45+ Bill of Lading Templates (PDF, Excel, Word)

The bill of lading is an official document that is a type of contract between the barrier and the shipper. It is given by the barrier to the shipper that consists of the information about the goods quantity, what kinds of goods are being transferred to, and shipping method, and also contains the source and destination details of shipment. It is also referred to as a “waybill.” For that purpose, you need a “best waybill template,” which contains all information about your shipment of goods.

Download or Print Free Bill of Lading Templates

You can download a sample bill of lading example here. You can find different types of simple bill of lading templates in a Google doc, including Blank Short Form Bill of Lading style, Blank Bill of Lading, University Bill of Lading, Sample Government Bill of Lading, Goods Transport Bill of Lading, and Transport Delivery Bill of Lading Templates. You free download it in a few steps.

What Is A Bill Of Lading (BOL, B/L)?

A large boat used for transferring goods or people by sea is called a “ship.” The act of loading a ship with freight is called “lading.” The bill of lading is an official document that is used for shipping transportation that contains information about the shipping goods. It contains all the necessary information about a shipment in which the quantity of the goods, which kind of goods are being transferred to, the shipping method, and details about the source and destination of the goods are included.

A proforma bill of lading is a document that is used as proof that both recipient and shipper agree on the terms and conditions mentioned in the bill of lading. Similarly, there are a few more types of templates such as vehicle bill of lading templates and house bill of lading templates.

Bill Of Lading Number

The Bill of lading number is a unique number assigned by the shipping line and is the main number used for tracking the status of the shipments.

Here is a collection of best-lading bill templates in PDF, Word, and Excel format. You can also select and download the waybill template according to your needs.

What Should Include In Bill Of Lading?

When you create a bill of lading, some necessary things should be included in it. Below is a list of information that should appear on the bill of lading:

  • Shipper details in which company name, company code, Address, phone number, and other related information are included.
  • Date of shipment
  • What kind of packaging method is used for cartoon drums, etc.?
  • The source and destination details should be included in the bill of lading.
  • The name and contact information of the person who notified when the cargo has arrived.
  • The number of commodities and types of these.
  • The weight and volume of the goods are going to be transferred.
  • Name the port of load and port of discharge.
  • Other related information on the bill of payment, such as payment terms, conditions, reference numbers, etc.

Different Types Of Bills of Lading

Below is a list of different types of bills of lading.

  1. Straight bill of lading
  2. To order a bill of lading
  3. Clean bill of lading
  4. Soiled bill of lading/foul bl/ claused bill of lading/ unclean bill of lading
  5. Inland bill of lading
  6. Through bill of lading
  7. Multimodal/Combined transport bill of lading
  8. Direct bill of lading
  9. Stale bill of lading
  10. Ocean bill of lading

Straight bill of lading

This type of bill of lading is used when you have already paid for items. By using this type of bill of lading, the company or party cannot sell this shipment to another company or party. This bill of lading is a non-negotiable bill of lading, which is used for a particular party, and the party who is shipping the items cannot re-assign this shipping to other parties.

To order a bill of lading.

In this type of bill of lading, the payment is not paid in advance. To order a bill of lading is a negotiable document. It is safe, and the shipping can be transferred to the customer on his terms.

Clean bill of lading

A clean bill of lading is used when the shipper signs off with the consignment loaded in proper condition, and no package has been damaged.

Soiled bill of lading/foul bill of lading/Claused bill of lading/unclean bill of lading 

A soiled bill of lading is issued when the items are damaged in some way.

Inland bill of lading

An Inland bill of lading is issued when the cargo is transferred across domestic land.

Through bill of lading

Through bill of lading is issued when cargo passes through the various distribution centers. It allows the shipper carrier to pass through two distribution centers in which the inland bill of lading and an ocean bill of lading are included. It depends on its final destination.

Multimodal/combined bill of lading

A multimodal/combined bill of lading is used when cargo passes through various distribution centers.

The difference between a thorough bill of lading and a multimodal/combined bill of lading is that a thorough bl is used when two modes of transportation are required. In contrast, the multimodal bill of lading is issued when at least two forms of transportation are required.

Direct bill of lading

Direct bill of lading is issued when the shipper carriage the cargo from one port to another port when you know the shipper that picks up the items and delivers them.

Stale bill of lading

When the goods reach before the bill of lading, this type of bill of lading is called “stale.”

Ocean bill of lading

This type of bill of lading is issued when the shipper transfers goods nationally or internationally.

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