45+ Employee Attendance Tracker Templates [Excel, PDF]

Employee attendance tracker is used to track employee presence, absence, leaves, tardiness, or more. The employee attendance tracker template provides information about who is absent or absent on certain dates. It helps to monitor each employee in an office and provide information that is used to make some important decisions.

One thing that includes the characteristics of a good employee is to be present regularly in the office. For this, the employee attendance sheet is used to track the attendance of employees. You can find Student Attendance Tracker templates as well.

Download Free Employee Attendance Tracker Templates

We share here a list of well-designed free printable employee attendance tracker Excel templates in excel and Google Sheets format, which is very useful and will save you money and time.

Employee attendance is a critical component for the success of any business. These templates are available in different themes and formats which you prefer. Below you can find a complete guide to managing attendance. One thing that includes the characteristics of a good employee is to be present regularly in the office. For this, the employee attendance sheet is used to track the attendance of employees. You can also find Student Attendance Tracker templates.

We share a list of well-designed free printable employee attendance tracker templates in Excel and Google Sheets format, which is very useful and saves you money and time.

Employee Attendance Tracker

The success of a company depends entirely on the performance of the employee. Employees are the assets of any company or organization. A company is nothing without its employees; it is essential to manage the attendance record of the employees to achieve high productivity. Track the productivity and working hours of every employee with the employee attendance tracker sheet. Employers of the company want to know who performed better in this area by giving full time. Employee information sheets are used to save the records of every employee. The punctuality of a person shows the professionalism and seriousness of the company. It is essential to make crucial decisions like promotion, which leads to a special project and other crucial tasks.

Information about the employees should be organized efficiently with employee profile templates. Sometimes, attendance issues create a conflict to complete a project, which may result in customer dissatisfaction, and it is the biggest factor in any company’s failure. Employees are the greatest assets of an organization. Every company or organization has its policy of time off taken. It is vital to inform every employee in writing about the company’s time off policy to handle the attendance issue. They should be aware of the actions that a supervisor or employer takes to reduce the absenteeism of employees. An attendance sheet is a useful tool for the teacher to track the attendance of the students, for businesses to monitor the employees, for trainers to track the presence of trainees, and so on. You can download free attendance tracker spreadsheets and templates.

Key Element Of Employee Attendance Tracker Template

Things that must be included in every attendance tracker to record the attendance of employees effectively. We share a well-formatted attendance tracker log, which contains all the elements that are required to track attendance. These are as follows:

  1. Title of the sheet. 
  2. Name of the organizer with the position title
  3. Name of the company 
  4. The date 
  5. Employee ID
  6. First name of the employee 
  7. Last name of the employee 
  8. Designation of the employee 
  9. Department name 
  10. Supervisor name 
  11. Arrival time 
  12. List of the vacation 
  13. Signature 
  14. Leaving time 
  15. Absent hours 

Make sure the attendance tracker spreadsheet for employees must contain all the above elements to manage the attendance record of employees.

Importance of Attendance Tracking 

The presence of the employees is one of the most important factors for a company’s success. It is one of the efficient ways to track the working hours of an employee. Some points of its importance are as follows:

  • An efficient way to track the attendance of employees. 
  • It is the best way to know how an employee is productive for your company. 
  • To determine how many hours an employee works every day. 
  • Help to track the performance of every employee that will help to make essential decisions in the future.
  • A company pays the employees according to their working hours; it helps to calculate the payments of employees.
  • Useful to know the absenteeism rate of an employee and how many hours he takes leave and deduct the payment of these hours. 
  • Helpful to make important decisions quickly. 
  • Way to know how a person is regular or professional.

Different Types of Attendance Tracker Templates 

Different types of attendance tracker templates are used in various fields and these are as follows:

School Attendance Template

The presence of every participant related to the activity that a company or department performs is very important for its success. For that purpose, teachers use the attendance register for the attendance record of students. Based on attendance, the school makes some important decisions most of the schools allow only those students to sit in exams who have at least 75% of attendance or give attendance rewards to regular students. The Head of the school needs a proper attendance record for every student. You can find here the school attendance tracker template for students and teachers. 

College Attendance Template

Colleges also need to be useful to track the attendance of college students, teachers, and other staff members. It is the most efficient way to manage the presence of every participant in your college. To make your work easier, we share a collection of the best college attendance templates in Word and Excel formats that work for you. 

Business Attendance Template

A business attendance spreadsheet helps you to find the information related to the attendance of your employees. Attendance templates are an efficient way to quickly access the details of employees’ attendance, like working hours, time off hours, absence, and other related information. You can use these free business attendance templates, which are easy to use and help you solve all the problems related to employee attendance. 

Meeting Attendance Template

Track the attendance of weekly or monthly meetings with the meeting attendance template. An employee who is regular and attends all the meetings on time deserves an attendance reward or recognition letter from the organization for appreciation. It contains the name of the person who participated in a meeting with the location and purpose of the meeting. It is essential to take the signature of every participant who presents in the meeting to make this document authentic in case of any legal issues. Download the free meeting attendance template in one click. 

Training Attendance Template

The training attendance template is used to monitor the attendance record of the person who attended the training. It should contain the name of the person who gives training, the name of the trainee with arrival and leaving time. You can download your favorite training attendance templates that are according to your needs.

Benefits of Attendance Tracker 

The attendance record of the employee is one of the most important factors that must be considered to make some important decisions. An attendance tracker is vital for every type of business, organization, or company. You should know how the attendance tracker is important for the development of an organization. There are many advantages of attendance tracker templates. Some of these are as follows:

Increase Productivity

If all the members of a company are present regularly on time and strictly follow the working hours, then no one can stop this company from developing. A company stands up just because of its loyal employees. If all the employees give their best and follow the office timing, then the productivity of the company will increase. All these things are just because of tracking the attendance of the employee. An employee attendance spreadsheet is the best way to accomplish the desired task. 

Track The Employee Performance

Employers or supervisors want to know about every employee who comes on time. Attendance tracker templates give them all the information that they want to know. It isn’t very easy to track the arrival time of every employee, but with tracking spreadsheets, it is easier to see the arrival and leaving times of the employee. The punctuality of the employees shows professionalism. 

Highlight The Time Theft

Sometimes, most of the employees leave the office before the time off. The attendance tracker helps the supervisor to find who takes time off and how many hours by collecting the information from the spreadsheet or template. Companies warn the employee to deduct the time off hours payments from the total and deduct the money when they can’t stop taking time off.

Calculate The Working Hours

From the attendance sheet, employers calculate the working hours of every employee and pay them according to their working hours. All the data regarding employee attendance or working hours are available in one place. 

Save Time And Money

Employers or supervisors quickly access the data of employee working hours, arrival time, leave time, and vacation data with attendance tracker templates. It is the best way to calculate the working hours quickly which saves your time, and by deducting the time off hours payment, you can save money for the company. 

How To Write Your Attendance Tracker Template In Excel 

You can see our impressive collection of attendance tracker templates in Excel, which you can use for schools, colleges, and offices to track attendance. These templates are easy to use, customizable, and monitor the attendance of every employee regularly. But if you want to create your attendance tracker template in Excel, then follow these few easy steps:

  • Step 1: Open Microsoft Excel
  • Step 2: Click on the “new document.” 
  • Step 3: Make the header of your document. Go to the Insert tab and click the header button; the header of your document will be created. Type the header of your document in the selected area for the header. In the header of your sheet, it should include the name of your organization, the organizer’s name, and the position of the organizer in the company. 
  • Step 4: Select the A1 column and make the first column header “Employee name.” 
  • Step 5: Write the name of the second header column as “Employee designation” in the B1 cell. 
  • Step 6: Make the column header as “arrival time,” “leaving time,” “department name,” “signature,” and the column for “vacation” in the C1, D1, E1, F1, and G1 cell respectively. 
  • Step 7: Save the file as an “Employee attendance tracker.”
  • Step 8: If you want to add more information, then make more column headers as you need. 

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