50+ Free Proof of Employment Letter Templates

Proof of employment letter is used to provide proof of an employee’s employment. These employment verification form samples and templates are free and available in Word or PDF formats. In this article, you can find everything about the letter of proof of employment with an amazing collection of free samples and templates that help you to get started.

It is also called an income verification letter, letter of employment, and employment verification letter to confirm the financial status of an individual. You can easily compose proof of employment letters with ready-made templates and see the samples of it for reference.

Download Free Proof of Employment Letter Templates

Employment Verification Letter

If you are applying for a loan, want to get insurance, a new job, or rent a house, they need a verification of your income and employment to know your financial status. An employee may need to request the HR department to verify his work with a third party by writing an employment verification letter on behalf of the company. Share the information with your employer or manager to include it in the proof of employment letter. People use different terms like work verification letters and salary verification letters.

The purpose of this letter is to verify an employee’s current employment status, salary details, and other things according to the reason for composing it. The best thing is that you can draft an employment verification letter by viewing the examples or samples and writing it efficiently by downloading the free templates to draft it in a standard format. If you want to start a business or build a house and apply for a loan, they need to know your financial position to decide whether you can repay it.

They ask you to provide proof of your financial status for that purpose. This letter is important to the financial institution’s acceptance of your application. It includes the necessary information about the employee, such as name, address, job title, how long he/she has been working, and company details. Sometimes you may need this letter when you apply for a new job and then request your former employer to provide proof of working in their company. A letter of employment verified by your former employer is proof of your experience that helps you get a new job.

When we need a Proof of Employment Letter

Proof of employment letter is important in different fields where the organization needs to know about your financial status and accept or reject your application based on it. You can find every proof of employment letter template with different elements depending on the reason. Below we share some reasons why an employee needs a letter of employment. 

  1. Prospective employers: When an individual applies for a new job and states the academic record with work experience in the resume, the potential employer asks to prove this work experience. The person requests the former employer to provide proof of his/her employment by composing an employment letter that includes the information about his/her employment. Employers use the employee profile to get all the information about him. You can use samples of employment verification for prospective employers that help you to write a perfect letter. 
  2. Proof of employment for renting: The landlord requires An employment verification letter when you want to rent an apartment on rent. Before renting an apartment, the landlord must confirm your financial status to decide whether you can pay the rent. The landlord asks for a letter of employment to confirm your trustworthiness.
  3. Employment verification letter for visa: If you want to get employment for a visa, you have to submit an employment verification letter that shows all the details about your employment, like job title, salary, how long you have been working, and so on. Get this letter by submitting a request to the HR department of your company or organization. You can ask them to submit what kind of information it should contain.
  4. Employment verification letter for the bank: It is considered one of the most important documents for submitting a loan application to the bank. They must know your current financial and employment status to accept your application. Banks provide you with a loan based on your financial situation; if your monthly income is high, the bank provides you with a large amount of money. An employment verification letter for the bank must contain information about your salary. Make your work easier with a letter of employment for bank templates and a verification form with all the elements that make it effective.

What should be included in the employment verification letter?

An employee who wants an employment verification letter then he/she submits an employment verification letter to the company’s HR department and states properly to add all the essential information in it. If a letter doesn’t contain all the necessary elements, then all the processes repeat, which takes more time. Ensure it contains all the essential information according to the requesting needs that make it useful. Things that should be included in it are as follows: 

  • The company’s letterhead includes basic information about your company, like name, address, and contact details.
  • Employee’s name, address, and contact details of who requested this employment verification letter. 
  • The date when this letter is composed.
  • Employment date.
  • Employee salary details
  • Employee job title
  • Signature of the employer
  • Social security number

The above things are essential to include in a job verification letter, but you can make it more informative by adding more details about employees and employment.

How to request an employment verification letter from an employer

Employment verification letters are important when a third party asks you to submit them, and the decision will be made based on this letter. Then, the employee needs a letter of employment from the employer as soon as possible. Below, we share some steps that will help you get this quickly. 

  1. Read the company’s policy: This is an essential step when you submit a work verification letter request. If you don’t know your company’s policy and submit the application incorrectly, that may raise a problem. Read your company’s policy carefully, understand the application method for this letter, and then proceed to the next step. 
  2. Contact the HR department: After reading your company’s policy, the next step is to contact the HR Department, which performs such functions. This department is responsible for handling all the company employees’ activities. 
  3. Fill out the request employment verification letter form: The HR department may give you a request employment verification form to fill out. In this form, you state the reason for requesting this letter, when you need this, and other essential information. You can
  4. Provide information to include: The information in the proof of income letter may differ depending on the reason for composing it. If the verification letter of the form doesn’t contain the required information, it is useless. Make sure it contains all the essential information that makes it useful. Make a list of elements to include and give it to the HR department.
  5. State your contact information: At the end of the letter, write your name and contact details that the HR department may use to discuss this letter. Close your letter with some positive words that show you are very grateful. 

 For that purpose, a background check authorization form is also used where an individual can access information on his/her credit, employment, and educational history.

How to draft an Employment verification letter

If you use the employment verification letter templates, then it is much easier and faster to write. Sometimes, it takes time to draft because your employer doesn’t know how to compile it. In this way, samples or examples guide you on how to write it, and templates available in Word and PDF help you to compose multiple letters like this easily. Below, we share some steps to help you draft an effective employment verification letter. 

  1. Use the company’s letterhead on the top of the letter, which includes the name and logo. 
  2. Under the company’s letter, write the name and address of the Employee.
  3. The date when the letter was composed. 
  4. The name of the third party.
  5. Write the Employee’s name, current employment status, salary details, and other information in the letter body requested to be included by the Employee. 
  6. The employer’s signature is very important to make it valid. Sign it off with the employer’s signature and contact information.

Make sure all the essential and correct information that was requested is included in it.

How to verify the income and employment verification letter 

When a third party, like a loan company, landlord, government authorities, or other financial institutes, asks you to submit an employment verification letter, they still doubt the validity of this letter. Below we share a few steps to verify the legality of this letter:

  • Contact the employer: You can confirm the validity of this letter by contacting the employer who signed it. You can go to the office where he/she works and submit this letter or call the employer during working hours to ask if he/she signed this letter.
  • Request to submit a bank statement: If you want to confirm an individual’s income, ask him or her to submit a bank statement for the last two years. It is the best way to confirm his financial status. 
  • Income tax details: If a person is self-employed, you can ask him to submit the income tax details for the last two years. Income tax reports work as proof of income for self-employed.
  • Credit card report: You can ask to submit the details of the last two years that show your monthly income, expenditure, and other information to know the financial status of an individual. 

Tips for writing an employment verification letter

Below we share some tips for writing a perfect employment verification letter.

  • The tone of the business letter must be professional. Use words that show professionalism and avoid using emotional words like “I think” or “We think.” 
  • For business letters, there is a standard format to draft them. The verification letter should be written according to the standard format of the business letter.
  • Remember to include the details you received from the employee in this letter. 
  • The content of the letter should be written clearly and concisely. This increases its readability and makes it easily understandable by everyone. 
  • Before sending the letter, ensure it is free from grammatical and spelling errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can provide employment verification letters?

The employer or manager provides the employment verification letter on behalf of the company.

What information can be released for an employment verification letter?

It contains the basic information of the company, name, job title, salary, and address of the employee who submitted a request to provide a job verification letter and name of the third party.

Does background check verify the employment?

A background check is also used to verify the employment of an individual. It can be used by prospective employers, financial institutes, and loan companies to confirm the individual’s financial status.

How can I get my employment verification letter?

Submit a request for an employment verification letter in the company’s HR department and provide all the necessary information that confirms his/her salary and employment.

What is an income verification letter?

Income verification letter is used to provide proof of your salary to the party who wants to confirm your income.

Can a former employer write an employment verification letter?

When you apply for a new job, the prospective employer asks you to submit an employment verification letter. The former employer writes a job verification letter to verify your employment.

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