Printable Reserved Sign Templates

You can make your work easier by downloading the free printable reserved sign templates for restaurant tables, seating, room, and parking in Word format. Nowadays, when some places are not available for everyone, a reserved sign is an effective way to avoid an unrelated person entering the area. The reserved sign is also used in hotels for reserved tables, parking centers, and seating in seminars.

The reserved sign should be designed clearly, which indicates the reserved area efficiently. It allows you to avoid the mess that may create when two people apply for the same table or room in the restaurant. It is used for various reasons that help you organize the booking sector of your restaurant, wedding places, and others. An individual responsible for event management can use the reserved sign template for weddings, restaurants, and seating to organize all the stuff. Below we share details about the reserved signs that help you to use them efficiently.

Download Free Reserved Sign Templates

In wedding ceremonies or parking areas and many other places, We usually see reserved signs which means that this place is occupied by someone and no one is allowed to take this area, table, or seat. For example, at the wedding ceremony, reserved signs were put on the tables that were reserved for the groom’s family. In some events, reserved signs were put on the seats for special guests.

A collection of unique designs of reserved sign templates is here. You can download these templates as you need.

Reserved Sign Template

A Reserved sign is used to indicate that the area, seat, or table is reserved for someone. It is used in restaurants for reserved tables or reserved rooms or places. It is the best way to handle restaurant reservations.

It usually contains the “reserved” title that indicates the place is already booked for someone; you can improve it by adding the restaurant logo, and the name of the person for which this place is reserved. It helps you avoid the problem that may arise when the reserved sign is missing from the table or room, and management allocates it to another one. The design of the reserved sign should be clear and impressive. You can get the reserved sign templates in a variety of designs in Word and PDF formats, used at different places like parking areas, restaurants, wedding ceremonies, and other events. These templates help you to make the reservation process more manageable.

It is the best way to improve reservation management by planning and placing a reserved title on the table or room, which is already booked. If you want to honor the special guest of an event, then a reserved seat sign is the best way to let your guests know how special they are. The reserved sign is needed to be placed in parking areas, chairs in events, tables, or rooms in restaurants, conference rooms, and wedding ceremonies. This sign is widely used in parking areas to let people know about parking because sometimes parking areas are reserved only for customers or for cars, not for motorbikes. The reserved parking sign templates allow you to add more information to create it as you need. 

Uses of Reserved Sign

The reserved sign is needed at different places to avoid any problem that may arise due to the poor reservation system. Everyone wants a unique style of reserved sign at their sites; you can download reserved sign tenant templates in various designs to create an effective one. It is used for different reasons; some are as follows: 

  1. In restaurants: The reserved signs are widely used in restaurants when someone reserves a table or room. It indicates that the room or table is already booked by a customer and helps avoid reservation management problems. The reserved sign placed on the reserved thing prohibits the allocation of a table or room for two people. The restaurant manager can make this work more manageable with table or room reserved sign templates available in different formats that you prefer. 
  2. In the wedding ceremony: Seating in the wedding ceremony is one of the essential tasks on the event manager’s to-do list. The event manager should decide who sits where at this wedding ceremony. The reserved sign with the name placed on the chair in the wedding ceremony indicates this chair’s reservation. 
  3. In seminars: In seminars to honor the special guest, the reserved sign-on chairs with the name are the best way to let the special guest feel special. The reserved sign is placed on the door of the seminar room that indicates the room’s reservation for the workshop. It is also used on chairs in the seminar room. Download the reserved sign for seminars on organizing all things effectively.  
  4. In parking areas: In parking areas, we usually see the signs that indicate the reservation of this parking area. Sometimes, a parking area is reserved for the customers of a shopping mall or college students, and some are reserved for cars. The parking area reserved signs are used for different reasons. You can edit the template of the parking reserved sign to create it as you need. 

How to create a reserved sign in Word

Reserved signs are commonly used at different places to show the reservation of it. In our collection, you can find reservation sign templates for various purposes. Below we share some steps to create a valid reserved sign from scratch. 

  • Step 1: Open Microsoft Word and click “New” to add a new file. 
  • Step 2:  Create a 2-column table in your document. Go to the “Insert” tab, and select two columns and three rows.
  • Step 3: If you want to add color to your page, select color from the “page color” option of “page layout.” You can add a background image to enhance your reserved sign. In the “page color” option, select the “fill effects,” then go to the “Picture” tab and choose the image for your document. 
  • Step 4: Go to the “file” tab and click “save as” to save your reserved signed document and print it as you need. 
  • Step 5: Select an appropriate font style from “Theme font” and font size. Go to each cell of your table, write “Reserved,” and other information that you need to appear on your reserved sign. 

Types of Reserved Sign 

The reserved sign is used to enhance your reservation system at a restaurant, manage the seats of events, indicate the parking areas, and others. There are various purposes for using the reserved sign. You can get the plain and fancy reserved sign templates you need, which are used for multiple purposes. Some commonly used reserved signs are as follows: 

  1. Individual reserved sign: Individual reserved sign is used for family members in wedding ceremonies, special guests in seminars, members of a meeting, and others. It contains the name of the person for which a specific chair is reserved. 
  2. Group reserved sign: This type of reserved sign is used in wedding ceremonies and events; for example, the first row of chairs is reserved for the bride’s family member. It is used when you don’t know the exact number of seats that need to be reserved for a family. 
  3. Chalkboard reserved sign: Chalkboard reserved signs can be used again and again. If you use it for a wedding ceremony, you can reuse it for a seminar or party. It is a cheaper way to design a valid reserved sign for an event. 
  4. Paper sheet reserved sign: Paper sheet reserved signs can be printable or handmade. It looks more professional if you use a printable and well-designed paper sheet reserved sign. It can be used for individual reservations or group reservations. If you want to design a perfect reserved sign, download our well-designed templates to create it effectively. 
  5. Double-sided reserved sign: You can mark your table, room, or place with a reserved sign to manage the reservation effectively. Double-sided reserved sign templates allow you to make changes that are suitable for you. These types of templates are excellent for restaurant table reservations and dinner parties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  6. Wooden reserved sign: Wooden reserved signs are made by experts and are used to decorate wedding ceremonies, restaurants, and parties to show the reservation. It is not easy to make changes when the pieces are done. 

Benefits of Reserved Sign

If you want to get all the benefits of a reserved sign, it should be clear and well-designed. From our collection, you can get a free table tent template in Word and PDF formats to design a valid sign. Some significant benefits of the reserved sign are as follows: 

  • Manage reservation system: Reservation sign improves your reservation system and helps to manage it effectively. The reservation sign on a table, place, or chair shows the reservation. When a table or room is reserved, management is not allowed to assign it to increase your business efficiency. 
  • Better planning: Booking some things allows you for advanced planning that may lead you to provide better service to get customer satisfaction.
  • Avoid mistakes: Reserved signs enable the event manager to plan the seating of an event effectively. It is helpful to avoid the mistakes that may create problems with the reservation. 
  • Saves time and effort: Sometimes, it is difficult to manage the reservation system of a restaurant or organization. This sign helps you to organize the reservation stuff which saves you lots of time and effort. 
  • Check the availability: With the help of this sign, you can check the availability of a table, room, or place. 

Common Types of Reserved Parking Signs

A parking sign is a way to provide information to the driver about the parking rules in the parking areas. Different types of parking signs are used for various purposes. Some commonly used reserved parking signs are as follows:

  • Customer reserved parking sign: This type of parking sign is used when the parking area is reserved for the customer of a shopping mall, shop, or organization. It indicates that the place is reserved for the customer’s parking only.  
  • Cars reserved parking sign: When the place is reserved only for car parking, then the car reserved parking sign is used to show the reservation. You can see the car purchase agreement template to set out a perfect agreement. 
  • Permit Parking sign: A permit parking sign is used to allow parking for specific people. It indicates the person who has a permit can only park the vehicle in the parking lot. 
  • Reserved disable parking sign: Reserved disable parking signs indicate that space is reserved for the disabled person parking. It means that no one is allowed to park except persons with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we need a reserved sign?

Reserved signs are commonly used in restaurants, wedding ceremonies, conferences, seminars, theaters, and other events.

What should include in the restaurant reserved sign?

It is vital to include the “reserved” title with the restaurant logo and name of the person for which the place or table is reserved.

How to assign seating at a wedding?

The reserved sign on the chair is the best way to assign seating at a wedding.

What makes an effective reserved sign?

A good reserved sign should be in a suitable size, clear and well designed.

What does the reserved sign mean?

Reserved sign placed on a table, room, or place shows that it is already booked for someone.

What is reserved parking?

It means that the parking space is already reserved for specific individuals.

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