25+ FREE Student ID Templates [Doc, Excel]

Student Identity Card or Student Professional ID Card is usually issued by the school, college or university. Student card is a proof of student’s identity, age and library privileges. Student id card is the main proof of identity as student during their study period. That is why student id template is very important. Here is a collection of student identity card templates to get an idea.

Nowadays because of security concerns, identification of any person is very essential. The id card template is used for the identification of any person in any place. It is very helpful for the identification of a student in school or college or any other place where identification is very important then they need a student id card template for that purpose. In the same way employee id card template is used for identification to gain access in your office and other different purposes in the office. This article is all about the id card template which helps to understand the purpose of id badges and ID card, you can download the ID card design template free from this site in a few easy steps.

Different organizations issued different id cards for different persons or job positions. The identity card template contains the name of the id card holder with his/her photo on the ID card and other related information are included depends on the id card holder position. If the id cardholder is a student then it contains the name of the student, a photo, address, phone number, student ID, and their signature.

Some countries issue ID cards for every person, which they would have to keep with themselves every time. Some countries accept a driving license as an identity proof of a person. In some countries, a passport is used as an identity proof because driving license is not acceptable in many countries. Id card contains the related information of cardholder which is issued by the government as a proof of a person’s identity. To create an ID card from scratch is difficult. For that purpose you find here a list of id card designs  and vertical ID card template is also available. You can select any from these as your need.

ID Card for student

  • Student identity card” or “student professional id card” is usually issued by the school,college or university
  • .Student card is a proof of student student’s identity,age  and library privilege.Student id card is the main proof of identity as student during their study period.That is why student id template is very important. 
  • Student identity contain information about student in which the name, photo, contact information and the signature of the student are included. 
  • As student id card is important inside the school, it is also very essential outside the school. 

You can download school ID card template and college ID card free from this site.

ID Card for Employee

  • An ID card for employees is essential for a security point of view to identify the people who are working in the office. 
  • The purpose of this card is the identification and create a professional environment. 
  • Identity card for employee contains basic information of the employee in which the name of the employee, a photo, designation, employee id and other related information are included.
  • Identity card helps to make a difference between the visitors and the employees. If any person wears an identity card its means that they have permission to be there.
  • It contains the contact information of employee in case of any injury, medical emergency occur.

Here you find a list of free employee id card template. You can download these employee ID card template from this site in a few simple steps.

ID Card for Healthcare Department

  • In healthcare department, identification of the staff member is very essential for the hospital and for the patient.

Purpose of ID Card

  • Identification is the main purpose of the identity card. It is very helpful to identify a person in an office,school or any other place.
  • Identity card is used to gain access to parking lots, office, specific building where only authorized persons can enter.
  • In case of any emergency, identity card contains contact information of that person.