50+ Printable Birthday Card Template Free

Sending a birthday card is the traditional and popular way to convey your best wishes to the celebrant. Great designs of birthday card templates with warm birthday messages make someone feel special. Choose great birthday card templates free from our gallery of selections to send your good wishes and make someone’s day more special.

Download editable blank happy birthday card templates to send an email, make posts on social media, and hand-delivered. These printable birthday card templates are available in various designs and are editable to design them.

Download Free Birthday Card Templates

Birthday Card Templates

Designing a birthday card for a special one is not difficult, but getting free beautifully designed birthday card templates in the format you want makes your work easier and saves you time. In our collection, you can find a variety of cute and funny birthday card templates that are customizable and free of cost. These templates are available in Word format, which allows you to make any changes. Greeting cards with love, thanks, and well wishes. They help you express your feelings for the person you care about. Nowadays, pop-up birthday cards are popular and interesting to open for the receiver.

The three-tire pop-up birthday card templates help you to design a memorable card for your dear one. The best thing is that you can get the print of these templates free and edit them too. In this blog, you can also get the best birthday wishes for your loved one. Download the template, make changes if you want, like posting photos, the name of the receiver, and a birthday message, and click the print button to get the print of it. 

How to Design a Birthday Greeting Card

A great birthday greeting card design with many meaningful lines to express your love and feelings for the celebrant makes them feel extra special. The ready-made templates save lots of time than designing a handmade card. If you don’t know how to decorate it, then don’t worry; below, we share simple steps that allow you to make it interesting for your family or friends.

Step 1: Who to send: First, think about who to send the birthday card to. If you are sending it to your family, make it cute, and if you are sending it to your colleagues or boss, it should be sophisticated. 

Step 2: Select Template: Select the template from our hundred happy birthday wish collections according to the celebrant’s choice. In our selection of greeting cards, you can find simple or funny birthday cards for friends or family and invitation cards for birthday parties. These templates are printable and used as an eCard to send best wishes. It looks nice when you select high-quality paper material to design the greeting card for your dear one. 

Step 3: Make changes: As we discussed above, our collection of templates allows you to add colors, text, stickers, and images of the celebrant. You can use any document edit tool to customize it. 

Step 4: Add Birthday wishes: The birthday message is the real thing that makes your birthday card interesting. You can write words that make the receipt feel special, with lines of thanks, love, and prayers.

Step 5: Write your name: At the end, write your name, whatever the celebrant knows of you. You can share your contact details to keep in touch with the receipt. 

Tips to design a unique birthday card

Sending a cute birthday card on someone’s special day shows your care for the celebrant. Making a little effort for a birthday greeting card means a lot to the recipient. Below are some easy and helpful tips for designing the best birthday card quickly.

Use colors: A birthday is a day of full color, joy, and happiness. Use bright colors in the birthday wish card that looks nice. If you know the recipient’s favorite colors, then use them. In our collection of cards, you can find all the colors you love and add more using the editable feature. 

Add photo: Nothing is better than using some visual of love and joyful memories snaps. If you have a photo of the recipient, use it to decorate your card. You can use the photo of the receiver on the printable card or eCard. Your little effort expresses how you care about the recipient and make their day special. 

User glitters: The birthday girl or boy deserves something special on her birthday. When you know the birthday person loves glitter and sparkle, download glitter birthday wish card templates and send your glitter wishes.

Decorating with balloons: When you think about birthdays, the first thing that comes to mind is celebrations, cakes, and balloons. You should decorate your card with balloons to make it interesting for your business and personal use at the time of wish. Select your favorite greeting cards in a balloon theme from our collection to make someone’s day extra special. 

How to Write a Birthday Message

If you wish your friends or family members a happy birthday and want to make them feel special, then your birthday message is the best way to do that. See below for tips on how to make your words special for the celebrant.

  • Professional birthday wishes: Sending wishes on someone’s birthday helps make a good relationship with the recipient. For that purpose, you must send birthday wishes to your clients, customers, seniors, and others with whom you have a professional link. Keep it simple and formal in tone. Select an appropriate greeting card template to send via email or hand-delivered, but ensure the celebrant receives it on time.
  • Birthday wishes for friends: Sending well wishes to your friends on their birthdays is fun. Find some great words to wish your friends. You should express your love with kind words and appreciate him saying thanks for his love and support. 
  • Birthday wishes for family members: A birthday is the best day to show your love and care for the celebrant. Use kind words to wish cutely and funnily. It is the best way to tell someone how special they are. 

Birthday Wishes and Birthday Card Messages

Some people don’t know what to write in a birthday message. A straight formal tone in your words may hurt someone’s feelings. Below we share some kind and loving birthday greetings to write a special wish card online.

  • Simple happy birthday wishes: If you don’t have any close relationship with the birthday celebrant, then use short and simple lines of wishes. Some examples are:
    1. “Happy Birthday to the good personality; get more, and may you reside long.”
    2. “Happy birthday Queen, many more to come”.
  • Professional birthday messages: Select the right words to make a professional birthday wish. Use words that show kindness and care for your receiver. Some examples of professional birthday messages are as follows:
    1. “Happy birthday to my work buddy; waiting for a great treat.”
    2. “Happy birthday, dear; best of luck”.
  • Belated birthday messages: If you forgot someone’s birthday, a late birthday wish is better than never. Examples of belated birthday messages are as follows:
    1. Sorry, I’m busy somewhere and forgot your birthday, I hope you had a joyful day”.
    2. “Happy birthday my very kind and amazing friend. I hope you had great fun”.
  • Cute birthday wishes for friends: Friends are the biggest blessing in anyone’s life. When it’s time to make your friend feel special, a birthday message is a great way to do that. See below for amazing examples of birthday messages.
    1. “You are the love of my life; thanks for your love, care and support; may you have the happiest birthday”.
    2. “Wish you a cheerful birthday and best wishes for the whole year my best friend”.

Best and Cute Birthday Card Idea

It is always a nice gesture to wish someone on their birthday by sending a card. You can design an interesting birthday card for your loved one by using the ideas below. 

  • 3d pop-up birthday card: Pop-up birthday cards are creative and look amazing when the receiver opens them. These cards need some effort but look fantastic and stand out from others. You can place a pet, bear, or cake and add your favorite to your card. The templates of beautiful pop-up cards make it the next-level wish. 
  • Pocket birthday wish: Everyone deserves something special on their birthday; you can stand out from the crowd with the help of unique ideas for birthday wish cards. The hand-made card with many colors and images makes your birthday card special. You can create pockets of card templates and put some money or chocolates in them to make the celebrant feel extra special.
  • Printed birthday card: Blowing out the birthday candles is one of the fun and crazy moments of a birthday celebration. You can place paper-cut candles on your birthday card to make it unique or download its template. 
  • Heart-shaped birthday card: Cards are the most popular and traditional ways to send well wishes to someone. A heart-shaped birthday card design shows your love for the celebrant. You can make it within a few seconds by free downloading it from our site.

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