45+ FREE Consulting Proposal Templates

A consulting proposal is a written document used to tell prospective clients about your capabilities and skills. Before signing any official contract, a proposal is asked by the client to know how you’ll handle a specific project. A well-organized consulting proposal template is an efficient tool to present your business skills.

These templates are available in different formats to make your work easier. These printable templates are easy to use to offer your product or service professionally. Below we share a complete guide to using proposal templates efficiently.

Download Free Consulting Proposal Templates

Consulting proposal templates 

A consulting proposal is a document sent to the potential client to describe your service and skills. Its primary purpose is to describe the capability of your company and how you’ll handle a specific project. With well-designed consulting proposal templates, you can pitch a project that is beneficial for your company or organization. A Company requests for a proposal before signing the official contract. They receive multiple consulting proposals from different companies and select the best one. It is essential to build a consulting proposal in an efficient way to grab the attention of the prospective client towards your proposal.

A consulting proposal is sent to the prescriptive client when they already discussed the contract in detail. There is no value in verbal communication in business; you must create a formal proposal that is used throughout the project. You can see different, well-designed free consulting proposal templates in Word, Excel, and PDF that you find nowhere else. A clear description of the terms and conditions under which you do work should be included in it. The proposal may be rejected or accepted by the client.

It must include the basic information on how you handle this project efficiently with the project scope, objectives, resources, and method. A detailed, concise, clear, and descriptive outline of the project creates more chances to achieve this project. This is possible with perfectly formatted business consulting proposals that help to build a winning proposal—download free printable and editable proposal templates in Word, Excel, and PDF.

Components of consulting proposal 

Relationships between you and your client rely entirely on the proposal that you’ll send after the RFP. Make sure it should be clear, concise, and written in a professional with all the essential facts. Things that should be included to make an effective consulting proposal are: 

  1. Project title
  2. Proposal summary 
  3. Project details
  4. Project objectives
  5. Project scope 
  6. List of client problems
  7. Project deliverables
  8. Structure of the project 
  9. Method of implementation
  10. Approach to implementation
  11. List of terms and conditions

These things must be included in every consultant proposal, whether it is marketing, business, healthcare, or management. Consulting proposal components are discussed in detail while the project charter is made. Browse our collection to get a free marketing consulting proposal template and customize it according to your needs. These Word and Excel templates are also available in Google Docs.

How To Write A Consulting Proposal 

With consulting proposal templates, it is easy to compose a productive proposal in just a few minutes. Some people prefer to download templates in PDF versions, but here you can find a great collection of proposals available in PDF, Doc, and also available in google Docs. But, most people want to create their consulting proposal. Follow these simple, easy steps to create a proposal that gets an instant ‘yes.’

  1. Write your name, address, phone number, and other related information at the top of the title page on the left side. It is essential to include your details to tell the recipient who sent this letter.
  2. Formally place the recipient’s name with Mr. Mrs or Miss’s title. Follow the Recipient’s name with these titles. You can address the recipient with a job title like Mr.Manager. 
  3. Enter in the body, state the reason for writing this proposal with a little bit of background. 
  4. State the summary of the project that you wish to do. You can provide a detailed description of the client’s problem. It is necessary to state what the issues are before describing the solution. Sometimes, clients don’t know all the relevant information about the project; it is essential to be aware of a detailed description.
  5. After the description of the project, state the solution to these problems and how you’ll handle this project—detail the objective, scope, and approach to implementing the tasks.  
  6. State the risk and issue of this project after the description of the project. 
  7. Also, include the terms and conditions under which you’ll do work. If the prospective client has an issue with these terms and conditions, they can contact you formally or informally before signing the final contract document. It is vital to get ‘yes’ against any proposal because getting projects is beneficial for your company, team, and yours. That’s why the tone of your proposal should be positive and stay short in your details.
  8. In the last paragraph, state the price of your consultant sweetly. Write the way how they’ll inform you in case of getting this project.
  9. End this proposal with some positive words.
  10. Sign at the end of the letter to make it an official and authentic document.

Tips For Writing An Effective Consulting Proposal

Some tips that you should know before writing a consulting proposal.

Conduct a meeting with your client

Before sending a proposal, it is essential to conduct a meeting with prospective clients. To save you time, you can call him to understand the project briefly. Usually, a consulting proposal is sent when a client requests to make it. To make a practical proposal, you should know all the facts about this project before going ahead. 

Focus on client needs

In your proposal document, make sure to focus on client needs and expectations. Don’t describe your business and how you are good at your industry. Stay short, and make it simple—state all the things which a client expects from you.

Don’t include irrelevant information.

Stay focused on the purpose of this document. Clients get confused with the relevant information; it is better to discuss only the problems and their solutions clearly and concisely. Discuss how you’ll handle this project in a little bit of detail.

Choose the appropriate format.

To create a logical structure for your proposal, select a proper format to compose it. It is fantastic if you use ready-made templates, and download free sample consulting proposal templates in an appropriate format.

Keep it short and descriptive.

Clients usually prefer proposals that are simple, short, and descriptive. There is no value in a more extended proposal; people get frustrated and ignore the proposal with 6,7 pages. It should be short, descriptive, and clear. To make a winning proposal, it is necessary to keep it short but descriptive.

Way to handle the project

Think about the methodology of how you’ll handle the project. It is the only way from which you can get an instant ‘yes’ from the prospective client. Clients may ask various companies to submit a proposal against a project. Companies would win this project if they gave a perfect and authentic solution to handle this project.

Types Of Proposal 

In the business industry, there are various proposals used for different purposes. For that purpose, people use templates for composing perfect proposals. We share a vast collection of every type of proposal used in industries like business, consulting, engineering, management, and marketing templates in Word or PDF. It is necessary to know about all types of proposals because there are different proposals according to the situation. Different types of proposals are as follows:


As the name defines, pre-proposal is asked before the final proposal by the client. Before submission of a formal proposal, clients sometimes ask to give a little bit of an introduction about your methodology, audience, approach to implement, and other important aspects related to the project. It is also called white paper, pre-application, and letter of intent. Based on the pre-proposal, the client asks to send the final proposal of the project. Sometimes, client companies want to know which company can compose a proposal. It is easy to understand the format of its pre-proposal or proposal letter samples. 

Formally solicited proposal

Clients usually ask to submit a formal proposal after the acceptance of the pre-proposal. Companies officially request proposals from the big companies to offer their service or products to implement this project. In RFP, companies mention the deadline to submit the proposal; after that, they didn’t accept any proposal. Some rules and terms are defined in the RFP paper, which must be followed by the companies. In marketing, IT companies asked companies to submit consulting proposals to make better decisions. 

Unsolicited proposal

An unsolicited proposal is when no one asks to submit a formal proposal to a specific company. Companies give an advertisement in the newspaper and release the last date of submission. Check out our collection of unsolicited proposal templates available in every format which you like.

Informally solicited proposal

An informally solicited proposal is just like the formally requested proposal, but you don’t receive any formal document to submit a proposal. It is best to start your project professionally. Companies or individuals may ask it. Download the free individual consulting proposal template in Word or PDF formats. 

Supplement proposal

A supplement proposal is used to ask for more resources or a budget to complete a project. It usually includes the amount he used, how it is used, and in which areas of the project. A clear image of how you will spend the new budget on which area and how much extra money you need to complete a project.

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