Vertical Timeline Templates

A vertical timeline template is a visual representation of events displayed chronologically. It is used to present the list of events and to highlight important points in time, graphically. A vertical timeline is the most convenient and popular way of plotting a timeline.

It is the most convenient way to display information. A vertical timeline displays information about the event with a date. It is used for making a presentation, project planning, project management, producing a guide on any subject, presenting the project to an organization, and presenting a company’s history. It is also used to track the achievement of a person.

Here is a list of free vertical timeline templates.

Download Free Vertical Timeline Templates

A vertical timeline is an effective tool to visualize the events or activities during a specific time in chronological order. You can download the free vertical timeline template in Word, Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint to depict a business report, plan and manage the project, and track the project’s milestones. It is an effective way to visualize past events, tasks of the present, and future activities to represent the expected output or outcomes of the project. You can highlight the main events or activities of your project in chronological order.

Vertical timeline templates save you lots of time that you spend creating it from scratch. You can easily use blank timeline templates to plan a project for business, represent the bibliography, and share knowledge in education, marketing, and other fields of life to represent events that occurred during a specific time. These templates are available in different formats, styles, and designs that make your work outline the key information. In this article, you’ll learn all about the timeline and get free templates to design your project timeline easily and efficiently.

Vertical Timeline Templates

In the linear concept of time, a vertical timeline is a useful way to represent the events that occurred in a specific period. These events can be related to business, education, history, health, research, etc. In project management, you need to track the project’s milestones to achieve the expected outcomes of the project. The timeline contains the series of events that occurred in the past, performed in the present, and represents the future outcomes. It is the best way of communication between different stakeholders of the project. The project team can easily communicate with the project by figuring out how they will perform and track the progress of the project quickly and efficiently. Timelines are a useful tool to present any data visually.

You can use the project charter template to describe the project’s outline efficiently. The timeline can be vertical, horizontal, Gantt chart, and interactive. Different types of timelines are used for various purposes; you can select one according to your needs. In our collection, you can get free vertical timeline templates in different designs and formats which are perfect for you. These templates are customizable, which means that you can edit them as you need. The example of a vertical timeline helps you to pursue your templates. You can find the blank printable vertical timeline to manage your project to achieve the desired goals effectively.

Uses of vertical timeline

A vertical timeline is key to representing the series of events in a project that is occurring and will occur in the future. You can easily track the events to get the desired result. Timeline templates are available in different sizes, formats, and designs; you can select them according to your needs. The size of the timeline depends on the size of the information that you want to present visually. It is used for a variety of reasons. Some reason why you can use the timeline is as follows: 

  • Project management: If you manage your project effectively, then you need some tool to track and represent all the tasks visually. For that purpose, a timeline chart is a useful way to track and set deadlines, and deliverables, define responsibilities, expected time to complete the project, actual time, and define other essential things. When all the things about a project are well defined, the project manager decides to design a timeline. With its help of, the project manager can easily highlight the important points to focus on. 
  • Event marketing: If you want to schedule events to promote your product or brand, then a timeline sheet is a useful tool to represent the series of all activities. It covers all the events that help you in monitoring the marketing tasks.
  • Share the knowledge: In school or college, timeline charts are widely used to represent information. The visual representation of the data can easily be understood by the student than some paragraphs in the text box. A vertical timeline is an essential tool to represent the life cycle, events, history, and other information in chronological order. 
  • Plot history: if you want to represent the history of politics, personal, business, essential people, and others, then you should make a list of it with a date when a specific event occurs. Put all the listed events with dates on timeline charts to represent them effectively. You can do it effectively by downloading the vertical history timeline templates, which are easy to use. 
  • Research: When you do some research, it is connected with a series of events during a specific time. The timeline covers all the events with dates to represent them effectively.

Tips for a successful vertical timeline

Your timeline should be designed in a manner that is easy to read by your audience. Pick a simple and editable vertical timeline template to put the most significant events in chronological order. Sometimes, things are not clearly defined with a horizontal timeline. It isn’t easy to read from left to right, so a vertical timeline is the best option to use over a horizontal one. The design of the timeline should be clear and include all the essential elements to make it useful. A timeline is successful if it contains all the vital details. The tips for a successful vertical timeline are as follows:

  • Should be clear: The timeline’s design should be clear so that all the information is easily understandable by the audience. Avoid using different colors in the timeline chart that may distract the audience and cause poor interaction. It would be best if you kept it simple and clear to get all the benefits of it. 
  • Expected time: Some timeline charts are created during the planning of a project. The project planning and managing timeline should contain the expected time to complete the project and complete each task in it. 
  • Make sure of accuracy: When you need to design a timeline to represent your events or activities visually, then make sure about the accuracy. The information placed in the timeline should be valid and accurate.
  • Well-defined goals: If you want to create a timeline with goals and outcomes, you should set it. You need to determine the goal of a project and the expected time to achieve it. 
  • Add data labels: You should add some data labels in the vertical timeline chart to accurately define things. It is necessary to make your chart more understandable and descriptive. These labels describe events, activities, and other information that make this chart more understandable. 

How to create a vertical timeline for a project 

A timeline chart is a useful tool to represent the events and activities that occurred during a specific time. In project management, you can highlight the task and process to increase communication between team members. It is one of the most popular tools for project planning and management. You need to provide an overview of the project’s tasks, deliverables, and outcomes to the stakeholders. For that purpose, the vertical timeline is the best option to do. Below we share some useful steps that help you to create an effective vertical timeline for the project. 

  • Define project scope: The first thing that you must do before any project planning is to identify the project scope. You need to identify the deliverables, outcomes, and processes to achieve the desired goals. 
  • List all tasks: When you define your project scope, you know how to achieve your project’s desired goals. You need to determine the process and the tasks involved to complete it. Make a list of the tasks involved to achieve the desired objectives of a project. 
  • Calculate duration: Calculate the time to complete this process successfully. Determine the deadline of your project to complete your project on time. 
  • Identify dependencies: In project planning, identifying dependencies is one of the most important factors where you identify which activity is linked to others. The next task can’t start before the completion of the previous task. 
  • Pick the template: You can find dozens of beautiful custom vertical timeline templates in PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats. The size of the template depends on the project size. These templates are available in various designs, pick your favorite one to outline your project. 
  • Plot information: Lastly, plot all the information on the template that you download from our site. Make sure that the information is free from any errors. A single mistake in your chart may spoil all the planning, sequence of events, and activities that may directly impact your project progress.

Benefits of vertical timeline

There are lots of things that are not clearly defined by the bunch of paragraphs in a document. You need to have a chart that provides a useful overview of the project, research, series of events, etc. Some significant benefits of a vertical timeline are as follows: 

  • With its help, you can easily share your information with others. 
  • You can state the history of politics, famous people, and personally easily. 
  • It is an effective tool for planning and managing the project. 
  • You can easily know which tasks are performed and which will be performed to achieve the desired goal. 
  • It is helpful to describe the series of events that occurred at a specific time.
  • Useful to track the progress of a project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the timeline?

The primary purpose of a timeline chart is to put the events or activities in chronological order.

What is the chronological order?

Chronological order means to arrange the things according to the time of occurrence.

Why is the vertical timeline better than horizontal?

Vertical timelines are easier to read than horizontal timelines. You can put more text in the vertical timeline to make it a detailed chart.

What is the type of timeline?

The common types of timelines are vertical, Gantt chart, static chart, and interactive chart.

Where do we need the timeline?

We need timelines in research, education purpose, project management, plotting history, etc.

What are the key components to create a timeline for a project?

It should include the task to perform, time duration to complete the project, dependencies, and goal to achieve.

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