, you must check the records of every employee annually and visit their neighbors to gather information about them.

Decrease negligent hiring risk

It seems that hiring employees after background checks decreases negligent hiring risk. It is common to face negligent hiring charges in case of an accident occurring due to the new hires or just because of too poor verification of the background checks. This situation occurs when employers don’t check the background of the employee. If there is a proper background check of every employee before getting hired, it reduces the negligent hiring risk.

Verify the information provided by a person

It is essential to verify all the information provided by a person. The company or person may verify it. You can place a volunteering certificate with your resume to convey a positive message to the employer. Companies confirm the authentication of the information that is given by the applicant to get hired for a job. It may be possible that the information, like education history, SSN, and driving license number, is not valid or accurate.

Protect the workplace

A person with a criminal record or with a bad habit of drinking alcohol may be a threat to your company. It is a good practice to know everything about new hires and annually see existing employers’ criminal and credit records. There are more chances to stay safe and secure with comprehensive details of every employee or new hire. Background checks help you to prevent any unpleasant incidents from your employees.  

Steps To Perform Background Checks For Employment

Below we share some effective steps which you must follow to perform background checks for employment. These are as follows:

Select candidates to perform background checks

Select the employees for whom you want to conduct the background check process. It is usually performed when a company hires new people. The pre-employment background check authorization form is signed by the applicants to the employer to access information. Sometimes, it is conducted for the existing employees annually to check the criminal or credit record of the previous year. Make a list of all the people you want to be confirmed with.

Get access to the information.

One of the simplest ways to access the personal information of a person is to sign a consent form in which a clear statement should be included that you have permission to access the information for a specific purpose with a background check release form by downloading free templates. Without any specific or valid reason, you don’t allow someone to access your information in law. 

Check the criminal records

Hiring a person with no criminal record improves the productivity of your company. It may be searched from the state, federal, and county court file systems.

Verify the social security number

A social security number is issued to U.S citizens. Make sure to give a valid SSN to the company to prevent any issues and increase your chance of getting hired for this job. The employer must be confirmed with the social security number.

Confirm with driving license number

A consent form allows someone to access your records and includes relevant information like name, address, phone number, SSN, driving license, and other information. A person or company can verify your information to make it valid. It is vital to check the driver’s license number before proceeding with any further hiring process.

Check the education records

Nowadays, creating a fake degree from some universities or colleges is easy. The market is full of these kinds of cheaters. With the name and dob, you can verify a person’s degree.

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