55+ Donation Receipt Templates & Letters (Word, PDF)

A donation receipt is a document that is provided by the individual or organization to those who donate to your organization. This receipt is also used for tax purposes and helps to keep records of all the donations and enables you to check how much each person contributed to your charity. It is a form of transferring money from one person or organization to another person or organization.

You can send this donation receipt at the end of the year to remind the donor about their donation.

Download Free Donation Receipt Templates

The donation receipt template is used by the non-profit organization when the grant has been given then this receipt is sent to the donor. It is the best way to let your donor know that donations the contributions he made have been received. To make your work easier, we share a collection of donation templates and download free donation receipt templates in Word or PDF formats. To make your work exciting and easier you should know all about the donation receipt, for that purpose below we share a complete guide about donation receipts that helps you to figure out all about the donation receipt.

To send a donation receipt after the donation has been received, a donation receipt template is used to make it simple. Here is a collection of our free donation receipt templates and letters you can download with one click.

What Is A Donation Receipt?

A donation receipt is a document that is given by the individual or organization to the donor. It is the best way to let your donor know that the donation has been received. It should include the donor’s name, the amount of the gift, the nonprofit’s organization name, the date, and some positive words for the donor, something like “thanks for your donation” or “We are grateful for your donation.” It is good practice for fundraising to say thanks to your donor for the donations and use amazingly formatted fundraising receipt templates to ask for a gift.

To save you time, we share a list of Printable donation receipts in Word or PDF, which you can download in one click. Sometimes, it works as proof that the donor made some donations to a nonprofit organization. Donation receipts are also useful to keep records of all the donors and their donations. Nonprofit organizations send this donation receipt at the end of the year or new year to remind the donor about the donation; they also need a bunch of invoices for the donation. To receive a cash donation, you must send a cash receipt to your donor by downloading free cash receipt templates in Word or PDF.

What Should Include In Donation Receipt

If you don’t know what should be included in the donation receipt, then here are some guidelines that help you to write a professional donation receipt letter. The things that must be included while writing a donation receipt letter. 

These are as follows.

  1. Organization Name or the name of the person who sent this donation receipt along with his/her status.
  2. Address to the donor by name.
  3. Recipient address and other contact details 
  4. Details information about the donation like donation date, a form of charity, write down the amount of cash if it is cash. 
  5. Clearly state that the donor did not receive any goods or services in return for this donation.
  6. Write a disclosure statement at the end of the receipt.
  7. Sign it personally. 

If you want to add a thank you letter for the donation with the donation receipt letter, then you can send them in the same envelope. A thank you letter for donation is used to acknowledge the donor for his/her contribution to the organization. In our collection, you can see the library receipt template for donations is used to encourage donors the donate money and books to the library. In this way, you can use the school donation receipt template for the school donation, which is available in different formats that you find nowhere else.

Purpose Of Donation Receipt Letter

There are many purposes or reasons for donation receipt with great benefits. Some of the benefits of the purpose of the donation receipt letter are as follows:

  • Keep track of all the donations of every contribution of the donor to a non-profit organization.
  • To get a tax deduction on charity things or money, a donation receipt is used by donors to receive a tax deduction.
  • It is used as a legal document to prove where the donation came from.
  • Donation receipt letters also serve as proof or verification documents for the donor from whom the organization receives donations.
  • To encourage donors with some grateful words for donation in the future.
  • To acknowledge the donor that the donation has been received.

What Is A Non-Profit Donation Receipt Letter

A non-profit donation receipt letter is an acknowledgment letter received from a non-profit organization to a donor for his/her donation like funds, materials, and equipment to the organization. It works as a verification document that the organization receives your donation. Its primary purpose is to encourage the donor to donate. It is the best way to build a strong relationship with your donor to encourage him/her with a donation receipt letter. This document is also helpful for donors to get a tax deduction because the government allows them to deduct the money from donations from a tax return.

The non-profit donation receipt letter template helps you to write a perfect donation receipt letter professionally. It has a positive effect of donating money to charity. People feel pleased to donate some money, even if they do not have a high budget, they try to save money with savings goal trackers and then donate it to serve others. A non-profit organization issues the donation receipt letter in case of a donation of more than 250$ dollar. It is best to establish a great relationship with your donor by writing a receipt letter by downloading a non-profit donation receipt template in Word or PDF format.

Different Donation Receipt Letter Templates

Browse our collection for the best free donation receipt letter templates, available in different formats:

The charitable donation receipt letter

you may receive a donation receipt after some donation, it is the best way of communication with your donor and is also useful for receiving tax deduction money. You can claim a tax deduction because the government allows you to deduct the money of donation from the tax returns. A charitable donation receipt letter contains the name of the donor with details of the donation and the name of the non-profit organization with some basic information. A charitable donation receipt works as an acknowledgment letter sent to the donor to let them know that the donation has been received. 

The donation, thank you receipt letter.

Donation thank you receipt letter received when you made some charitable contributions to a non-profit organization. It is the best way to encourage your donor with the phrase “thank you” for future donations. If you don’t know how to make thanks to your donor, see our sample thank you letters for donations are very helpful.

Thanks again and again in a thank you receipt letter and show them gratitude. Do not remind your donor of the again donation; it is just a “thank you” letter or nothing else. Some organizations request their donors to donate again. Thank you receipt letter, which is not a good thing. For that purpose, browse our collection of high-quality free donation thank you receipt letter templates.

Donation receipt acknowledgment letter

Donation receipt acknowledgment letter templates are available in different formats, which are used to let your donor know that the donation has been received. It is a formal letter or email that you send your donor, which is used for tax returns. It includes the name of the donor, donation details, donation date, and some positive words for appreciation.

To make your work easier, you can download a donation receipt acknowledgment letter in Word, PDF, and Google document. You can charity in any form like food, medical care, or materials, give some service, and work as a volunteer at someplace. You may receive a community service letter from a charitable organization to provide some help for your community volunteering or charity. 

Donation receipt request letter

It is awkward to ask someone for a donation. To make your work easier, we share a list of different request letters that you can use for various purposes. You can claim tax deduction money with a donation receipt letter. In case when you don’t receive a donation receipt letter, you can ask for a donation receipt letter from a non-profit organization with a donation receipt request letter.

Sample donation receipt letter

A sample donation receipt letter helps you to understand more about it. Browse our collection for sample donation receipt letters in different formats.

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