40+ Free Car Purchase Agreement Templates

Every person wants to own a beautiful, luxurious, and comfortable car. Buying a new car is fun and exciting. If you have chosen your car to buy, the next step is a car purchase agreement, or it is also referred to as a “car purchase contract” or “vehicle purchase agreement.” It is an agreement between the seller and the buyer. The car purchase agreement also acts as proof of purchasing a car.

Here is a list of some printable car purchase agreement templates in excel sheet format which contain all information about that contract. You can choose and download any template your need.

Download Free Car Purchase Agreement Templates

What Is a Car Purchase Agreement?

The car agreement letter is used to sell and purchase at the time of buying a car. It acts as a proof for the buyer and seller that both agreed on all the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement. The vehicle purchase agreement is used for the selling and purchasing purposes of the vehicle. This agreement contains information in which buyer’s name, seller’s name, model of the car, the model year, and other related information. You should read the entire car sale contract to ensure that things included in this agreement are according to the deal or not that has been done between you and the seller.

What Should Be Included In a Car Purchase Agreement?

Car purchase agreements usually contain information about buyers, details about cars and sellers, about prices with the method of payment. Details about what should be included in the car purchase agreement are as follows:

  1. The name and address of the seller
  2. The name and address of the buyer
  3. The pricing information of the car 
  4. Details about the method of payment
  5. Information about the car in which model, making year, and color of the vehicle are included.
  6. The date of the sale.
  7. Signature of both buyer and seller at the end of the contract.
  8. Vehicle information number of the car

How To Write Vehicle Agreement Between Two Parties

On this site, you will find many vehicle and car purchase contract templates that you can easily download, but if you need to write your car or vehicle purchase agreement, you should follow these guidelines, which will help you to read your agreement.

  1. First of all, state the reason for this contract.
  2. After that, write the information of the buyer in which name and address and other related information are included.
  3. Write about the seller, name, address, and other related information of the seller.
  4. Write about the characteristics of the car in the model of the vehicle, making year, color, body type, VIN of vehicle, and other related information about the car are included.
  5. Terms and conditions to avoid any issues.
  6. Write the pricing information.
  7. State the method of payment.
  8. Write about the documents of the car the seller will provide to the buyer.
  9. Write the date when the contract was signed.
  10. Write about the witness and take the signature of his/her on the agreement.
  11. In the end, sign the contract by both the seller and buyer.

Benefits Of Car Purchase Agreement

  • The car purchase agreement template is used as proof of selling and buying purposes.
  • If both seller and buyer sign this agreement it means they agreed on all the terms mentioned in this agreement, which helps to prevent any disputes.
  • Method of the payment discussed earlier.
  • Easily resolve if there is any issue regarding the payments or documents of the car and other related problems.

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