30+ Bill of Lading Templates

The bill of lading is an official document that is a contract between the barrier and the shipper, it is given by the barrier to shipper that consist of type of goods, quantity,  shipping method and include the source and destination of shipment. It is also referred as “waybill”. For that purpose, you need a “best waybill template” which contains all information about your shipment of goods.

A large boat used for transferring goods or people by sea is called “ship”. The act of loading a ship with freight is called “lading”.

Here is some collection of best lading bill template, you can select and download waybill template according to your needs. We have many sample bill of lading template in google docs, Blank Short Form Bill of Lading style, Blank Bill of Lading, University Bill of Lading, Sample Government Bill of Lading, Goods Transport Bill of Lading and Transport Delivery Bill of Lading Templates.