40+ Screenplay Template Pages & Screenplay Format

The Screenplay can be a 90-120 pages document written by the screenwriter followed by the specific size of the paper, font, margins, and others. Screenplay template pages are used to write your screenplay without adjusting the font, page size and margins because format based screenplay template is according to the rules of screenplay writing.

The screenplay is a collection of images, directions, instructions, dialogues, and actions of the characters are narrated. When you are writing a screenplay for a movie and wants to win every single award of the film industry then you should know the screenplay format and write your screenplay according to the format of a screenplay. If you don’t follow the pattern of screenplay then no one takes your screenplay seriously.

What is screenplay and screenplay template?

Screenplay work as a blueprint of a film used to guide directors, actors, and producers. You can download these templates which are suitable for your screenplay writing. You can also see free short film script for student PDF and other script example for student which helps you to understand it easily.

Screenplay elements

Screenplay has some terminologies that need to be understood. The list of these terminologies with their description are as follows:


Slugines are the heading of the scene which contains location, time and day of the scene. It looks something like this:


Sluglines contains location whether scenes take place inside (INT) or outside(EXT. ). After the period the location of the scene,  Followed by the time of the day.

Sub header

Sub header lines are used when you don’t need a new slugline but you need to change the place and time within the scene. If you are shooting within a college then sub header used to indicate a change in place and time.

Action lines

Action lines are written right after the slug lines, this is a narrative description of the events in the scene. It is a clear description of what will happen in the fill hence it should be precise. It includes the gestures, movements and description of the event happening in the scene.

Example of action line :

Aamy stands on a path in conversation with hazel and robert.


Dialogues are the words spoken by each of the character. Capitalize the name of the character and write his/her dialogues underneath. You can see the dialogue script example to understand it more clearly. 


Extensions are written in parenthesis right after the character name. It tells the reader how the voice will be heard by the audience.

VOICE OVER(V.O) : When character speaks but it is not heard by the other characters.

OFF SCREEN(O.S.): When a character speaks and can be heard by the other characters but audience doesn’t seen

INTO DEVICE: When character speaks into the phone, radio and any other device. You can see radio talk show script in which INTO DEVICE extensions are mostly used.


A Character is portrayed by the actors in the drama or movie. Character name or ID always in capitalized. 


Parenthetical lines are used to give the instruction to actors that how you should perform the lines. Here is an example of parenthetical in screenplay

What can I do for you?

It provides the direction to the actors.


Transitions are the lines of instruction for the editor. It is used to tell the editor how should perform transition between two or more scenes. Common transition between two scenes are as follows:

  • CUT TO


Shots are the jobs of the directors which indicates that the focus has changed within the scene. It is not important as transition in screenplay format. Here are some examples of shoots:

  • PAN TO —
  • LIAM’S POV —

Find below some movie script dialogue examples and screenplay format pages in order to start your screen play writing in quick way.

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