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A recognition letter is a document that is awarded to the employee for his outstanding performance in the organization. This letter shows the trust and appreciation of the hard work employees do at their jobs.

Writing an employee recognition letter is a time-consuming process, and here we have collected some nice recognition letter template samples for you to download and use.

Download Free Employee Recognition Letters Templates

A recognition letter is a nice way to say “thank you” to your employees. Every employee wants to be recognized for their hard work. Writing a letter of appreciation is not difficult, but sometimes you may feel some difficulty in formatting.

If you want to send a letter of appreciation to your employee in a formal way, then see our complete guide for employee recognition letters and tips for writing it with other best ideas of appreciation. With a complete guide to recognition letters, you can also find a vast collection of free employee recognition letter templates in different formats that you prefer.

What is an employee recognition letter?

A letter received by your employers as an appreciation of your hard work and job well done is called a recognition letter. Sending an employee recognition letter is the best way to say “thank you” to your employees for this great contribution to the development of the company. The basic purpose of this letter is to thank your employees for doing a great job. It is good practice to appreciate your team for their great effort to complete specific tasks.

A letter of achievement is one of the best ways to motivate your employees for the effort they put into achieving a particular task at work. There are various ways you can use to express thanks and feel special to your employees. One of the best ways is to write a letter of appreciation to your employees for their outstanding performance. Compose an employee recognition letter by downloading free employee recognition letter templates in one click.

These templates are available in different formats, whichever you prefer. Use precise and business formal tone in your recognition words. Every organization has a different culture to appreciate their employees; some companies use email, send letters, give small bonuses, and use verbal phrases. The most appropriate way to recognize your employees formally is to send a letter of recognition. For that purpose, you can see sample employee recognition letters for their hard work to understand more about it. To save you time and money, we share a collection of employee recognition letter templates for a job well done. 

Tips for writing an employee recognition letter 

Below we share some tips you must follow for sending a letter of appreciation to your employees. These are as follows:

Be precise

Be specific in your message, express what he has done, what you like, and how he did a great job and made a great contribution to the development of this company or organization. State the reason for this letter and what you have expected from him in the future and include how he can do better.

Be positive

Sometimes the “thank you” note is not sincere; the tone of the message is not as sincere and positive as it should be. Be positive and sincere in your message. Express your gratitude, which makes them feel special. It is the best way to say thank you by sending a letter for their support and cooperation. 

Personalize it

Compose it in a way that shows it is personally for him, not a copy-paste work. Add some specific messages about his outstanding work. 


A letter received from a professional platform with errors is a big failure. It should be error-free. Please read it, and edit it carefully to make it an error-free document. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. 

Use high-quality paper

Must use high-quality paper to make it more professional and classy. Use high-quality stationery, which reflects the value of your employees for you. A printable employee recognition letter template helps you to compose a formal error-free recognition letter.

Other Best Ideas For Showing Appreciation For Your Employees

As we discussed above, a recognition letter to your employees is the best way to appreciate your employees for their hard work. Every person wants to be recognized by their employers for their excellent work. For that purpose, they put their great effort or hard work to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. In return, they need some words of appreciation from their employer. Below we list some other ideas that you can use to reward your employees:

Give a trophy

In the success of any project, the team’s effort and hard work matter. A company is nothing without its workers. In the development of a company, there are great contributions from some employees. In various ways, you must appreciate them for their hard work and efforts. One of the best ways is to give a trophy for a job well done. This means a lot that motivates the employees for their future work.

Certificate of achievement

Companies or organizations must appreciate that person who achieves a specific goal efficiently. Employers should reward him with a “Certificate of achievement,” you can see our tremendous collection of certificate of achievement templates in Word or Excel which you prefer. 

Celebrate it

Another way of appreciating your employees is to celebrate the employee’s birthday and work anniversary by throwing a surprise party. Celebrate the success of arranging lunch for your office’s employee with his family. 

Approve vacation request

Employers reward their employees for their outstanding performance by approving the vacation requests they submit. Employee requests for the vacation to go on a family trip or some other reason. It states the professionalism of the employee. Employers receive employee vacation request forms to approve or reject it. Employers accept vacation requests as a reward for their achievement of some specific goals.

Arrange a dinner

You can arrange a dinner at a restaurant and invite your employees as a special guest to appreciate their work. It is one of the most elegant ways to motivate your employees and make them feel special. If you want to increase your productivity and want to see your company in a high position, then appreciate the work of your employees in different ways.

Give special tasks or projects.

Motivate your employees by giving them special projects except for their regular tasks. It is the best way to motivate your employees. This will help them to grow, be confident, and do something great in this field. 

Other gifts

Employees want nothing except some words of appreciation or reward in return for their great hard work and effort. Another best way to reward your employees is to give them something like a pen or book. If you know your worker’s interest gives a gift, he likes it more.

An employee of the month

Arrange events to appreciate your employees, and announce the person as “employee of the month” who contributes a lot to the achievement of a specific goal. 

Why Employee Appreciation Matters

Every person wants some positive words or simple “thanks” from their employer in return for lots of work or effort. Employee appreciation matters to increase the productivity of your organization:

Encourage employees

It is good practice to appreciate your employees for their hard work and excellent work. Employers must understand and reward their employees for a great contribution to the achievement of a specific task. It makes your employees feel happier and encourages them to do an excellent job in the future. We discussed various ways to appreciate your employees. Employee appreciation is key to success for the success of your organization.

Build a great relationship with employees

In some workplaces, the relationship between employees and employers is not good. Appreciation from your employer builds a great relationship with your employer. Employees feel happier and more satisfied as their work is recognized. Great relationships between co-workers and employers help to grow your business. Employees who are appreciated by their employers give more efficient work than others.

This leads to a positive work environment

Appreciation and reward to the employees lead to a positive work environment. Appreciated employees are motivated and put effort into making their work better.

Increase engagement and loyalty

When the relationship is great between the employees and the employer, increases the engagement of the employee. A business with engaged employees is more successful and gives more productivity than disengaged employees.

Employee Recognition Letter Format

It is good practice to say “thank you” to your staff for their support and cooperation. Sending formal letters of appreciation to your employees for excellent performance is the best way to motivate your staff. It would be best if you were thankful to your employees who put their effort into the development of your organization. You should write a recognition letter in an appropriate format. Employee recognition letter format in Word or PDF is just one click away. A professional format of a recognition letter is as follows:


If you want to write a recognition letter appropriately, then you should write the date at the top of this letter.

Recipient’s name and address

Enter the Recipient’s name with address.


Enter a greeting like “Dear John” or “Dear David.” If you write a letter of appreciation to you for the student, teacher, volunteer work, and donation, write a salutation according to their position like “Dear student Lewis” or “Dear teacher David.”

Reason for your letter

State the purpose of this letter clearly; if someone donates to your organization, state that we are thankful for your donation, then go into a little bit of detail about how their donation helps us in various purposes. It would be best if you wrote the reason for your letter and then stated a few facts about it. 


Close your letter with lots of thanks and express your gratitude by saying something like, “I’m humbled and grateful.” 

End your letter

End your letter with a handwritten sign with the typed name of the sender. 

Types Of Recognition Letters

There are two types of recognition letters:

Formal recognition letter 

Formal letters are the best way to communicate with your employees or customers. Formal letters are professional letters used for business professionals. Formal recognition letters should be written in appropriate manners. You can follow the above format of the formal recognition letter. There are many advantages of a formal recognition letter, some of these:

  1. The best source to appreciate your employees
  2. Establish a great relationship
  3. Makes your employees feel special
  4. Professional way of appreciation
  5. Informal letter:

Informal letter

Informal letters are used to recognize the employees for their great efforts in achieving a specific goal. It is the best way to feel happier and motivate your employees. An informal letter is a friendly letter composed without following some particular format.

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