60+ Free Printable Luggage Tag Templates (Word | PDF)

When some passengers have the same bags in travel, then the luggage tag template helps you make a tag for your luggage to identify your bag. Browse our site to download free personalized luggage tag templates in Word, PDF, PSD, and other formats. People carry important things in their luggage when they go out for personal or office traveling, and if something is lost, a big problem may arise.

The luggage tag template sample helps you design it effectively for your business and personal traveling. It is an essential traveling accessory that gives identity to your luggage and lessens the chance of misplacing your bag. The custom luggage tag should be placed inside or outside your bag, which helps you find it easily and quickly. See below to learn more about luggage tag templates.

Download Free Editable Luggage Tag Templates

Luggage Tag Template

If you want to ensure your bag’s safety, a luggage tag is the best way to save the bag from misplacing. There are so many bags in traveling with the same color, size, and design; you can easily find your bag if you place a luggage tag on it. The luggage bag tag should contain your first name, last name, phone number, address, and other information you want to add. The information on the language tag helps the finder contact and return you if you lose your bag. The printable luggage tag templates are available in different sizes and designs; you can pick the templates according to your needs. When you go out for your business tour, you carry essential files and equipment from your office, and losing the luggage with these things may create big problems for your professional career.

You should use the name badge issued by your company on your business trip; it shows professionalism. You can see the travel request form template to submit requests for everything you need from your company on this tour. If you travel by air, the airline issues a luggage tag that contains information about your flight and contact information. The airline luggage tag may contain some errors that cause a serious problem. That’s why you should use your luggage tag and ensure it contains valid information. You can easily find your checked bag from the baggage carousel at the airport. The luggage tag is essential for everyone who travels via bus, air, and train. The luggage ID template in Word, PDF, PSD, and other image formats helps track your luggage easily.

Why do we need the luggage tag?

The luggage tag is an essential tool for tracking luggage and making your tour enjoyable. When bags are the same color, design, and size, it is vital to save your luggage from being stolen and misplaced. It is needed whether you travel within or outside the country. The sturdy tag inside or outside the bag helps you prevent any difficulties that may arise from losing the luggage. See below to learn the importance of luggage tags. 

  • Identify the luggage: When you travel via land or air, there are many passengers whose suitcases match your suitcase. This may increase the chances of exchanging bags, which creates problems for you. The luggage tag found outside the bag lessens the chances of exchanging the bag and quickly identifying it from the baggage carousel. 
  • Lessen the chance of losing: If you want to prevent yourself from any luggage stealing and losing headaches, then a luggage tag is the best option for you. It is helpful to find your bag easily and quickly.
  • Help the bag finder contact you: If you lose your bag, the information on the luggage tag helps the bag finder reach you and return it. Using our editable luggage tag template will not ruin your tour.  
  • Provide information to the airlines: Airlines usually place a sticky tag on your luggage containing your travel information. If they need more information, they can get it from your luggage tag. 
  • Track your luggage progress: When you travel by air, the airlines issue the bar-coded luggage tag that links you and the airlines with your bag. They place it with your bag when you check in. You can quickly know about your luggage place and get information about where it is heading.

What to include in the luggage tag

When you move from one place to another, luggage safety is essential to make the tour successful. A luggage tag is helpful if it includes the essential information that helps identify the luggage easily. The information that should consist for every luggage bag tag is as follows:

  • It must contain the first and last name of the luggage bag owner. 
  • The phone number to contact if the owner lost it. 
  • It should contain the office address. 
  • The email address of the owner. 
  • It should include an alternative phone number in case of any emergency. 
  • The travel destination, flight information, and other contact resources are on your inside luggage tag. 

The above information should be placed on a carry-on or checked luggage bag tag to provide essential information to the bag finder for returning purposes. The tag templates are available in different sizes, which are well-designed and allow you to include all the essential information to make it useful. If airlines include wrong information on your bag tag, your own tag helps you identify and correct this mistake. 

How to create luggage tag in Word

The luggage tag is an essential traveling accessory that must be included in your carry-on and checked luggage bag. Sometimes, making the luggage tag from scratch can be time-consuming. For that purpose, you can easily download a free luggage name tag template in Word and other formats to make your work easier. See below for easy steps to create a luggage tag in Word.

Step 1: Open a “blank document” by clicking “File” from the main menu, then clicking “New” and selecting “blank document.” 

Step 2: First, decide the size of your luggage tag. Go to the “Page Layout” tab, click “size,” and select “More page size.” Adjust the size of your page as needed and set the margin. 

Step 3: Select an appropriate font size and style the “Font” collection of the “Home” tab. Write your name, phone number, address, and other essential information to enter your luggage tag. The information you place should be followed by an appropriate label that defines the information in front of it. For example, you should write the label “phone number” followed by the number digits. 

Step 4: To add a background picture, go to the page layout and select the “fill effect” from the page color to choose the background image. 

Step 5: To print the document, go to the “file” tab then select “print” from the file option with other settings.

Benefits of the luggage tag

A luggage tag gives you lots of benefits to make your tour joyful without any problem of luggage stealing. It is common to steal and exchange luggage when you are traveling. When you travel via air or bus, many people also travel with many suitcases that may match your luggage suitcase. In this situation, a luggage tag is the only option to reach your final destination with all your luggage bags. Some significant benefits of luggage tags are as follows: 

  • It helps you identify your luggage bag from the baggage carousel at the airport and luggage storage place at the bus station. 
  • At the airport, the tag placed by the airlines helps you to know about your luggage bag. 
  • It helps to avoid the problem of picking up your luggage bag by other travelers accidentally. 
  • The luggage tag lets the airlines get more information about you if you lose your bag at the airport. 
  • If your bag is exchanged with another traveler, the information on it can help you get your luggage back.

Effective tips to keep your luggage safe

As a traveler, you may know about the problems arising if you lose your luggage bag. It may happen to anyone, but you can avoid this problem with some effective tips. Below we share some useful tips to keep your luggage safe:

  • Don’t leave your bag at a crowded place: Whether at the airport, bus station, coffee shop, or any other place you travel, don’t leave your bag at these places. Your luggage will be stolen in a second, and your whole trip will be ruined by a bit of carelessness. 
  • Separate your valuable things: Don’t keep your valuables in your checked bag. Checked bags are more likely to be stolen and exchanged than carry-on bags. Always keep your valuable items like cash, identity cards, and other legal documents with you. 
  • Always tie zips: The tie zips prevent your luggage from different small theft cases. The open zips may cause the dropping or loss of some essential luggage content.  
  • Use tags: As discussed above, a luggage tag is essential to prevent your luggage from stealing and losing. You can quickly identify your bag from other similar bags, and in case of exchanging or losing the bag, it helps the finder to contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many luggage tags are needed to put?

You should place two tags on your checked luggage, one for outside that contains the owner’s name and phone number and another for inside that includes some additional information about the owner.

What makes a luggage tag best?

Clear information placed on the luggage tag about the owner helps to prevent any stealing and losing issue, making it useful.

Is the luggage tag the best to identify the bag?

When there are some similar bags, then a luggage tag is the best way to identify your bag easily.

Where do I hang the luggage tag?

The luggage tag should be placed on the outside of the luggage bag.

Is it safe to put the home address on the luggage tag?

If you place your phone number on the luggage tag, there is no need to put the home address.

How to track the luggage with an airline tag?

The tag issued by the airlines contains some bar codes that provide information about your luggage progress.

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