70+ Medical History Form Templates

The medical history form helps the doctor to know the patient’s health history. These health history form templates will help you to track the patient’s health condition. This medical form document contains information about the patient’s diagnoses, medical investigations, and past diseases, etc. Any doctor needs the background of the patient medical condition in order to proceed with the treatment.

The medical history of a person is an essential document for making some crucial decisions. You must have a document that contains your medical record required for various purposes. Download your favorite free medical history form templates in Word or Pdf in one click. A complete guide about medical history form is shared, which is very useful to understand it easily. 

What Is A Medical History Form/Medical Chart?

A document that contains the information of a person’s health is called medical history form. Many decisions are based on a person’s medical history. It is one of the most important documents for your medical treatment or procedure and other legal issues. It contains the basic information of the person whose form is this, contact details, medical information, results of physical test, and other information. In medical history, it includes information about any allergies like food, environment or product, previous disease, current illness, and clear description of the medication. Your employers require a medical history form, insurance companies, judiciary, and medical research. If you visit a new doctor, he needs to view your medical history for effective treatment. You can ask for your medical history form from the hospital or clinic you have visited; they have medical history forms for each patient.

For hospitals or clinics, you can find a vast collection of medical history forms for healthcare. You can see our fantastic selection of free editable and printable medical history form templates. 

Download Free Medical History Form Templates

When We Need Medical History Form 

A medical history form is one of the most important medical documents which is always required for various purposes. In some situations, it works as proof and prevents you from many critical issues. Sometimes, in legal issues, the judiciary asks for the medical history of your client then you need a medical release form to access your client’s medical history. It may be a custody case, criminal and other injury cases in which the judiciary asks your medical history, which may save you from punishment. It is the most important document in various judiciary cases. Medical history forms an essential document to purchase an insurance policy; insurance agents ask for your medical history before giving an insurance policy. It is also very helpful for medical research. For medical research, they need to study the patient’s medical history who is suffering from some specific medical issues or disease. Employers want to access your medical history in case of any medical issues. They need a medical release form or medical history form to know your medical situation in the past. If you want to visit a new consultant for a second opinion, a new doctor wants to know your medical history for effective treatment.

Component Of Medical History Form 

Below we share every element of medical history, which helps you to understand the medical history form format more clearly. 

Patient’s information

First of all, the name of the patient, phone number, gender, age with an address is included in this portion of the medical history form. It is very important to mention the patient’s contact information to contact him/her in any legal or medical issues. 


Details about the allergies that patients have, it may be food, product, or drug allergy. Describe the type of allergy with its reaction. It’s important to give information about your medical history when you visit a new consultant. 


A clear description of medication should be mentioned in your medical history form, in which the dose of the medication with timing are included. 

Laboratory test history

Description of the type of test, date, provider name, and the result of the test is included in the medical history form.

Vaccination history

Information about the vaccination type with a date is described in this section.


Description of the type of surgeries, the reason behind the surgery, date of it with its provider name.

About disease

Information about your current disease, past disease, medication for it with consultant name.

Women medical history 

Details of the women’s medical condition are discussed in this date of the last menstrual cycle, a number of pregnancy, no. of live birth, and complications during pregnancy.


Signature at the end of this document makes it an authentic medical document.

Different Medical History Forms

From our vast collection of medical history forms templates, some of these areas as follows:

Medical history forms for employees

Nowadays, employers ask for your medical history in case of any medical history. Medical history form templates for employees are used to fill your current and past medical situation in detail, which helps to give an effective treatment in case of any emergency. You can see here a vast collection of medical history form templates in Word or Pdf, which helps to save your medical history in documents required for many reasons. It must be written in a way that is understandable to prevent you from any complexities. Sometimes, employers want to know that the person they are hiring is fit or not. For that purpose, they include it in the company’s recruitment process that helps you to prevent any medical issues in the future.

Patient medical history form

Patient medical history forms are required by the hospital or clinic to keep their medical records. It is helpful for further treatment in case you visit a new consultant for a second opinion. They need a great collection of patient medical history form templates to save their patient’s medical history. It is the best way to keep a record of it for the future. A portion contains the personal information of the patient, such as the patient’s name, address, phone number, email id, and other details are included. For the healthcare profession, it is essential to save every patient’s medical record by filing the medical history forms. Free medical history forms templates for health care are also available in our vast collection of templates.

Dental, medical history form

Whenever you visit your dentist for any dental treatment, they fill out a form containing all of your current or past medical conditions helpful for future use. Dental, medical history form is an essential medical document that helps you to prevent any legal or medical issues. Dental hospitals or clinics use dental, medical history form templates for your effective treatment in the future. Before any dental, medical procedure, or treatment, they give you a paper called consent form signed by you after reading it. It contains a method of treatment, cost of it, drugs involved in this procedure with all personal information. If you visit your dentist for teeth whitening procedure, you will sign a teeth whitening consent form before treatment. See our complete guide for teeth whitening consent form with the vast collection of its templates. 

Personal medical history forms

When you create your medical history document, you need a personal medical history form template to deliver your medical history. A private medical history form is essential medical documentation required for many purposes. It contains your personal Information, contact details, medication history, physician details, surgery details, current disease, past disease, and signature at the end of this document to make it a legal document. Free personal medical history forms are just one click away. These medical history forms templates are available in excel, World, or Pdf, which you prefer.

Child medical history form

Nowadays, children get sick because of some bad weather or unhealthy food. They visit their doctor at least once a week. Child medical history forms are used to keep a record of the medical situation of your child. When children travel without their parents for school trips or events, they need the medical history of every child in case of any medical issue—download free child medical history form in just one click. Child medical release form templates are also useful for this purpose to access the child’s medical history in case of any emergency. Use free blank medical history form templates to save the records of medical history.

Family Medical History Form

Nowadays, it’s common to have some genetic health problems; you may face many health issues from which your parents and their parents suffer. It’s essential to have a record of your medical situation with your parents and close relatives. In the family medical history form, Children’s, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, and cousins’ medical problems are included. You can see many common factors in a family because of their genes and the same environment. A common genetic disease is high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The best way to save the record of your medical situation is medical history form. Instead of asking everyone about their disease in your family, make a family medical history form in which all the information about every person’s medical situation should be included. Ask for every close relative and parent of their family medical history form to make a family medical history form is the best way to gather medical information from your family.

A family medical history form is one of the best ways to prevent any medical issue from suffering from your family. For that purpose, you need a family medical history form template to make a medical history of your whole family. Free family medical history form in Word or template is just one click from your access.

Who Should Include In Your Family Medical History Form 

Everyone knows about their genetic health issues. If anyone doesn’t know from which your family members suffer from. Every family member’s medical history form is one of the best ways for it. Family members included in a family tree are :

  1. Parents 
  2. Grandparents
  3. Sisters
  4. Brothers
  5. Cousins
  6. Uncle and aunts
  7. Nieces and nephews

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