60+ Free Bookmark Templates (Blank Printable PDF, Word)

Bookmarks are an essential item for any avid reader. They allow one to keep their place with ease and never worry about losing their spot. A bookmark can be a simple scrap of paper, a photograph or postcard pinned to the page, or a more sophisticated tool such as a flexible magnetic ruler that moves from page to page with ease.

The creative readers among us may even go beyond traditional bookmarks, using interesting trinkets like beads, feathers, or dried flowers as place markers. Regardless of what type of bookmark is used, it remains an invaluable tool for keeping our place in any book we read.

Download Free Bookmark Templates

What is a Bookmark?

A bookmark is an essential device for preserving your page in any book, document, magazine, or file. It serves as a reminder of where you left off reading and makes getting back to the exact place much easier than simply flipping to a page without one. Bookmarks can be anything from store-bought strips of decorative paper or plastic with goodies attached and adorned with an array of designs and artistry. Homemade bookmarks are often made out of colored paper, fabric samples, ribbon or yarn, photographs, or other items. Either way, they each serve the same purpose: to keep track of one’s position while engaged in leisurely reading and studying.

Types of Bookmarks

Reading a book can be one of the most rewarding experiences, but it’s all too easy to get interrupted and lose your place even just for a few minutes. If you’re an avid reader seeking ways to keep track of where you left off in every story then look no further – countless beautiful and unique bookmarks out there’ll make sure nothing interferes with your reading enjoyment.

For book lovers, having a bookmark ready is essential before embarking on any reading journey. There are many kinds of bookmarks to choose from simple strips of paper or fabric with designs that reflect personal tastes and interests, to quirky charms shaped like your favorite characters. So why not take some time out for yourself, find the perfect bookmark design for you, and keep all those memories safe forever?

  • Metal: Bookmarks crafted of an array of metals offer functionality and style, often with ornate embossing or fanciful designs. Particularly lovely are those featuring intricate decorations- a little extra for the avid reader’s pocketbook. These treasures ensure pages stay properly marked but remain malleable so as not to damage delicate spines.
  • Paper: Bookstores are the traditional go-to for stylish bookmarks, but even the most mundane sheet of paper can make a perfect page holder. For something extra special, there’s always an option to personalize your bookmark, from adorable illustrations and witty quotes to precious photos or meaningful sayings.
  • Ribbon: Mark your favorite books in style with a ribbon bookmark! Bookmarks made from vibrant silk or satin ribbons can become an integral part of passing on the values, heritage, and stories of ethnic, religious, and organizational cultures. Add extra character to your bookmarks by including charms or tassels for a unique touch.
  • Paper Clip: Keep your place in style with a book-safe paperclip! These quirky clips come in various designs, from playful to sophisticated. Pinching together a couple of pages ensures that you will never lose your spot again, not even the most daring adventure could lead it astray. However, some versions can leave marks on the page so choose wisely when reading those beloved novels and books of knowledge.

How do I make my own Bookmarks?

With our ever-busy lives, it’s almost impossible to finish completing a book or detailed document in one sitting. Lucky for us all, there are easy ways to save progress and pick up where we left off using bookmarking tools. Much like saving your favorite website link with the click of a button on your computer browser, you can now do the same by creating personalized markers within Microsoft Word documents (using their own template). Additionally, websites have been created specifically to generate fancy decorative designs as well if creative flair is what you’re looking for! Bookmark away friends…it was never simpler before this age.

Get creative and design the perfect bookmark template for you, your friends, or your family. With this downloadable option from our website, it’s simple to print out a customized marking tool that fits all of your needs. Share the joy by sending them their own personalized bookmarks to give everyone access to something special made with love.

How to Create a Bookmark Template

A bookmark can be a simple scrap of paper, a photograph or postcard pinned to the page, or a more sophisticated tool such as a flexible magnetic ruler that moves from page to page with ease. Whether you are an avid reader or simply looking for a creative way to keep your place in a book, there are many different ways to make and use bookmarks.

What You Will Need

To create your bookmark template, you will need the following materials:

  1. Paper or cardstock
  2. Scissors or a paper cutter
  3. Ruler or measuring tape
  4. Pencil or pen

Optional: Decorative materials such as markers, glitter, etc.


  • Begin by deciding what size you would like your bookmark to be. The standard size is 2-3 inches wide by 6-8 inches long. However, feel free to adjust the size as needed to fit your needs.
  • Cut your paper or cardstock to the desired size using scissors or a paper cutter.
  • Use a ruler or measuring tape to mark the center of the top and bottom of your bookmark. This will be where you punch your hole later on.
  • Draw a line from the top center mark to the bottom center mark. This will be your fold line.
  • On the top half of your bookmark (above the fold line), draw whatever design you like! Be as creative as you want you can even use our sample design below as inspiration. When you are finished designing, cut out any excess paper along the edges.
  • Now it’s time to punch your holes! Use a pencil or pen to poke two holes at the top and bottom center marks that you made earlier. These holes should be large enough for string or ribbon to fit through easily.
  • Decorate your bookmark. If you used our sample design, color it in however you like. Or, if you came up with your own design, decorate it however you see fit. You can use markers, glitter, etc. the sky’s the limit. Just have fun with it.
  • Once you are finished decorating, cut out any excess paper along the edges once again. Thread string or ribbon through the holes at the top and bottom of your bookmark. Your bookmark is now complete. Place it in your favorite book and enjoy.

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