45+ Doctor Prescription Pad Templates

A prescription pad template is used by a medical practitioner who is licensed to prescribe medicines. Medicine prescribed by the doctor should be on a specific prescription pad. The purpose of this prescription pad is to personalize the names of prescribed medicines by doctors. It is not only used by doctors but also used by other medical professionals.

Prescribed medicine should be written in a way that is easily understood by the patient. It is also very important for the medical practitioner to avoid errors while writing a prescription.

Download Free Doctor Prescription Pad Templates

You can download free prescription pad templates. Here is a collection of prescription pad templates that are available in a unique format. We also have different types of templates, including medical receipt templates and doctor letterhead templates.

Do you have some knowledge about the prescription pad and its benefits? In this article, we discuss doctor prescription pad templates with all other information on their uses and benefits. If you face some difficulties in reading the prescription and can’t understand the abbreviation used by the doctor, then don’t worry. Here we share a complete guide about prescription and all the abbreviations used for it.

What Is A Doctor’s Prescription Pad?

A doctor’s prescription pad is used to prescribe medicine for patients as a treatment for illness. The doctor uses it, but sometimes it can be used by the nurse or some other medical professional for the prescription of some basic mediocre to the patient. It contains the necessary information about the doctor, the name of the doctor, and a portion of medicine prescribed by the doctor with their signature. The name of the clinic with its address and contact number appears on top of the prescription pad.

Every medical professional must have a prescription pad and should be written in a way that is easily understandable by the patient according to the prescription pad format. In some countries, you can’t buy any medicine without a prescription from a doctor; you must see a paper prescription by a licensed doctor to buy some medicine from a medical pharmacist. You can find here a collection of free doctor prescription templates in a unique and attractive design that you find nowhere else. For doctors, the prescription pad is like a brand of their medical service. These templates are available in different formats in which you prefer, like Word or PDF.

Parts Of the Prescription Pad

Every doctor or medical professional must have a prescription pad that contains the basic info of the doctor with their clinic and a portion to prescribe medication to the patient. It must follow the standard format of the prescription pad. Download the Free Blank prescription template to make it more professional. Below we discuss all the parts of the prescription pad in detail, which helps you to understand the prescription pad more clearly. 

Doctor/ Medical Professional Details

On top of the prescription pad, you can see information about the prescriber with their medical degree titles like dentists and orthopedics. Check out our fantastic collection of free dentist and orthopedic doctor prescription templates in Word or PDF. Information about the clinic in which the name of the clinic with the address, and contact number also appears on it. Which hours, doctors are available at the clinic, are also mentioned at the end of the prescription pad. Clear information about the prescriber with their name and clinic appears on the prescription pad. 

Patient Information

Information about the patient in the name of the patient, gender, and age of the patient is included. A portion of the patient information must be filled in by the doctor on the prescription pad to identify each patient with their name. On some prescription pads, there is a weight slot for the patient, which helps to prescribe the medication.

Date of prescription

On the left or right, you can see a slot for a date. The date of the prescription should be mentioned on this pad. The date of the prescription helps to know your last visit to the doctor, which helps you to decide on the next visit date. 

The “Rx” Symbol

The Rx symbol is written above the medical prescription. Most people ask, “Why Rx is written on prescription” The answer is Rx symbol stands for a Latin word, which means “recipe,” which means “ to take.” It is used as a heading for medical prescriptions. Below, Rx medical prescriptions are written by the doctor.


The inscription portion of the prescription pad contains the name of the prescribed medicine name with the amount of the medicine and the type of preparation. A medical professional ensures that the dose is written in a way that is understandable by the chemist and patient. And must be written the brand name of the drug.


This portion of the prescription pad contains the instructions for the pharmacist. Doctor prescription for pharmacist template in which patient name, prescription information, and other related information are included. It works as a paper of instruction to the medical pharmacist by the doctor. It includes the number of capsules or tablets and the size of the bottles in ML.

In this portion, “Signa,” clear instructions for the patient are mentioned to the pharmacist on how the patient should take medicine.


A signature at the end of the prescription paper leads your paper to a licensed prescription. Medical professionals or doctors must write a signature at the end of the subscription.

You can see a collection of free editable, printable doctor prescription pad templates in Word, and Pdf format, which you can download in just one click.

Understanding Prescription/ How To Read Prescription

Sometimes it is difficult to read a prescription by a doctor or medical professional. Below is a guide for understanding the prescription paper and also defining how you can read it easily. Also, see the free prescription format template to understand it more clearly. The prescription paper contains different parts that we discussed above. You must read these parts of the prescription which helps you to understand it more clearly.

A prescription contains the name of the patient, gender address, and weight with basic clinic info and prescribed medication. Here you can also see the name of the doctor with his/her basic information in which degree title, contact number, and hours to be present at the clinic are mentioned.

You must read your prescription to understand it clearly.

  1. Name of the prescribed medication 
  2. The dose of the medicine 
  3. How to take the medication 
  4. When to take this medicine 

It is a set of instructions for the pharmacist to the patient. At the end of the prescription paper, the signature of the doctor appears to make it a licensed prescription.

Understanding abbreviations 

A common man can’t understand the abbreviations used in the prescription pad. It is difficult to read the medical language, but with this guide to understanding a prescription pad, you will be able to understand it easily. How to use medicine and when to take it, how much to take; all these things are written in abbreviations, and you can’t understand these abbreviations.

We share here a list of different abbreviations that are commonly used in the prescription paper by the doctor. Use a free online doctor prescription pad template for an online medical prescription to the patient. The patient can get a prescription from a doctor without going to the clinic. Here you can see all the abbreviations of prescription paper with meanings:

Abbreviation with meaning 

  • bid: two times a day
  • q3h: take every 3 hours 
  • q4h: take every 4 hours 
  • QD: every day
  • qod: take medicine every other day 
  • qhs: each night 
  • QPM: every night 
  • QAM: every morning
  • tid: three times a day
  • pc: take medicine after a meal
  • int: between meals
  • Ac: before the meal
  • Od: once daily
  • IV: injection for vein 
  • IM: injection for muscle 
  • Caps: capsule 
  • gtt: drops 

These are the basic information used in every prescription paper. If you know all these abbreviations with their meaning, you will be able to understand the prescription by a doctor or medical professional. This article is useful to understand. If you can’t, then see the sample doctor’s prescription pad template to understand it more clearly.

Benefits Of Prescription Pad 

We discussed “what is a prescription pad” with how to understand the prescription with abbreviations. Now we talk about the benefits of using the prescription pad for the hospital, patient, and doctor. There are dozens of benefits to using a prescription pad 

Some benefits of the prescription pad are as follows: 

For doctor

  1. Increase the efficiency of the clinic 
  2. Useful for further medications 
  3. Relationship between doctor and patient 
  4. Maintain the record of patient
  5. Effectively used
  6. Name and degree title of the doctor to gain the trust of the patient
  7. Provides additional information about the doctor 

For patient

  1. Help to buy medicine from a pharmacist
  2. Use as a reminder for the next visit 
  3. Save medical history 
  4. Complete instructions about medication 
  5. Helps to remember the medication you take 
  6. A prescription pad also helpful in health insurance 

For hospital

  1. Increased quality of work 
  2. Basic information about the clinic appears for a further visit 
  3. Increase the popularity of the hospital 
  4. Save the record of every patient 
  5. More satisfied the customer 

Types Of Medication Error 

Any medication errors harm the patient. Different types of medication errors occur several times; some errors are as follows:

  • Prescribing error: A prescribing mistake occurs when a medical professional prescribes an incorrect medicine in which some drugs may cause some allergy or some bad reaction in the patient.
  • Dose error: Another dangerous case of medication is dose error. It happens when the dose of medicine is greater than or less than the actual prescription.
  • Communication gap: The communication gap between the medical professional and the patient may result in medical error. This type of error commonly occurs in the field of medicine.
  • Technical failure: Technical failure occurs when medical equipment gives unexpected results.
  • Improper drug preparation error: Patients may be harmed when drugs are prepared in the wrong way.

Guide To Prevent Medication Error

Check this guide to prevent any medication errors. These are as follows:

  1. The proper name of the prescribed drug
  2. Must check how often you take your medicine 
  3. Communicate with your medical professional 
  4. When to take your medicine 
  5. Must check out the appropriate drug preparation way 
  6. How much you should take your medicine?
  7. What should you avoid during this medication usage? 

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